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Welcome to Erebus.

tumblr_nzfle2XneC1u1tjrto9_540.png LORE
“Light runs fast but shadow conquers faster.” In the darkest land of Sornieth, “The Tangled Woods” there lies a place with the darkest souls. A lair full of mighty and savage dragons. Or at least that’s how the story is told by others but believe me things are never the way you think that they are, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Iskars and I’m here to tell you a story as old as time. In the beginning there was chaos, and through chaos came life, the sun and both of them gave birth to the elements. Shadow,Light,Fire, Earth,Water,Wind, Ice, Lighting,Plague, Arcane and Nature each of the elements was resembled by a god the purest of the divines. At the start the world was unbalanced but through aeons and merciless fights peace came upon the world. A peace that lasted long but not enough.. Archangels, divine beings that serve the light, declared themselves are the greatest of the divine beings upon Sornieth and demanded respect and obedience from all the others beings and when the others declined, they declared war. Things would be easier if all the elements united and fought against the Archangels but each element fought so they, themselves can rule upon Sornieth. Shadow’s element forces are starting Driftwood Drag. There upon the misty land of Sornieth lies Erebus.Erebus is a lair made by the clan Pilininge Ungo, a clan made by Caprinors. Caprinors are divine beings that serve the darkness and are vowed to it. Pilininge Ungo’s goal is to defeat Arcangels, but also to bring peace in the world as they once did in the past. Yes they did I forgot to mention, dumb Iskars! Sorry I’m getting old. In order to archive their goal the Caprinors are cooperating with other clans from different elements. The history now, lies upon each dragon’s own destiny...

CLAN Pilininge Ungo
A clan made from Caprinors and their goal is to bring peace. The clan is known for the powerful warriors and strategists they have.
A clan made from Pyrocers,divine beings that serve the fire element. It's known for their abilities on witchcraft and their cooking for some strange reason.


Is made from the most powerful dragons in the lair. Upon everyone is Leathus, she is the one who call the shots here. //more to be written



Hello! I’m Iskars former ZeusDisciple and so far the only thing known in the lore is that I’m the story teller. Well I’m more than that of course. I’m also an artist and I study physics in a university. I’m about 10 hours ahead of FR and I live for the aesthetic TM /dunno I’ll add more lore and other stuff if I ever desing them


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November 10, 2022 11:54:28
Thank you so much! He's still actually a wip, needs his tert and a new name <3 I LOVE Amatsu in your hibden... i love angelic aesthetics ESPECIALLY on spirals, it just works so well!
November 10, 2022 10:58:49
Omg i was wondering if anyone would notice! Yes they were!
June 27, 2021 01:51:51
I'mma yoink Amatsu tq
March 06, 2020 11:02:26
Aethyta was on the front page! Gorgeous girl!
January 24, 2020 10:42:49
Ah, I understand. He is a handsome dragon! :)
January 23, 2020 08:01:02
Hi, if/when you come back to FR, if you ever want to sell Hu I would love to buy him (for quite a lot)!
October 20, 2019 12:55:27
I know nothing might come of this but I thought I would extend an open offer. If you ever decide to get rid of Hedan and Eros... they have an open invitation to join Hedan's daughter Alaris in my lair. ^.^
September 23, 2019 01:11:02
I am the undercover Asmo, sneakily playing FR.
Thank you very much btw!
August 14, 2019 16:32:09
Shakti was on the front page!
August 14, 2019 16:31:53
Shakti was on the front!! She looks so cool!
February 26, 2019 01:46:06
Doesn't it though? MaDovah's art is so gorgeous, I have their art on a few other of my dragons. her younger siblings ended up in a giveaway, all also with Madovah's art, only the youngest ended up exalted which made me extremely sad. Alaris is a perma here
February 25, 2019 13:47:54
I have one of Hedan's daughters, Alaris, I am pretty sure she's worthy of his pride all things considered. ^.^
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