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Masters of Bone
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A Land in the Skies

» Floating high above the oceans surrounding the Starfall Isles is a chain of Islands locked together by massive winding vines and held up by Spells placed by the Aeon Sages - of whom, only one remains. Far from the prying eyes of most dragons in Sornieth, the Islands lay adorned in a beautiful and fertile forest full of towering trees and thick foliage. Fanciful waterfalls that empty over the edge of the Islands into the ocean, expansive glittering pools, and intricate crystal structures are nestled across the islands, bringing light and life to the visual oasis.

Blessed by the Magic pulsing at its core, the land has transformed. When darkness falls, life on the island comes alive with photoluminescence - plants, animals and crystals, even the waters glowing in an array of colours. Even the Dragons that call the Islands home find the markings painting their bodies illuminated in the darkness.
A Land of Lights

» Lumiescence is not restricted to the surface of the Islands. Caverns network through each of the largest Islands. Crystal structures litter these caverns, lighting the pathways into the darkness. In some of these caverns, water runs to empty into glowing pools of clean water that have their own caves webbing out for the bravest of dragons to explore.

Under the towering canopy of the forests; some areas are almost always permanently aglow. Bathed in shadows, these areas are navigated with what light is provided by the foliage and markings left by the Clan in the bark of the trees. Navigation through these areas can be difficult for those unversed in the area or unfamiliar to the Clan.

For the Masters of Bone, both Night and Day are equally utilized, but Night is revered. Celebrations and Ceremonies are held in the night; when their home is alight with Magic.
A Land of Darkness

» Despite the apparent serenity of the Islands; there is hidden darkness. Those who have not been Blessed by the Magic of the Aeon Sages, or directly by the Sage of Spirits, will quickly find that the Islands are also inhabited by Spirits drawn by the heavy saturation of Magic. Will O' Wisps harmlessly dance among the luminous scenery, but they guide those with dark hearts to malevolent beings.

Not all Spirits wish harm; some coexist within the forests and caverns. Still, the Sage of Spirits is tasked with keeping track of these and ensuring that those that wish harm are dealt with or precautions are taken. The most malevolent of Spirits live in areas riddled in complete darkness, where the light of the Magic has been drained by them. Those who are a part of the Edge quickly learn to steer clear of these areas. Often, they visit the Sages for assistance or to learn protective Magic against the Spirits.


『 About Me 』

Sammsy ✩ she/her/they ✩ 24 y/o ✩

currently into
Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Drawing

FR -2

To Do List:
- Aeon Sages -- Hibernal
- Get Money
- Wishlist (needs updating LMAO)
- Bios!!!
- Art!!!

- Navi

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Aaah I love the art you did for Helebora! It's perfect, your art is amazing <333
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Sal looks super good!! Thank you so much for the art! :D
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February 16, 2021 07:57:59
Thank you so much for the art of ThinMints!! :D It looks AMAZING!! ❤
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January 19, 2021 10:54:22
Love Raya's gene plan!
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Thank you for buying Adelle!
I hope, shewill serve you well ^w^
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June 10, 2020 02:55:16
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