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The Clan of Goldenrod.
Ancient Lair
in the roots of the

Clan Info

Lead by matriarch Goldenrod, mate of Boie.
+3 FR Time
Currently houses every species.
*I accept friend requests and research notes!*

Goldenrod met her mate, Boie, after maturity. Their offspring grew and developed trades, and dragons moved in and out to participate in such goings-on.

Elvie sells her talent for song and decorations, and becomes rabid about both during every holiday.
Zorua is a prude pessimist, despite having only ever been a beacon of insane luck, a fact which she denies vehemently.
Coral went off on her own, and became a nun.
Later clutches such as Goatling, Croc, and Priscilla were blessed with unique eyes, and Elvie's daughter Wilma made a map of the entire lair.

The clan population boomed, striving to grow to the max, encouraged by the lead interior designer, Venus, who spends his days decorating everyone's den while they are away according to his harsh standards. For the sake of this goal of growth, the clan strives to be a community for all, so every single breed has a place.

Boisterous mobs gather here. The fiery-colored coatl males stuff themselves all into one den, and can be seen causing a ruckus with every nighttime scheme.
Sweetstar may be orange, but she denies any and all involvement.

The pink coatls all enjoy making paint; the tundras, wooly clothing and woodwork. Kuro leads the charge in the hunt for a prime auction house bargains, and Old Anda prides herself in her charge (although she doesn't admit it, she's bitter that Ignium handles all the nasty invaders before she can even rise to the challenge.) Anda therefore takes pest control duty seriously instead, and no one can take that away from her. It is reccomended never to swat a fly yourself, or else she will lament her failures for three days, and no one gets to sleep. Except her husband, who was driven to hibernation.

Sunset listens and repeats all kinds of stories at nightfall, and his impressive memory he owes to oft sleep.

Seafoam and Oblivia make the jewelry and clockworkings. As their tiny size is miniscule enough to fit inside their wares, no one is allowed to grab anything unless both fae are within sight. Oblivia usually runs the shop, especially since he developed new genes, and is constantly ruffling his new feathers at newcomers. Venus will try to compete with haphazard wristwatches, but he only gets pity sales since they are always fitted only to himself.

Oasis likes to change her look frequently, to the confusion of everyone. If any stringed instrument emanates, it's probably from her. If anyone makes a bump in the night, assume it's Zuri, who frequently hangs from branches a "little" too small for her. During daylight she's probably out collecting iron, and in the evening demanding the vault be stuffed full of her findings. She mimics her best friend, [Kanriss who also mimicks her back. Their true mannerisms have been lost to time.

Ruby and Plumpkin have been around forever. They usually harass young dragons about the good ol' days, despite Goldenrod being older than both of them. They insist that they advise the matriarch directly, though that is unlikely, as they have never been seen outside beyond lounging in the mouth of their den.

Meanwhile in the hatchery, dragons pride themselves in creating the finest dragons in the Glade.

Our Gaolers are the annoying 'mom' friends who don't let lounges like the fire-colored coatls mess around, generally scoff at the fashion trends, and keep those in probation in their den. They berate anyone who engages in horseplay, like an annoying police force.

"Back in my day skins and accents were for use on the battlefield, not to paint yourself in flashy colors!"

Kanto's best friend is Monochrome, who is outcast from the coatl dens for being drably feathered. Despite this, and despite Kanto being brightly colored, they two get along great.

However, a certain dragon from Arcane's Domain has been leaving him interesting gifts...

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July 05, 2024 08:41:53
Polibius was on the front page!
July 05, 2024 08:40:51
Polybius was on the front page! Great name choice for a descendant of Naomi :)
June 13, 2024 19:45:28
Thanks for having a look at my dragon!
May 14, 2024 10:35:08
Sweetstar was on the front page!
May 11, 2024 14:41:36
(Replying to your comment on my page) Thank you so much for letting me know! :)
April 22, 2024 17:03:29
Monochrome (#46638704) was on the front page today!! He is such a gorgeous dragon!! The artwork in his bio is super lovely as well ^^
April 22, 2024 17:01:55
Monochrome was on the front page!
March 24, 2024 03:47:10
Just wanna say you've always got the most gorgeous dragons on the AH. Like seriously, I'm always seeing them and I'm always like, "wow," and then I see they're from you!
March 05, 2024 04:15:13
YAY, Thank you so much for telling me!
February 09, 2024 11:30:47
May i buy Dillen in treasure please
February 06, 2024 00:57:47
Peony was on the front page!
January 05, 2024 14:22:57
I recently bought a coatl (Beauty) only to now realise she's the aunt of my favourite dragon (Lipgloss) and thats such a funny coincidence! Jani and RaspberryRipple make pretty kids (and grandkids)
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