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what'd you get for christmas i got covid
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high within

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the covid thing was christmas and if there's been long term damage it hasnt been noticeable so far so i guess rng doesn't have to be nice to me anymore, not that it was to begin with

(i say it was christmas like i didnt have lasting physical effects for like 3 months and lasting mental effects for longer to debatably present day. debateably??? how do u spell that. is it a word???? update: my psych says im still mentally affected lol, i got that depresso side effect, in my case it may have been the hypoxia lol)

@RNG i have covid give me things i want

-flops over- what do you mean i have to FEED these pngs and can’t just eternally hoard food while still being able to breed them and coli grind??? Life’s just so unfair broskis :’(


no i dont have a more detailed wishlist anywhere on here sorry F, i tried to be really detailed in the form tho so i hope that's sufficient!!!

also sshhhh please do not feel intimidated or like you have to go over the tier limit bc im an older lair, I pick the 50k tier in the hopes i'll get paired with a newbie so i can make them CRY (and i did!) but i promise promise promise, i would be absolutely DELIGHTED by a handful of leafy packs or similar treasure openables. i didn't lie on my form just to make it easier, those are my honest thoughts and opinions! so please don't worry i'm sure i'll LOVE whatever you come up with regardless <3 <3 <3

what do you mean ive been here for nearly 7 years ('omg how many flights have you been in' nature and you cant make me leave. no sir not getting out of this chair. that is my MOM)

i put most of my guys in storage so the remaining ones can eat again ill be nice

'will you ever dress and gene your dragons to make them look nice?' it could happen. i wouldn't make a large wager on it but y'know. it could.

egg quests done: shadow, earth, fire, wind

'feed your dragons' they can eat if they go to the coli

i accidentally banished the notifications the moment i got on desktop bc i clicked on them out of habit (i've been exclusively mobile for a couple months doing my dailies on the way to and from work and the like (i take the bus i am not on FR while driving lol)) ... well they're gone now lol

the notifications i’ve been avoiding have been slowly disappearing without me doing anything (started in the 80s a month ago and now we’re in the 40s) and i’m choosing not to contemplate what that might mean

‘how come basically none of your reps are actually the appropriate elements?’ they’re enthusiasts

hello i woke up and chose violence - march 12th 2022 in which i am now attempting to singlehandedly win everbloom both heart of gold and heart of diamond in the guild battle even if we cant beat plague

well i guess i should at least feed my trainer so that way i can start leveling fodder for boarding now that we're starting that today huh, yeah ive got enough food points for that lol

that moment when you have too many permas and not enough food but also no spoons to coli grind or breed fodder anyway so you just ignore the fact that everyone's starving and do your dailies lol am i right

six years later and im still here refusing to clean up my clan information, i just keep adding whatever new thing i want to say to the top and scrolling through the rest just gives you a nice backlog of everything ive put here over the years. there is no way to tell what comes from what era. guess. okay a couple of things have dates but half of those dont have a year so youre still gonna have to guess lol

god im sleepy

one day i will return as the leader of the everbloom gardens, in the meantime, i gather potential prizes for raffles, and bide my time >:)

-patting a beat on thighs- i have not attempted to write lore since 2016 and it s h o w s

-sigh- made the tough call to not run my GG event this year, between getting sick and then finishing my bachelor's I haven't had any time to prepare for it and don't want to run something that won't be fun, would rather wait until next year and run the event I want to run instead of something I'll only be disappointed in but still, is sad :(

Who knew that having like 70 permas would make keeping them all fed difficult when I stop going to the coli obsessively for 8 months who could've guessed

(and this is WITH like 20 of them being put in my hibden rip)

May 8, 2021: Guess who finally graduated from college what's up losers you're gonna have a hard time getting rid of me now >:)

March 25, 2021: I LIIIIIIIVE. Just in my last semester of Undergrad and trying to scrape my way through lol. Starting to get back in the habit of gathering turns and maxing Fairground at least! rip to my guild moonlit youre the real mvp taking care of everyone ilu

December 25, 2020: To whoever my secret santa was supposed to be, if you happen to be checking my profile, I'm sorry your efforts came to naught on me. I've been sick for a while and didn't have any energy to get on FR, and the end result was that I didn't get on within the window to complete my own secret santa delivery (although I sent them something earlier anyway since I still had the wishlist) and so timed out of receiving a gift on my end. Which is fine by me! I signed up because I like giving people things more than I like receiving them, I almost never know what to do with presents if I'm honest! Never know what to ask for! But I AM sorry that your efforts on my behalf didn't work out, and hope you'll accept my apologies if you happen to be checking my profile and see this. Thank you in spirit for everything, I'm sure you did a FANTASTIC job. <3

December 24, 2020: yeah sorry i was sick and then trying to survive the semester, anyway i logged back on tonight but i am NOT going to be looking at my notifications/messages yet xD

no sir i am just feeding my loser lizards and doing some notn grinding pretend im not back yet lol

oh i still have fodder good

Edit: okay i had 3 messages so i dealt with them bc none of them were overtly scary but i am not dealing with the 149 notifs rn no sir


i WILL fix up my lair i am just also DOING OTHER THINGS ;;


-slaps singular items of random apparel on dragons i cant be bothered to give familiars to so that they stop showing up when im trying to sell fodder-

-slaps random fams on ancients so they too stop showing up when im trying to sell fodder-

me: gonna do lore

also me: n a h

everything is half-finished

we live in a society

in this world its yeet or be yote

i stg my clan info just keeps getting longer and longer bc i cannot be bothered to delete old stuff

-does a little stretchy- i tired

First time listening to a Powerwolf song: Eh, it was alright.

Three days later: T H I S I S T H E K I S S O F T H E C O B R A K I N G

I can't be bothered to pull up a Google Doc ignore this: Ewen, Aeron, Ilar

-arises from slumber- what is life

Sabaton is blessing us with this album tbh


behold, it is i, an exalting lair, ya Y E E T

All dragons in the 'Warriors' tab will be exalted





and to the flowers for garbage YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN YOU ARE NEVER FORGOTTEN I WILL DO IT I SWEAR - Update April 18, 2018: I will get to these in about a month, once my semester ends! I like to do the 'details' of the dragon and represent all the apparel and genes even if it's trash, to make it realistic trash, and quite honestly I'm not an artist by nature and so while these drawings are funny and silly, they take a lot out of me honestly. So it will have to be done when I am finally free of the curse of schooling, but it will be done! Edit July 2018: Well I got one done... They'll happen one day, slowly but surely... And probably come with treasure upon completion in apology xD Edit March 2019: STILL HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN June 2019: STILL REMEMBER, and I sent out small little refunds a while ago to everyone who participated, people only sent in stuff worth maybe a couple hundred treasure at most as far as I remember so I hope like 20k is enough of an apology, I'll still do the art one day though! (To those who don't know it was a derpy art thread I did a while ago where I purposefully did terrible art in exchange for flowers, never finished everything that was ordered and I still feel bad about it. ;; Even though, like stated, no one sent anything of real value bc it was a joke thread.)

So am I supposed to put info about myself here or what.

Fun fact, as of July 2017 when I am updating this I have officially had my foot run over by a car. Fun times.

My first time leaving the country I had a nosebleed all over the travel forms they were handing out, asking us what we were bringing out of the country. I got my thumb stuck in a coke can on the same flight.

I once turned down sugar cane juice because I really wasn't in the mood after having my arm chewed on by a donkey.

I have a scar on my knee because I was on a bike and a tortoise walked in front of me.

I once accidentally kicked someone in the face at a rave within the first 2 minutes.

I nearly fell off a cliff twice in one year, one had massive branches at the bottom of a twenty foot drop and the other a barbed wire fence.

I won't stop listening to Carol of the Bells even if it's not Christmas anymore and you can't make me stop.


Welcome to the clan of what are we all doing with our lives

Member of Joxar Flight

The fact that Lynx's wingspan is exactly 15.99 meters really upsets me.

(all pictures seen within dragon bios belong to their respective owners, I own nothing)

Spirit Derg according to thread: Fire ridgy, grey ripple, swamp eye spots, ice thylacine.

Ace Pride Derg: Fem Skydancer, shadow eyes, fog iri, eggplant butt, blackberry glim (cause the female has a bettER POSE THAN THE MALE FIGHT ME)

ignore the below it was a joke that i cant be bothered to delete

Wishlist if anyone's interested:


All the gems

I'm determined to save up to 2 billion gems and buy one of those 2 billion gem dergs in the AH

I will not be spending any gems from the time I have made this vow to myself, September 18, 2017, until the day this task is solemnly completed and FR is thrown into disarray.

All gem donations shall go towards this momentous task. -- Lynx of March 2k18 says "yeah that didn't happen" -- Lynx of January 2k19 says "yeah still didnt happen" -- Lynx of December 2k22 says "hi mom!"

Operation: Give Everyone Flower Crowns:

Lynx - done
Jarun - done
Regar - done
Halikae - done
Loisa - done
Keg - done
Minark - done
Roake - done
Arkienal - done
Walier - done
Leuker - done
Onyx - done
Tropii - done
Yemi - done
Aeriew - done
Lerie - done
Cakule - done
Poddler - done
Uranjanr - done
Sangerba - done
Desonase - done
Nero - done
ShiningNight - done
Lune - done
Soleil - done

"When the Goddess Gladekeeper bestowed life unto her children, or so it was believed, each clan was formed from the remains of a different species, be it plant, animal, or any other lifeform. Their clan was henceforth named as such for the remainder of their days. Of course, species have evolved and changed in the wake of such things, and so the clan names are more akin to the names of groups of lifeforms, than individual species. And perhaps this is all a myth, perhaps none of it is true, but some dragons nonetheless heard of the destruction of the ancient Clan of Felidae, and believing themselves to be of the last remaining descendants, henceforth sought out to bring one of the ancient and most noble clans of the Viridian Labyrinth back to life.
And with sharp claws and fangs a ready, we fight on."

soil cherub/olive shimmer/sanguine underbelly - cinerus

Webp-net-resizeimage.png9X6Ea51.pnganimalia.png yeet something at this person im in love like the clan name

300k and 150 (<-- i endeavor to one day remember what this meant lol)

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June 06, 2023 03:17:30
Also I too got covid for christmas. Tested postive christmas EVE. It was a time.
June 06, 2023 03:09:36
"-arises from slumber- what is life"
*starts singing*
baby don't hurt me
don't hurt me
no more
June 03, 2023 19:54:56
Eyyy, that's awesome! Thanks, glad you like him! My friend has one of his siblings, and he named them Spector. So we have Grant and Spector, 2 of Moon Knight's personalities, as bone dragons.
May 06, 2023 13:54:09
you kept sniping hatchlings out from under me so i gave up and read your entire clan info instead :P
December 06, 2022 13:12:48
Nice of you to let me know about Archie. I love it when one of my dragons makes front page :)
December 04, 2022 11:49:00
Haha thank you, he's fun xD
November 02, 2022 06:54:33
Oh yay! Thanks for letting me know about my baby on the front page! I love your layout, btw, very awesome 🤩
October 06, 2022 20:25:01
Wait really? Awesome!!! Thank you for letting me know!
August 21, 2022 18:01:13
The good thing about this is that since I’m not doing anything other than my dailies I’m ACTUALLY making really good progress on maxing out my lair. Which I haven’t done. Despite being here for over 6 and a half years. Help.
August 21, 2022 17:58:25
The day FR implements a ‘last online’ feature I’m done I can’t my discord is set to invisible for a reason y’all -distant sobbing-
August 21, 2022 17:57:17
Confirmation I’m still breathing and actually online every day doing my dailies but just about no one should see it. I’m ~sneaky~
August 21, 2022 17:56:16
Oh my god wow I love your dragons <— no one ever bc 95% of them aren’t designed I just got attached to every pixel I purchased/bred and can’t let them go
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