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Not a shared account, a system. We'll be signing off and using plural pronouns sometimes. d20system is our roommate and we generally share an IP, and may trade unfairly sometimes due to offline agreements.

"Cause when I sing, you shout
I breathe out loud
You bleed, we crawl like animals
But when it's over, I'm still awake"
~Silhouettes, Of Monsters and Men

Dragons will always be named, and kept to adulthood before exaltation in compliance with lore.

--- The Wake: Lore ---
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I. Base Lore
II. The Sleep
III. Beastclan Relations


I. A tattered clan lying at the border of Plague and Water. Storytellers, travellers, exiles, and misfits from many a territory, this clan is tied together by their mutual understanding and respect for the unforseen connections of water and death. Devout to both of their gods, this clan spent years in the territory of Plague before moving down to Water territory, deciding it was time they got another point of view, and formally affilating with the Water clan, at least for now.

II. Shortly after this change in their affilation however, mysterious ailment encompassed the clan. Dragons took ill, but with no sickness they were familiar with, but a sleeping sickness which slowly overtook every resident of the lair. Several fled to an unknown fate in wasteland and sea, but the spread was fast, and most feel into a dark, fevered slumber.

When members of the clan started to wake, they found themselves entrenched in an entirely new world, their companions dead or else just starting to emerge from their slumber. Ancient species had reemerged, and a new was made. An arcane influx permeated the land and several awoke, their eyes changed to a pattern they did not recognize. Baffled and disorientated, the remaining clan now tries to rebuild itself from the ashes, trying their best to make their place in a world that has moved on without them more than anyone could have imagined.

III.Primarily a clan of outcasts, the Wake has always held a certain collective anger for the world as it is, and strives for collaboration with the surrounding beastclans to recarve it. When the sleep occured however, the resident members of those clans slept as well. Now awoken, beastclan and dragonkind both struggle to figure out what to do, forced together now the world has moved on without them--all these plans now broken like delicate glass by time's passage.

IV.The Wake's lair was one of the many casualties of the hurricane that preceded the disappearance of the Tidelord, the catastrophic collapse of the tunnels one not all members survived,and from which very few still in sleep could be saved. Since being ousted from their home, the Wake has found themself moving into the region of Flotsam Town, where they have existed as mysterious and somewhat dangerous figures, yet earned trust in their dedication to taking care of their own.

V.Due to the hurricaine, there has been little time for the Wake to have mulled over the events of the illness, though it certainly occupies their minds. The current prevailing thought however is that this state may well have been willed by their gods, many dragons reporting having fallen into a sort of feverish dreamstate in their slumber--visions and prophecies they only now start to understand crossing their eyes in their unconcious. For all the time that had passed after all, they had not seemed to age, their bodies having somehow perservered in a pseudo-death for longer than any dragon should try to hibernate.

VI. Despite most dragons having woken at this point, the sleep disease is still alive within the clan, and on occasion a dragon will fall to it--entering a deep and feverish slumber near overnight the Wake will only hope they will emerge from alive. The disease has never spread to a dragon not recognized as a part of the Wake, but as a precaution the Wake will not allow guests to stay within the main lair area overnight, instead corralling them to a side den to rest if absolutely necessary.

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