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College is killing me please bear with me. All codes will be done by the end of February!
š”—š”„š”¢ š””š”²š”žš”°š”žš”Æ š”Šš”žš”©š”žš”µš”¶
āœ§ļ½„ļ¾Ÿ: *āœ§ļ½„ļ¾Ÿ:* She/Her // FR+3 // PM's Open *:ļ½„ļ¾Ÿāœ§*:ļ½„ļ¾Ÿāœ§
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OVp5Zvk.png ą¼»š’œš’·įƒ¦š“Šš“‰ š‘€š‘’ą¼ŗ OVp5Zvk.png
Hello, I'm Anya! I'm a silly goofy dragon lover who enjoys coding cute little bios. I am on Flight Rising every other day since this is my comfort game. I'll sometimes not feed my dragons if I'm lazy but I'm probably still alive unless college killed me. I spend my days off on flight rising or playing other games that make my brain worms dance. I'm very Friendly, so if you'd like to be friends, or talk just pm me or comment on my clan profile.
Ū š’¬š“Šš’¶š“ˆš’¶š“‡ šæįƒ¦š“‡š‘’ Ū
Quasar is the name of the planet this lair lives on. It's a planet apart of the Quasar Galaxy. The planet was founded by an ancient god named į‘˜į–‡į•“į–‡į“°į˜æį–½įø also known as Macadam. The god wasn't a god but an ancient species that rule many different galaxies. They were known to be the balance of the universe, they live to create and destroy. Macadam escaped his planet to be free from destroying innocent planets. This god found Quasaur, a planet rich with Arcane magic. The being had blessed the dragons of Quasar with powers and wealth. He was worshiped by the dragons.

One day Macadam returned to the stars leaving his beloved dragon children behind. This left many sad and others angry. Many dragons began fighting for dominance to take the crown and rule Quasar. In the end, a powerful god named Paradox was born. who stopped the battles. Leaving Emiri, goddess of lamblight, Despina, and AtumRa the rulers of Quasar.
This planet holds such a vast variety of life and history in Quasar. It's a special planet with strange creatures, food, and buildings. Many dragons have different stories or they are connected to each other. Each tab has a dragon that will explain the history, landscape, and their part in the galaxy. You can find out more by clicking HERE
1. What am I going to college for? Zoology

2. Do you accept any Friend requests? YES. FRIEND ME!! ^-^


4. I don't ACCEPT free dragons randomly. Message me first!

5. I change my themes every month! I'll have a different style every month depending on my mood.

6. If you have more questions message me or look at my FAQ & Listography!
food > goo
materials > ooze
apparel > slime
familiars > muck
other > sludge
š‘€š“Ž š¹š“‡š’¾š‘’š“ƒš’¹š“ˆ

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January 19, 2024 16:26:18
Devour was on the front page! love your lair :D
January 19, 2024 16:26:10
Devour was on the front page!
January 11, 2024 11:00:31
I love your lair <3
January 01, 2024 12:43:02
Periwinkle was on the front page!
December 15, 2023 20:37:37
Omg! Thank you so much! šŸ’–šŸ’« Iā€™m OBSESSED with your lair and hibden aesthetic!!
December 02, 2023 09:57:22
changing user from goldenpencil to KodaIsSoda
November 26, 2023 16:02:58
merry christler / happy Hanukkah / happy Boxing Day / happy Yule / happy Kwanzaa / anything you celebrate
November 25, 2023 08:43:57
your cool I like you šŸ˜Ž
November 20, 2023 08:07:06
Dove (#77744610) was on the front page, they're gorgeous!
November 10, 2023 23:54:09
I ADORE your lair so much! Such beautiful dragons!
November 08, 2023 23:27:28
Your dragons are absolutely STUNNING. I couldn't get enough of them. I've been looking through them with Feuillu (my irl partner) and we've just been gushing over them LMAO the way you themed everything and found perfect skins and apparel is just... chef's kiss. You've clearly put a tonne of effort into your lair and it shows. My dream is to eventually have a lair as well thought out and aesthetically pleasing as yours. PS: Your profile codes are fantastic (and I'm jealous of you getting an XYX G1 Nocturne LOL - I wanted to buy it but 1k gems was too much for my poor *** xD )
November 08, 2023 23:23:15
Thank you so much, Dreamwave is actually my next project! Everything about your dragons/clan is GORGEOUS. I might have to use your F2U bios for my dragons at some point!
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