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<+> A Tale from the High Council <+>

Our High Lord Malvainian speaks upon the Dias to his Flight.

"Once many years ago, I had the pleasure of being present for a Story told by our Eldest Primal Flame... He who is the Strength and Blood of our Very Lands. The Golden Flame of Light known only to us as the Flame, Vein.

He sat in the Gardens with his first born, Kylar, and consort, Rose. Teaching the young Flame of his first lessons in the way of the Earthen Light and Flames.

The Grand Master Flame at this time was not the Grand Flame as we know him Now. The Trials of his long Life had worn on him and his spirit had almost broken. Only his great will and honor kept him to his Oaths. For He had been lost… in the darkness of one’s own mind...

This is the story of how the Light of his Son, Kylar, brought Light back to the Flame that had forgotten the Earthen Light. A Lesson to remind us to humble ourselves, and heed the words of our children when they are spoken in truth.

Thus The Tale….

One Night, The Primal Noble family had gathered to eat their dinner, with the Promise to his Son to begin his teachings in the Ways of the Earthen Light. The Ways of the Flame…

After Dinner Lord Vein had moved outside to enjoy the night air under one of the large trees in the garden with his family. Oddly enough he chose one minus the comforts of blankets or lavish pillows. His son seeming both curious and excited as His father relaxed, settling in with his back against the large trunk. “Here…Come and sit with me…” Lord Vein spoke as he looked to his Consort and son as they followed him, opening his arms for his son to climb into his lap.

Once the boy was settled in he chuckled, looking to his side. Lord Vein reached a clawed hand down and took hold of some fallen leaves with some dirt and bark. “Now before we begin…do ye think ye can do something for me Kylar?” he asked his young son. “I want ye to Hold ye hand out, over mine...” the earthen flame mused as he held his clawed hand filled with earth and plant under his son’s small hand. “and repeat with me, very slowly… Ee oM oN NoM.” The words sounding more like a deep calm murmur when spoken by the elder flame.

When his son spoke the words, Lord Vein smiled fondly and watched the earth in his hand twist and warp, building upon itself, till it became a large thin like storybook under his sons hand. It held no words or pictures upon its simple cover made of plain bark, and the pages looked like paper made of dried leaves.

The young boy did as he was bid, watching in fascination as the magic took hold and turned the fallen leaves and bark into a book "Wow!" He exclaimed examining the book as if was made of glass.

“It means ‘to me give wisdom’… in the earthen tongue…” Vein couldn’t help the proud smile that held him. How many eons ago had it been when he had first said those very same words. “When The Mother first started to teach me of the ways of Flames, Those words where also my first words in the Earthen Tounge.” He mused with a chuckle as he handed Kylar the book for the boy to hold, letting him take his time for a bit. “and it is clear The Earth has chosen to answer one of your questions tonight Kylar...” He mused in tone of reassurance, as he lightly ruffled his boys hair. “…So when you are ready to learn, just ask it what you wish to know of the Flames, and it will show you…. and I will read the words for you.”

Rose smiled at their son Kylar as he looked in awe at the gift his father had made, hanging on to every word Vein spoke. He nodded to show his father he understood, takeing the book gently and turning it in his hands gently, as if it might crumble if he wasn't careful. Rose looked on silently, listening curiously to what was said. Kylar looked at the book thoughtfully, he had so many questions to ask but he could only ask one? His face scrunched up in a way that made his mother smile. He seemed to think a little longer before deciding "How come you have to be the bad guy daddy?" He asked, a bit of a sad tone in the voice. Rose's expression changed to one of concern, Kylar was much more observant then he let on. The boy always seemed to ask the most difficult questions.

At first Vein stilled at his sons question… and was silent for a moment, as it seemed he needed a second to gather himself... Taking a slow deep breath the mortal Flame gently took his sons hand and paced it over the book. The boy looking up at him in sad question. “I am nae to be the one answering ye question tonight Kylar…” he mused he’s eyes looking over to Rose with what could have been a sad smile… he held Rose’s concerned gaze for a moment before he returned to his son. Maybe he didn’t want to know the answer even himself... Looking down at his large clawed hand as it covered Kylar’s small one upon the earthen book he continued. “This book ye hold my son, was made from the Earth for ye, when ye spoke the earthen words.”

Kylar frowned a bit, a tiny wrinkle in his nose. “I thought your power made this book.” clearly the boy thought this had been a gift from him.

Vein shook his head…“Nae, not I…By Speaking in Earthen, ye reached out to the Earth and beseeched it hear your voice… and it answered ye…” he mused as Kylar looked back down at the earthen book with new interest and a smile of one who had just learned something new about himself “Like it always will… The power that sleeps in ye blood of a Flame… Even if ye nae understand it right now, ye are part of the Earth, and it ye...”

“You mean like mama’s spirits?” The boy looked up at him with an excitedsmile like he had figured it out look and Vein could feel his heart swell with pride.

“Aye, Much like ye Mothers Spirits are.… You are one but yet ye are separate… And one day, Kylar, ye will hear the Earthen Light speak to ye, when ye are old enough and have grown strong enough. Till then I shall read its words to you, and help ye translate as ye learn.” He gave the small child a gentle squeeze of encouragement, and to maybe encourage himself to face this.... “So when ye are ready, Ask ye question again to the Earthen Light, by asking your question to this book… Open the book and ye will see, and I shall read the Earths Answer to ye.”

“Ok daddy.” He son turning his attention to book once more seeming to take confidence in the reassurance he asked. “Why dose my Daddy have to be the bad guy?” When Kylar asked his question again the book glowed softly as the young boy opened to its pages.

Inside the pages it was just like a child’s picture book, the soft earthen tone pictures having a soft glow behind them as they showed crisp and detailed pictures. An almost rock like looking writing accompanied the pictures, shaped like stones with angular edges and chips. Yet there was enough differences to make it out as a language of sorts. Vein looked down fondly. This was the first language he had learned as a Flame… the Earthen tongue…. now he would be teaching it to both his son and consort... it was a different type of feeling that was coursing under his skin.

As the words solidified, the first picture was that of The Flame sitting beside the boy Like a mirror. The stone like writing seeming to rise and form upon the pages as it wrote itself upon the pages of the story book.

Veins eyes widened as he read the Earthen words. Though there was a rebellious indignation to his wings. As if inside he rebelled at the very thought of what the writing was speaking…

Kylar looked at the picture and started to question. “Why dose it show a picture of you daddy? What dose that mean? What dose it say?”

Veins wings twitched, as he closed his eyes for a moment and answered his son. “It says… “Because of Himself”.” Maybe he shouldn’t have let Kylar chose the question… for it seemed this was gona be a lesson for him as much as it was an answer to his sons’s question…

“Because of himself?” Kylar looked up seeming saddened by the books answer.

It ripped at Veins insides. “Lets us read on to learn more, and let the earth Explain its answer, alright my son.” the Flame putting of a brave face yet it was clear to his consort he was not comfortable.

So the boy returned his gaze to the book and turned the page.

An image that of a glowing swirl of color and clouds, and gentle set of feminine claws holding 3 tiny fire flames over what appeared to be a bare dark land. The sky was dark and the earth vacant grey stone. While the light of the tiny flames shined out and down upon the empty world. One a warm Yellow, one a soft Red, one a cool Blue.

Vein seemed to soften a bit at the sight of the picture as he started to read, true to his word. “Once long ago, The Great Mother Alena, gave birth to the Flames… The power of their Birth reaching out and turning the empty bare land around us into living, and there were born the Elements into a new world… Thus the Mother exclaimed. “You are the Flames that will shape this Reborn world… my world, my gift to you.” The Flames were then by their Mother Named."

Turning the page with his clawed hand, The second page held an image of the tiny yellow flame floating under a mist like image of a male in royal white gold and purple robes with flowing mane that held chains in his locks of ebon black, paired cold blue eyes. The mist holding, what Rose could tell where, the willow- the –wisps of dead souls following the spear like scythe in his claw. Under the tiny Flame, golden fire that reached upward as ash clouds swirled under them. “Reaching out the Mother took hold of the Yellow Flame of gold, the Mother Spoke. “Son of my Body and my beloved Iroh, the father of Death and Nothingness. You shall be the Flame of Destruction and Reshaping. Through your power you shall be the Flame that brings the First Change in The Cycle of Rebirth…. With the Touch of your Father, your claws and wings will be able to turn what had been to ash, and mold the world with your passionate flames… Reshaping it. For this is but one world and it can not grow without being remade or started anew... No living thing or being can be reborn without death, and there is no hope without loss. To You my Son I gift the Strength to Endure.”

“That’s you daddy?” the boy mused as he pointed to the glowing yellow flame.

“Yes when I was born.” Vein mused. It had been so long ago…

“And that male is Iroh, that’s your daddy?” Kylar asked as he pointed a little wary to the raven haired male in the mist.

“Yes… he was my Father.” Vein’s eyes narrowed slightly as he looked at the picture. He had never met his Father. The Elusive dark consort of the Mother. Like the mist surrounding the male, he had slipped in and out of his life without them ever meeting.

“So dose that make that male, my Grandpa?” an innocent question from a boy that had never known his other Grandfather.

"Aye... that he would be."

Turning the page an image similar to the other. This one was of the tiny red flame floating under another male figure. This male with sea green mane in white kimono with maple leaves, layered under with black and blue, in his claws a jeweled whip. Clouds swirled behind the male filled with silhouettes of animals of many types. Under the tiny red flame, soft red fire reached upward as trees and flowers bloomed up from the ground. “Next the Mother took hold of the Red Flame of crimson, the Mother Spoke. “Daughter of my Body and my cherished Kikomada, the father of the Air and Life. You shall be the Flame of Healing and Restoration. Through your power you shall be the Flame that brings the Second Change in the Cycle of Rebirth…. With the Touch of your Father, your claws and wings will be able to turn what had been ash to fertile, and heal the wounds of all with your gentle flames… Restoring it. For this is but one world, and it can not hold life without being healed or cared for… No life can be reborn without finding peace, and there exists no true darkness when there is hope. To you my Daughter I Gift the Patience to Endure.”

“That’s Aunt Athena as a baby?” mused Kylar.

“Aye… that it is.” This was like looking through an old photo album, more than a story book.

“So dose that make that male my Grandpa too?”

“Not Directly… he’s more of a Great Uncle to ye.”

The Next page once more similar, yet this time a Male of Silver hair and soulful blue eyes. Dressed in a strange combination of robes under a military style jacket. A silver and blue sword in his claws. A rainbow of colors moved with him in puffs of color, as he flew over the tiny blue flame. While on the ground white blue flames reached towards the sky as many different beings moved about through the forest from the previous page. “Lastly the Mother took hold of the Blue Flame of azure, the Mother Spoke. “Son of my Body and my darling Sokka, the father of Essence and Being. You Shall be the Flame of Souls and Revival. Through your power you shall be the Flame that brings the Third Change in the Cycle of Rebirth…. With the Touch of your Father, your claws and wings will be able to turn that which had been fertile to living, and breath back life to the lifeless with your soothing flames, Reviving it. For this is but one world and it can not sustain life without a soul or being loved… No living being can live without a soul, and no true soul can return without the promise of life. To you my Son I Gift the Heart to Endure.”

“Thats Uncle Zen’s daddy.”

“Aye… that he is.” Vein’s tone hinted that he didn’t much care for Sokka…

“Do you not like Uncle Sokka daddy?”

“Not particularly…” Lord Vein muttered, and chose to turn the page to move on before Kylar could ask him to elaborate.

Upon the next page a world appeared, a world the likes of which the Flames consort Rose, nor his son, had never seen. It was un-ordered, primal, and magical... Raw energy flowed thought the sky twisting a turning, as massive chunks of earth seemed to float with crystals that shined, the rivers flowed in the sky and the earth moved. Fire and molten rock moved between ice and snow. Plants and flowers grew from rocks and vines that seemed to tie everything together, while lightning coursed through the sky. Amid the chaos, tiny lights of elemental spirits flew through the air like children playing with the Three glowing balls of Flame that held no real shape. “As born of the Flames creation… They where a part of we the Earth but separate.” Vein paused as he glanced to his consort Rose and curled his wing to brush against her, “Just like your Mother’s Spirits.” before he continued to read the rock like writing. “For many long years we where as such, while the new born Flames slowly grew.... With plans for great things, the Great Mother was called to leave once more. The Mother said “This world, I give it to you my Children.”

Turning the page the feminine claws now held a very small hatchling, his mane crystal white. With tiny lights of elemental spirits surrounding him… The image making Lord Veins brow crease slightly, as his eyes narrowed in some emotion. “The Mother Spoke. “I Must leave my brave little son, for I am needed elsewhere, and in your care I leave this world. Your Sister and Brother are still too young to be far from me, and this world is still too dangerous and infantile for in which for them to live in.”

“Do Not leave me here Alone!” Cried the young Yellow Flame.

“You are never alone my beloved son, You are Surrounded by so many.”

"With those words the Mother left taking the yellow flames siblings with her as she traveled to worlds unknown to us.... Over the years to come and we..” Vein clarified . “The Elements..” before reading on. “..we became his family and friends. We grew together... Yet as we aged the Flame did not, and we grew old and weary… and then Soon the yellow flame learned what he was to do. “I shall remake this world." the yellow flame called out. "I will turn it into a world in which both you, my friends, and my brother and sister can live!… ” he exclaimed one day as he rose. And with those words the first Cleansing ushered forth. The Flame of Destruction and Reshaping, Moved the elements around him. Separated the water from sky, the sky from earth, the earth from fire, the fire from water."

The next page held an image of the four elements being pulled apart and separated by a yellow glowing ball of flame with the small hatchling inside, his wings spread wide.

Kylar tugged on his father's sleeve a bit. “Daddy why did you separate the elements?” the young one questioned.

Vein chuckled. “Well that’s because I almost got crushed a few times by flying rocks while trying to sleep, and I figured it would probably be safer if the rocks didn’t fly.” Just one of the many reasons he had done so, yet it was just one of the many dangers that existed in a primordial world. If he had not done so, the chaos from their birth would have never settled.

“That sounds scary. I don’t think I’d like flying rocks either…” the young drake mused.

“Yes it was at times, and it was because of that I knew why the Mother had not left my siblings with me. They could have been hurt.”

“But why did the Mother leave you there by yourself? Wasn’t she worried you would get hurt too?” clearly it made no since to the young one who had always been watched over, and protected by his parents. Rose would never think to make Kylar endure a trial like that. to the young one, it only made him confused.

Lord Vein felt an odd pulling deep in his heart. One he tried to ignore, and he had recently faced yet again. And it was causing not pride to well up in him like it used to… now… it felt like sadness… He really disliked these mortal feelings at times…things he thought he knew where becoming so confusing now… “The Mother had not left me there alone, my son. The Elements where there with me… even if they could nea speak to me at the time… and It was most likely because she knew I would be ok. She had given me the Strength to Endure.” A double edged sword clearly.

Picking up where he had left off, Lord Vein continued to read the Earthen writing. On the opposite page, an Image of the Flames together once more in a new world a little more organized and not so primal. “Over the many years after the Mother returned and re-united the siblings of Flame. Our world was reshaped, restored, and renewed many times. We lived happy with the Flames as they grew older together. Turning our world into the world you know today. Yet while we all changed, the yellow Flame changed the most of the Flames.” Vein frowned he wasn’t quite sure but something told him he didn’t want to turn the page. What was this feeling he was experiencing. He was both curious and wary and something held his heart like a firm claw. Vein didn’t like the feeling.

Lucky it was not his hand that turned the pages… it was his sons. As the Next page turned. Vein looked down at a version of himself he had almost forgotten… a Flame of Destruction and Reshaping. A male that held his face, his appearance, yet looked so different…to him this male was a stranger, yet he knew him so well… their build was the same… yet His hide was not riddled with painful fissures or cracks… in their place vibrant proud markings of red gold and orange like tattoos. With a set of twined horns of rust and gold upon his head... There were no plates of earthen metal holding this beings body together, he wore no heavy strict restraining robes... No this flame wore a ceremonial like cloth drape of gold yellow black white and red that moved with the wind in which he seemed to fly on Large clawed feathered wings, bright with rust tones orange and white upon his back… not that of scared leather, blackened torn and riddled with molten cracks. A pendent of red, and bands of gold cupping his pointed ears. They still had the same color of crystal white mane, yet where Vein wore his long and more contained, this flames hair was free and fell to barely mid back. He looked like a proud king flying above the vibrant ground below. A world tamed and grown from chaos and ash… Behind him a dragon form of gold cream and orange gazed quietly out from a mountain, diligent and watchful its expression one of lost in calm thought, its feathered scale like wings held as if just beginning to open from its body as if to fly.

The image on the opposite page held a different image. One of Vein, most knew today of the Molten Flame of Destruction. The male that sat upon a cold stone throne in the Throne room of Dranvan with clawed dark black leather like wings riddled with molten cracks. As if the feathers had been burnt away. Gone were the bright markings, in their place fissures and cracks that glowed soft with the power hidden in his blood. His twined horns atop his head blacked as coal.. While behind him an image of his dragon forms wings spread out wide as the world was consumed in fire and ash below the mountain it sat upon. Its body covered in metal plates bolted into his flesh holding his body together, as molten blood leaked from the hole in his chest and cracks in his hide. The Savage roar on his face one of fury, hate, and pain. The images side by side, could not be more different…

Vein was silent and lost just looking at this image of his past self, till his son drug him from his thoughts… apparently the young one was frowning as he had been attempting to get his fathers attention for a few times.

“Daddy, who is that?” questioned the young flame as he pointed to the picture in the earthen book.

It took the great Flame a moment for regain his voice. “It is me…” Vein mused his clawed hand passing lightly over the picture of what he had once been. “… or what I used look like when I was younger.”

The boy seemed to look between the two for a bit before looking up to his Father, prompting his Father to read once more aloud the pages with his old self first then followed by his current self.

“Once he was our Brother,
Flame of Strength and Light.

He was Proud and Mighty,
Watcher and Protector.

Brave son of the Mother,
and Bringer of Change.”

“Now He has Forgotten
how to even Forgive.

For He has lost his way,
and No longer Listens.

For He has Forgotten
His own Compassion.”

The Great Flame seeming to struggle inside. As he finished reading the last words. Whatever this book was clearly putting him at odds within himself. It left to question just how close had Vein been to the Elements for them to have this much of an effect on him. And why was he not tossing the book aside in anger or denial… It was strange, Had he truly forgot who he was over all these years… he who was unable to forget, yet forgot the most important parts of who he had been? Was it even possible… Our Great flame was confused, as the possibilities raced around within his mind.”

The large Male Guardian took a moment to pause before he gazed out to look about the chamber.

“For how much Longer would he have been Unchanged? For how long would he have not noticed How Much he had waned?... If he had Not Heard the words of his Son…. For how long would the ash that had darkened his scales remanded had he not remembered his own flames light?”

Lord Malvainian raise a claw out towards his clan and Warriors who had gathered. “For how long do you forget the Light?”

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