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The Altarian Clan and Allies
A loose association of clans scattered across Sornieth.

The Altarian Clan
Led by Athena, her brother Simon, and the warrior Pallas, the Altarian Clan is a family of unrelated dragons from all over Sornieth. Many members believe in the Altarian elemental spirituality. Currently they call The Zephyr Steppes their home. Originally their territory lay within the Zephyr Steppes and then the Reedcleft Ascent, but they spent several years in the Parched Canyonwalks of Dragonhome and moved to the Singer's Brook upon their return to the Windswept Plateau. Their next adventure found them residing on the Eastern coast of the Sunbeam Ruins until they returned to their homeland.
Subgroups of the Altarian Clan include the elemental representatives, the archaeology team, and Pumpkin's family.

The Tree of Life
A family of Veilspun who reside in a large tree at the heart of the Windswept Plateau, consisting of the bonded pair Chorus and Calliope as well as their offspring.

Tanglewood Hive
A clan of Veilspun led by Queen Margeaux who settled on the outskirts of the Altarian Clan's territory. The two clans initially formed a rather uneasy alliance due to Queen Margeaux's distrusting nature, but this coldness gradually softened over the years. While the two clans are intertwined and on good terms, they still maintain separate leadership and will never be fully united.
Willow Lucerna is their mage and protector.

Firebird Flock


Undertide Tangle

The offspring of the fallen angels, herded by a single adult Aether who was in charge of their portion of the nursery. When an egg went missing, he led the entire group in a search until they encountered the Altarian Clan... and their new moth daughter.


Elaine | she/her | FR+3

Page comments, pings, and PMs are more than welcome! I love hearing about my dragons being on the front page, and if you ever buy a dragon from me I would love to get updates!

Friend requests are welcome as long as we have talked at least once :) I do not accept random friend requests that come out of the blue.

This is an exalting lair, so if your dragon ended up in my exalt fodder tab and you don't want them to be exalted, please message me immediately and I'd be happy to send them back to you!

If a dragon has a scene equipped it is most likely not for sale. It can never hurt to ask though!

Things I'm Interested In (in no particular order):
  • Spyro
  • Ryan and Shane's series on Buzzfeed Unsolved and Watcher
  • The Good Place
  • Over the Garden Wall
  • Avatar the Last Airbender (animated series)

Creative Corner
dragononymous' free text resources
Opening Strange Chests
Athena's Ecological Studies

Dragons for Sale
Hoop House Hatchery
G2 Holiday Hatchery
Second Generation Dragons
G1 Sales Thread
Last Chance G1 and G2

FR Discussion
Dragon Biology
Let's talk about the world map...
Marva memes (image heavy)
MistJam Thread of Good Luck
headcanon about Sornieth's big moon
New Ancient Predictions
Just how big is Sornieth?


Items for Sale
Wind Dom Shop

Skins and Accents
Simon's Skin Shop
Logo and bio contain artwork by osiem.

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July 13, 2024 20:22:01
How far are you from Butler, PA?
July 13, 2024 17:17:26
Hi ya! Not much here today. It's HOT! Whoops, I thought I sent this already. hahaha
July 12, 2024 22:12:27
Sweet dreams! Sorry, I was getting a snack. Lol
July 12, 2024 21:44:43
I might contact fletcher and see if they'll take gems. How long ago did you get the art done?
July 12, 2024 21:43:29
Ohh those prices aren't bad. I'd say they don't take gems anymore. Bummer.

I thought it was more than that. I might be thinking of a different one. I know, I'm sorry you can't obtain the 5 that are so elusive.
July 12, 2024 21:28:30
You have a golden Kitsune!!?? I saw one somewhere and looked them up and about died lol
July 12, 2024 21:24:25
Those are all really nice. I'd be happy with them! Do you know how much you paid?
July 12, 2024 21:09:20
Oh fun, spyro!

I bet the jam is still yummy!

No, I've never bought art for them. I'm kind of picky. Lol I just want good art, but it doesn't have to look professional lol. I'd love you to send me links in a pm of your dragons that have art!!
July 12, 2024 20:58:20
What are you doing?
July 12, 2024 20:37:45
How was the jam session today? Lol
July 12, 2024 20:36:59
I needs artwork too!
July 12, 2024 20:33:53
Yep dairy queen. I got a mini strawberry blizzard. It was perfect.

Oh thank you! I'm glad you like Zara! I know we just discussed over dressing dragons. Lol. I couldn't resist the Nebula starsilks though. My only concern is she doesn't look like a nature dragon. =(
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