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MOTTO:: 'All dragons can find a home here, whether they are all part of the same twisting spiral, or on a different scale altogether'.

Any Unhatched Eggs
Any of my Dream Dragons
Solstice Rosette Skin
Ridgeback Breed Change Scroll
Coatl Breed Change Scroll
Wildclaw Breed Change Scroll
Toxin scroll
Capsule Scroll
Stained Scroll
Glimmer scroll
Metallic Scroll
Alloy Scroll
Opal Scroll x 2
Petal Scroll x 2
Butterfly Scroll x 2
Any of the Sylvan Set
All Sage apparel, except from Celebration
Solar Flame set
Wolf capes
Any retired Apparel
Any familiars I don't have
Gems and Treasure always appreciated!

Welcome to the Lair of the Spiral Scale Clan! Currently led by Star Stealer, always accepting new members!



Current Events:There is a violent argument spreading through the clan. Dragons are picking sides, forced against each other with the Twins Archer and Huntress at its centre....

You stumble through the ferocious winds that are commonplace in the Windswept Plains, eyes narrowed to avoid the gusts of debris flying past in assorted whirlwinds of colour.

The last thing you expected to find was a thick, flourishing forest. In a moment, you are enveloped in silence, the galeforce blasts all but forgotten. You open your eyes and look up at the beautiful mosaic of multicoloured light dancing through the thick canopy high above.

You begin to walk forwards, overawed at the strange presence of this silent wood. Two shapes zip past, whispers of sound, gone in an instant. There is a clan nearby, somewhere ahead in this eerie place.

You can sense the presence of cautious life, smell the sweet wood smoke of a herbalists cabin. You jump backwards in surprise as the ground begins to slope downwards and the trees begin to thin out.

You reach the edge and are greeted by the wild cacophony of bartering dragons; a clan. The whole place is stationed within a deep dip in the earth, pockmarked with lairs and stalls.

All down the slope, you see many peculiar shaped clusters of bamboo. Some of the shapes are recognisable- dragons, swords, animals, runic symbols- others look like failed experiments with hazardous sharp edges and pointed surfaces.

You reach the centre of the massive dip and come face to face with the chaos that is the SpiralScale Clan. All around you, accidents are scarcely avoided. You watch in panicked agitation as a tray laden with baked goods is tipped, only to be caught mid air by a laughing Coatl.

Further away, collisions are narrowly avoided by swift changes of direction and sheer luck. You get the feeling that this is quite normal for the clan and are momentarily caught up in the strange power of this controlled chaos.

This Clan is relatively new and is still establishing its members and territory. It has been found that many dragons are drawn here as travellers, only to leave within a few days or weeks to seek another clan.

These dragons generally stay to the back of the clan, learning all that they can before moving on to a new home.

Deputies: MidnightChase, HallowSpark, Cyclone, DawnWinter

Flight Representatives: Aletsch(Ice), SwampLake(Nature), Hades(Shadow), Sun(Light), Hessonite(Earth), Thrax(Plague), Emerald(Wind), Aralyn(Lightning, Aura(Arcane)

Mages:Darkness,Layem,Wish,Amittar,Flicker, Sorcerer

Hunters : Senka, Conant,Archer,Huntress,Apollo,Mikhail and Akari

Fighters:Archer,Hunterss,Akari,Pine and DawnWinter

Gatherers: Atameri,SilverCloud,Ghost,Twilight and Emerald

Royal Guard:Azure

Guards:Plato,Bard,Spectre,Hikaru,Jupiter,Aletsch and Sun

Scouts:Aquarius, GemBeam, GoldenSky, Autumn

Alchemist: HallowSpark

Inventors: Daylor, Spice, Davison, Rain and CrystalEye


Explorers:Amazon,PurpleMoon,OceanCurrent,WinterSun, Arc,ZephrusII, Kylar, Ghost, FrostRush, Lazuli,Magician,Aarav and Reaper

Members:All Others. Members also do all of the above jobs, excepting Deputies but instead of specialising, they switch around a lot.

And now me! The manager of the Clan, I go by many names, but you can call me Kira. Thank you for checking out our clan, and if you want to trade dragons, just ask!

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December 16, 2022 17:12:47
SunStone was on the front page!
November 30, 2022 08:33:14
Pfft haha, that was great, I wish I had thought of it before getting attached to Friend's current lore. xD
January 06, 2022 00:49:09
Siirah was on the front page! She's cool!
August 30, 2020 15:53:45
You are literally 100% correct with your 'guess the LGBT+ dragon' comment, he is incredibly gay, haha.
July 21, 2019 12:51:23
I'll be sure to keep you in mind if I have any dergs to exalt ^^
July 20, 2019 08:12:13
I'm glad to hear that! I thought it would look nice on him too.
July 20, 2019 06:15:37
Thank you for the nice comment about Orion! I'm still working on his outfit though :)
July 14, 2019 06:26:00
Could I have all of the ones you put up for adoption?
July 08, 2019 19:17:09
Baby Ridge has got a name! How does Karim sound?
May 04, 2019 23:27:38
Hey there! You may not remember me, but you gifted me a draggie on the thrift shopping thread! I've finally finished him up, and I just thought you might like to see him now! He's well loved and has a nest on the way! Thanks again! <3 (#51014160)
March 14, 2019 08:20:15
Morodox was on the front page, he's stunning!
March 14, 2019 08:19:31
Morodox was on the front page!
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