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Art shop - Creator of Mandalas:AjMpTR6.png?1.png5AO7XKy.png

In the lands of Emberglo, south of the Forum of the Obscured Crescent on the western edge of an island that is almost desertlike (except for glowing mushrooms, purple cacti and Sacred Datura among some odd trees) is the ancient Moonlit Nyyt Weyr. There the Nyyt clans, clans of old souls, soft furs and textures are found if you are invited to find them. Our members are artists, crafters, magicians and musicians as well as fighting and harvesting dragons. Many are shape-shifters. We prefer purples and teals, jewel tones or very ghostly colors. Crackle is spoken here.

At least 93 (or so) ANTIQUES live here - 4, 5 and 6 digit ID dragons. They are treasured and honored by the younger members of the clans. Friend Sludgy made their badges. Also in the clan are 54 with seven digits, some older, some newer but not referred to as 'old' because Wyldyrn, our Matriarch, refuses to use those terms as she is a low seven digit herself.

There are several clans within as well as some clubs. The Imps of Nyytaura are named after incense, aromas or what some would call the mystical; the Mirrors of Nyytswarm name themselves with palindromes; the Fae prefer desert wildflowers in their clan of Nyytbloom; the Nyytair Nocturnes prefer music and the night; Skydancers make up Nyyttwyrl; Wildclaws have formed Nyytwing; Tundras Nyytgrove and Coatl are Nyytquill; Pearlcatchers have founded Nyytsoul; Spirals chose Nyyttwist as their clan name; Bogsneaks are in Clan Nyytfen and those who remain are loosely joined in Nyytmajyk. Our dragons like the letter 'y'. All our familiars are named in their dragon's bio.

Some of the clubs are Hatchday - sharing Emberglo's hatch day, Tricky - hatched during Trickmurk and Day of Colors - hatched on the day new colors infused Sornieth. Several dragons within are Gen1s, including the 2 progens. There are other clubs - more obscure and often private. Our created subspecies is Moonlit Night occupying the 3rd wing of the Den. Our subspecies honors the moon and the Moonflower, also known as the Sacred Datura.

Those without familiars are ready to wander. When some appear, feel welcome to make an offer. Any offer!!!

Emberglo, our Lair Spirit, is also known among Shadow folk as 'Shadymum' - probably due to her advanced age. Shadymum the Skydancer is our chief alchemist.

POSSIBLY OBTAINABLE WISH LIST: Always looking for Ambush, Berserker and Eliminate stones. More cats, dogs, parrots or frogs. Art - always more art.

Umbral scale apparel.

Always collecting Lockets, Giant Darners, Dragonflies, Diamond rings, Ruby rings, cobras, cobraheads and strikers.

WISH LIST FROM ADMINS: A coli venue where it is always night - with a full moon, waning moon, no moon and the bosses are large panthers - one gold and one black... Chaps, lasso, bolo ties and Western shirts... A black rose to carry...(Artists and designers and Powers That Be...hear me.) A feline dragon breed. 'Gift bags' from Awakened familiars every 60-90 days for a random timing surprise.

We also hoard the familiar Ember Mouse and the plant Umbra Parthenium and really anything purple.

No one leaves here nameless but we will do or include a name change scroll if your adoptee wants a different name - just let us know.

Thanks for visiting. Drop us a PM or a comment. Letters from hatchlings are most welcome. Questions answered.

Once a proud member of Team Biscotti but with the crumbling of those cookies, now a Lone Wolf. I miss you, Team Biscotti.

If I could have three wishes from the FRGenies:
1. wearable parrots for pirates
2. a feline based dragon breed
3. a coli venue where the moons are always out so the 'days' (the three time divisions) would be full moons, half moons, crescent moons. The Bosses are a black panther and a cougar, and the other critters would include dragonflies, damselflies, eohippus, mesohippus, bobcats, lynxes, sabertooth tigers, xenosmilus, quoll, a white buffalo and maned wolf (Chrysocyon brachyurus)... and the apparel drops would be dark purple seraph jewelry (royal color with mist gems). Whew...

but if I can't have three FRGenie wishes I wish I could be Aequorin's assistant.
Glowing Pocket Mouse me= Ember Mouse

(thank you DragonRider1217)
Badge earned for 75 (plus) exalted to Momma 2017

Admins: I married Fireweasel of Lightning 40+ years ago (he had a different name then) so we share our ISP and trade or gift often.

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