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We are here to care for the garden.
Ancient Lair
hidden within the
Shrieking Wilds icon

Clan Info

The Wild Oasis
We love Hatchling Letters!
Somewhere deep in the Shrieking Wilds sits a haven for the lost and forgotten. If you are in need of a home, we will find you. We won't hurt you or turn you away. The shiest Fae, the fiercest Mirror, all are welcome.
-If you're interested in one of my dragons, PM me! Check my lair tabs for info on which dragons might be available.
-If I've posted or PMed you specifically about giving you one of my dragons and I have not gotten a response in one week or by the specific date I mention, that dragon will be exalted or sold.
I don't accept random friend requests out of the blue. I ALSO don't have a very good memory for names. If I haven't interacted with you very much, I might need a reminder on how we know each other before I'll accept your friend request! Don't be afraid to PM me or say something on my page.
Gene Scrolls
-Flaunt (Aberration) Twain
-Cherub Cardamom
-Breed Change: Pearlcatcher Cardamom
-Gembond Cardamom
-Spool Perse
-Vial of Unusual Sight x2 Perse, Ripcurrent
-Current Dandelion
-Ringlets Dandelion
-Breed Change: Mirror Declan
-Noxtide (Undertide) Ripcurrent
-Ghost (Undertide) Ripcurrent
-Ripple Abyssal
-Striation Abyssal
-Vial of Umbral Sight Tiangou

-Facet (Aberration) Twain
-Silhouette scroll Dandelion
-Harlequin Declan
-Soap Abyssal


-tbh I just kind of hoard apparel in general
-On that note, any gem apparel that isn't pirate stuff or on a dragon is probably something I don't own yet
-Also mid-range newish stuff b/c I tend to rely on treasure chests and Baldwin to get new clothes and as a result I'm missing a lot of newer treasure and Coli apparel.
-Cinnabar Eye Enhancement Doc
-Charoite Arm Enhancement (Front) Tinker
-Cinnabar Tail Enhancement Rabbit
-Spessartine Leg Enhancement (Back) Singe
-Trailing Storm x many
-Marigold Flower CrownDaffodil
-Charming Sage Tassel, Sleeves Starberry
-Moonfall Lace Headpiece; Siren Sylvan Headpiece; Nightfall Starsilk Earrings Starberry
-Journeyman Satchels or the ingredients to trade for more
-Rainbow Starswirl

-Anything I don't have (NO Swipp familiars please!)

-friggin' dusk jadevines have been eluding me for years
-Scene: Foxfire Grove
-Any gem MP scene
Riot of Rot 2018


NaLoWriMo 2019

Trickmurk Tri-Riddle 2021
Trickmurk Tri-Riddle 2023
Trickmurk Tri-Riddle 2024

Wavecrest 2021


A convo on Discord produced this...

Scries I like/Possible Projects
Tan Wasp/White Basic/Stone Underbelly
Gold Giraffe/Grapefruit Toxin/Garnet Glimmer

More scries because I like scrying things
note to self http://www.theshufflerscomic.com/comic/the-felidomancer-epilogue-page-2
Lore To-do list, in approximate order of importance:
-Revise Farlander
-Labyrinthine Breach dragons
-Revise Hiruko's story

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PunkNoctis' avatar
June 20, 2024 05:07:18
Allendis was on the front page!
furbyteeth444's avatar
June 20, 2024 05:07:05
Allendis (#32112094) was on the front page just now !!! :D Congrats
Chieftain's avatar
March 30, 2024 14:35:48
hehe thank you :D appreciate the update ^^
CattLovesCats' avatar
March 28, 2024 08:37:32
Ray was on the front page! made me do a lil hehehaha at his status
dragontoad's avatar
February 11, 2024 21:54:56
Hey! i saw your Hermicraft fandragons and i was just wondering if the elements were chosen for aesthetic reason or lore/personality? mainly asking because i saw Joe's was wind element and i think they suit him well!

anyway i hope you have a good day and enjoy season 10 :3
Mayali's avatar
December 25, 2023 12:44:29
thanks so much for the secret santa gift :D i'm using some of the apparel already on these two dragons https://www1.flightrising.com/dragon/87137195 & https://www1.flightrising.com/dragon/90497132
Valaan's avatar
December 24, 2023 04:05:21
Enderiana on front page!
Palarandusk's avatar
December 23, 2023 14:17:42
Etho was on the front page! Your lair is very nice ^w^
Farore's avatar
December 23, 2023 08:45:17
Aw, I'm so glad you liked it! She's a lovely dragon!
Crescentstar711's avatar
December 22, 2023 09:00:19
Thank you so much for giving a mention to Choir, and especially reading through about cuetlaxochitl! Hope you have a wonderful holiday! =D
Nuthatch's avatar
December 13, 2023 13:05:54
Hello again! I could never forget Einvald's stare into the soul eyes. What can I say, we just can't get enough of the dragon game
ThistleProse's avatar
December 04, 2023 23:54:15
Rakta (#17207829) was on the front page, looking amazing! <3
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Jul 20, 2015

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Maybe in a few years they'll write a buddy comedy about you guys.

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