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Venerable Lair
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18+ || he/him only pls || FR+8 || exceedingly shy
If we're friendly, feel free to ask for my Discord

I don't often reply to profile comments, but please know that I appreciate all of them! <3

Also probably a redundant note to be making, but I am a VPN user! ...Unless that random German IP trying to access my account actually wasn't me.



The Felstriders' Guild
A guild of (mostly) scholars, the Felstriders' Guild travel between the regions of Sornieth to collect data on all manner of things, taking in dragons and wildlife alike as they go. The guild is home to powerful hired mages and fighters as well as scholars, and it is those members who keep the more sinister creatures the clan harbours in check...

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Beginning in the Shifting Expanse with the young Mirror Alqonah at its head, the Felstriders' Guild of Scholars, at the time nameless, gathered information mostly on how to build, engineer and use high-end technology safely and within the confines of the Guild's meagre outpost. It wasn't long before the Guild left for a more populous area - namely, the Tangled Wood. They spent many moons there, collecting data, knowledge and information from the great many dragons residing in the dark forest, and archiving it within the large Vault that the Guild established in the Wispwillow Grove.

However, the time soon came to move again - Alqonah was getting on in age, and didn't have much of a want or need to speak to the Shadow-aligned clans anymore. He stepped down from his mastery of the Guild, offering it to a new, but promising, arrival: Hironobu, a strange, green Spiral, with fire that was green like fel. The Guild welcomed his leadership with open arms, and they moved out of the forest and into the waters between the Shoredeep Presage and the Drowned Sanctum; lodging themselves deep within the sea caves, ensuring they would not be disturbed. Hironobu's first act as Master was to give his clan a name, and he figured he might as well make the most of his oddity and denominate the guild in its name.

The main scholarly focus of the Felstriders' Guild as it exists now is on deep-sea curses and creatures, and they have hired mages and mercenaries to live there full-time in order to keep the creatures they harbour within the outpost under control. However, with all the dragons of various backgrounds residing in the outpost, the bouncers are more often than not sorting out minor spats and infighting.

In spite of the dangerous beings living within the walls of the outpost, the Guild is generally very open and welcoming to new members of any discipline. They recognise that keeping members of only one specialisation is a recipe for disaster - how would the Guild gather food and defend itself if no members were physically able? Each "branch" of the guild lives separately, but there is more than enough room for mixing and socialisation between groups. The guild also colludes with a group of common folk living in the Churnscar Wharf, ensuring they have enough supplies to survive and extending their protection to them.


Guild Relationships

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IKTR Cheat Sheet (please choose from this list only)
Fandragons: Kage, RERORERORERORERO, HairNoodle, Kakyoin, Hierophant, Rohan, Sasha, Dogen, Reimi, Alucard, Majima, Edgeworth, Marmalade, Jani
Dragons named after other things: Ysera, Sunder, Eranikus, Folsense, Keening, Arygos, Malygos, Sindragosa, Driftveil, Shiranui, Issun, Wraithguard, Taurus, Rannveig, Daron, Sayge, Thor, Heigan, Huginn, Loki, Ymir, Amon, Striaton, Icirrus, Mendeleev, Bogdanovskaya, Dukaan, Nishiki, Amarth, Deimos, Phobos, Mars, Enceladus, Titan, Giygas, Dusty, Eitri, Opelucid, Solstice, Tyr, JohnCena
Other references:
Megumi (Samurai Ondo lyrics in bio)
Striaton (Ijizakura lyrics in bio)

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