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"The Aberration species originates from the Wyrmwound, where they return annually to test themselves against the contagion's might. Aberration dragons are a primal breed of dragon that always travel in pairs..."

After living many long years under the harsh conditions of exile, Violaceus and Zollingeri were freed with the other aberrations bursting from the Wyrmwound. Each rejoiced in their new freedom with their ancient clan. But what's done cannot be undone, and the exile had twisted the mind of both of Violaceus' consciousnesses. Her behavior pushed her to become shunned by the ancient clan she once belonged to, and forced her to leave her mate, Zollingeri, behind.

Violaceus desperately fled to the underground of the FoxFire Bramble border of the Tangled Wood. Desperate for cover and protection from the other ancients who shunned her, Violaceus went deeper into the caves beneath the brambles to create a den of her own. Here is where she thrived from the glow of crystals and nearby fungi. Soon she evolved with the flora that littered the roof and walls of the cave. She adopted the glow of their surroundings, even becoming one with the fungi growths that preserved her life.

Years have passed since then, but now Violaceus has left her cavern den to roam along the FoxFire Bramble border, crying out for her mate, Zollingeri. Using only brute force, Zollingeri cannot penetrate the dense brambled wall of the Tangled Woods..

They could no longer stand being apart. Violaceus decided she would have to push through on her own to reach Zollingeri. Upon Violaceus reaching the outer edge of the bramble, her skin began to burn. They both quickly began to realize it is too late for her to leave now. Her skin, while evolved and adapted to the fungi and flora from her cave in the Tangled Wood, cannot stand the light outside of this domain.

They had to form a new idea. Instead of bringing her out, Zollingeri must come in. This time, using her evolved skin and shadow attributes to welcome her mate in with her, she lifted the bramble away to help Zollingeri at least reach the cave opening to Violaceus's den within the bramble. The bramble had cut and torn his body and wings, but at last they were reunited as he fell into the cave.

Written and Edited by MooMooMami
Written by 0BirdMasta0
Inspired by Vampirate
Revised by TheMagicInside56, Aseris2003

Violaceus, named after a purple webcap. (Cortinarius violaceus)
Zollingeri, named after a beautiful ombré coral. (Clavaria zollingeri)

“The bramble had cut and torn his body and wings, but at last they were reunited as he fell into the cave.”

As Zollingeri fell down into the den, the slick and mossy floor caused him to slide, falling down further into an offshoot of the main cave. “Violaceus!” He called out, clawing at the unfamiliar soil as he fell. His wings were too torn. Violaceus rushed after him, calling out to him as she flew through the cave, desperately trying to keep up with his falling body.

As she finally reached him, she grasped on tightly to his tails before he slammed into the cold hard floor. They had gone too deep. These caves were pure stone. It was cold, and scarily unfamiliar. There were only white spots on the walls to provide light for them as Violaceus set Zollingeri down, checking his wounds from the fall and her own claws.

“Are you alright, my anomaly?” Violaceus hummed, anxiously tapping her claws against the stone. She felt guilty for making him struggle to finally meet with her, and then cause him to fall to his near death.

“Yes, my abomination, I am quite alright.” Zollingeri cringed, but was soothed by finally hearing their… loving… names for each other. Violaceus worriedly licked at his wounds, completely unsure of what she should do. The least she could do was clean him up.

“That hurts, abomination,” He grunted, flinching away.

“Well, anomaly,” she growled gently, “If I don't clean you up they’ll become infected.”

“Infection?” Zollingeri laughed, “When have I ever gotten an infection?”

“You haven’t gotten an infection because I always clean you up!” Violaceus huffed, giving up on the subject.

As Zollingeri was about to continue the argument, a slight shuffle was heard in the darkness, and the white spots they once noticed had moved… and seemed to be watching them.

“Let’s go, I really don't want to find out what’s down here, anomaly.” Violaceus gently said as she pulled Zollingeri painfully to his feet. “I think there’s monsters down here.”

As Zollingeri nodded, barely holding himself up he finally thought to ask. “How are we supposed to get out of here? I can't fly. My wings are still torn.”

“You’re right,” Violceus sighed, “you're way too fat for me to carry…”


Laughter boomed as the two dragons laughed at one another, clearly relieving the stress of this entire ordeal. But there was another set of laughter as Violaceus and Zollingeri suddenly fell silent.

“You two are funny,” a new voice growled. “I’ve decided to let you live.” As a dragon emerged from the darkness and into the light of Violaceuss glowing skin, an obsidian black aberration emerged. “You two have a lot of nerve coming all the way down here, accident or not.” The new dragon growled, “My mate and I almost decided to kill you, but I sent him off so I could decide without his murderous bias.”

Violaceus stood protectively in front of Zollingeri. Despite Zollingeri being the stronger dragon, he was still too weak in this state to take on another aberration.

“So, you’ve decided not to kill us?” Violaceus growled.

“Yes, and I’ve even decided that you two will join us here, in our caves.”

Violaceus laughed. “Your caves? These caves are mine. Despite only claiming the surface caves thus far, these are for good reason mine as well.”

“Well, for good reason, these are ours, and they have been for thousands of years. Our kind have been residing in the depths of these caves for generations. We were here before you.”

Zollingeri and Violceus looked at each other, unsure of what to do. Technically Violceus had trespassed then. And it would be mutually beneficial for both pairs to join together for survival.

“Fine then, we will join you. However we will not join you here. We will live on the surface, where I can gain nutrition from the mushrooms and fungi that grow there, and you can stay here, where you feed off of the darkness.”

“That is fine…” The new dragon hummed, pleased with this development. “My name is Bolete. And my mate is Hygrocybe, but you won’t be meeting him just yet. He’ll need to adapt to your scent.” Bolete’s tails seemed to be wagging. She was clearly excited to have some company despite her previous distaste.

“We will meet again soon,” Bolete stated, making it seem to be fact. “And when we do you shall finally meet my mate, and we will indulge in a delicious feast with the union of our food.”

Violaceus didn't see the purpose of having dinner… But Zollingeri seemed to regain his strength upon hearing the good news of food. “Absolutely! We look forward to meeting again, Bolete.”

And just like that, Bolete vanished, and Violceus shivered. “I don't trust her…”

Written and Edited by MooMooMami

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