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Welcome to the Clan de la Noche!

Near the border of the Plaguelands lies a thicket of brambles and dense foliage, impossible to breach reasonably on many of its sides. There are a few well hidden breaches in this large clump of underbrush. If you were to push your way inside, you would enter the home base of Clan de la Noche. Numerous Shadow dragons roam in and out of the clan grounds on schedule.
The clan grounds itself has homes made from the foliage already present. They are built into small huts and burrows which are dug into the soft moist dirt. Brambles guard the burrows, and more still carve directly into the bramble thicket surrounding the clan, coating the walls of the clan like a gigantic hive. Other native plant life is being used to prevent rain and water from seeping inside the dens. Glowing mushrooms are grown near the entryways to these structures to provide natural lighting, and to mark walkways. Above the clan, the brambles stretch across the sky, providing just enough cover to obscure the clan flying dragons with a thick and perpetual haze adding to the effect. The natural barrier of the brambles also prevents larger dragons from entering the clan from above and slows down the entry of more medium build dragons.
On a clear night you can see brambles intertwined with thousands of faraway stars. The clan grounds are on a mostly level plane, with the largest hollow somewhat near the center of the thicket in a group of larger hollows. These centered hollows appear to be the only ones with guards posted. The largest and most central of these serves as the clan's nursery, sheltering hatchlings and the nesting parents at all times. The den directly adjacent to this appears to be above ground, and it rarely has a guard posted. Important members of the clan can be seen occasionally entering and leaving this den, which serves as hosting to the clan leader Sombra. On the other side of the Nursery is another relatively sizeable den; One that has guards posted at all times, and it appears that visitors, and most members of the clan are not permitted to enter. This hollow is known as The Underdark.
If one approached the entry to The Underdark, they would reveal a deep tunnel system winding and branching ever downwards into the dark. Despite the glowing mushrooms that line the entire tunnel system, only a faint, eerie blue glow can be seen at surface level. Permitted dragons move about these tunnels like a colony of ants underneath the clan.
There are dragonmade roads past the three center hollows which lead to a rather unkempt thicket. Many smaller hollows line the walls and some of them are dug directly into the thorns above the other dens like the honeycombs of a beehive. These hollows in the deepest part of the thicket serve as the housing for the majority of the dragons in the clan. The regrowth seems unnatural, and requires residents to trim back the growth regularly. The dragons who call this clan home wander the clan at all times and schedules. Many of them appear to be out of place. Outcasts from other elemental flights or other clans, content to share their knowledge and traditions with the dragons around them. Visitors are allowed to come and go as they please, as long as their intentions are good, and they don't cause harm to the clan, or its inhabitants. It is a sanctuary for outcasts, requiring all dragons show care and respect to the others inside.


I have dream dragons! I would absolutely adore having help obtaining them!

Azúcar contains my still incomplete wishlist!

Segundos contains a WIP of my combined clan lore for easy and semi-organized viewing! Now spread to a second dragon]

And for fun, VOID contains every special eyed hatchling that my pairs have ever created!

I'd love to hear about how my offspring are doing if they aren't exalted! I'd also love to see outfits, any gene changes, or how they fit into the lore of their new clan! I also wouldn't mind questions about my lore and potential alliances with other clans. The Clan de la Noche being a clan of outsiders, would be willing to have alliances with clans of many flights and backgrounds. That being said however, I may turn down discussion on Canon alliances for any reason.
As far as Roleplaying goes I am not likely to go much further than lore discussion. I like lore and story, but do not feel comfortable in a potential Roleplay scenario. Especially if the Roleplay demanded good English skills. This does not make the proposal impossible however.

-Many of my dragons are asleep.. shh..

-Dragons outside my fodder/sales tab are special to me, but I still might be willing to sell them! Don't be afraid to ask me anything!-

**I may exalt your dragons! If they are sold for fodder price I will return them on request in exchange for 10kt per each fodder dragon.**

I may have a colorful dragon obsession..

Clan lore in progress! slowly..Offspring have nothing to do with lore unless specifically stated, dragon lore told through the perception of each dragon involved..

-My fan dragons are not direct copies of the thing they are based on. Most are simply inspired by the original, and made into my own thing. This goes especially for the ones in my clan lore.

My favorite game EVER is WildStar! I want this game to thrive! ♥♥♥

November 28, 2018; Wildstar was officially shut down. Your community will always remember you fondly and no game will ever fill the void you left in our hearts. Nexus forever~! ♥

-I love art, just wish I had the skills to make my own! Been drawing dragons as long as I can remember, (( even though my young self drew dragons that looked like boxes that got run over!! XD ))

-I'm getting there!

♥ ♥ ♥ KAIZU! If you're reading this... ♥ ♥ ♥

         ...does this thing have a length limit?

Note: I will often buy dragons to relist at a higher price, I do rename them before reselling because I feel exalted dragons shouldn't remain nameless.

My favorite color is purple! And I love spiders!

-Negativity can spread, but so can positivity! Always be positive!

My favorite dragon breeds in descending order!
Coatl, Skydancer, Banescale, Imperial, Nocturne, Guardian, Tundra, Pearlcatcher, Mirror, Fae.
Breeds I don't really like, most disliked in ascending order.
Spiral, Bogsneak, Gaoler, Wildclaw, Ridgeback, Snapper.
Sorry Snappers!

-about time..

-WID0WM4KER is mi hermana, I doubt she'll play much but I want to ensure it is known as we share una casa.
-N0VELLA is mi madre, And of course I help mi familia.
-AriKon is mi segunda hermana, I don't expect her to play much at all.
-Arkmeon is mi hermano who I FINALLY convinced to try!
-As a family, we share a house and our external IP address looks like the same thing to the outside world. ..Well, now they're all inactive.. :-(

This profile is prone to random spurts of immense reorganization! Please pardon my dust as I shuffle my entire lair around until things stick!

I cannot promise that you will not be purged during a friends list clearing! Random friend requests are not preferred. If I accept a random friend request, I definitely cannot promise you won't be purged. I don't want to be rude, if you feel the removal was a mistake, feel free to DM me.. sometimes I don't remember the UN of people!
Secundariamente, I prefer sales requests be sent via DM as well! I don't bite though, I won't be too upset if you accidentally mess that up!

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