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finally updating my clan bio. scroll down for lore.

* breeder for the DWF. always have too many personal breeding projects.
* willing to breed most of my own dragons with each other if asked.
* willing to stud, even some G1s, though i may insist on hosting depending on the dragon.
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We are the Grove of the Reincarnate. We, the dragons, are all the Grove, as is the land we tend; we are one and the same. We are led by our Soul, Paxid, and our Mind, Bedwen. We are spoken for by our Voice, Ddraigcoed. You may ask our Memory, named Dwfraur, of our history as a Grove, but each dragon is best consulted about their own personal history.
   Here, we celebrate the pasts of our members, and acknowledge that a dragon's past does not indicate their future, but provides education and context for it. We encourage exploration of the self, and humbly serve the Gladekeeper, whom we believe brought us together in this place for a greater purpose.

The Grove of the Reincarnate, geographically, sits near’ at the centre of the Viridian Labyrinth, in a semi-triangular shape straddling the Everbloom Gardens, the Gladeveins, and the Shrieking Wilds. Owing to the fact that this patch of land is the Charge of the dragon who is arguably in charge of the Grove, he permits very few changes, insisting that the Grove must remain “As Glademother made it”. This means no large, permanent buildings, no excavations, and absolutely no chopping down of trees.
   He does, however, permit the safe relocation of plantlife and the construction of small, light buildings that could generously be described as “shacks”. His firstborn son, Tubur, is also in the process of reinforcing a network of large tunnels he discovered underground. Only two entrances to these tunnels yet exist - one at the northernmost tip of Paxid’s Grove, in the Wilds, and another in the middle of the Grove’s territory in the Gardens. This entrance is covered by a ramshackle structure made of twigs and live ivy, and is guarded on a permanent basis. In a circle around this structure are five equidistent nests, open to the air. (Paxid insists that sunlight and rain are vital to the incubation of eggs.)
   In the Grove’s territory in the Gladeveins, Breena has discovered an underwater cavern, just visible at night by the faint glow in the water. Her mate, Trysori, uses the cave (and the beautiful stones found within) to forge jewellery. Tubur plans to connect the cave to his subterrenean network, which he refers to as “The Rootways”.
   The very edges of the Grove, as Paxid feels the ends of his territory in a remarkable manner, are perfectly marked out with a pseudo-fence of brambles and bioluminescent fungi. Easily navigable for a dragon, yes, and there are a few “gateways” in the growth to allow easy passage, but it functions as more of a symbolic fence than a practical one.

on 4th january 2024, i tabulated my entire lair for the sake of a census project.

since i had the data, i decided to look through it.

counting only permas (meaning no fodder, no dragons only here for breeding projects, and no ungened g1s):
snapper 42
wildclaw 36
skydancer 35
pearlcatcher 33
spiral 29
guardian 28
ridgeback 28
imperial 27
coatl 25
fae 17
obelisk 17
mirror 17
bogsneak 15
tundra 13
nocturne 9
sandsurge 8
banescale 4
undertide 4
aberration 4
veilspun 2
aether 0
auraboa 0

fun fact: although the actual numbers change, snappers retain the top spot even counting all 581 dragons in my lair at time of writing. in fact, the order doesn't change all that much, though wildclaws only claim second place if i discount all the pearlcatchers currently eating space for a breeding project.

i apparently have 112 gened, finished g1s. i had no idea it was so many!

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