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hi, it's been a really long time! i don't know if i'm ever gonna start playing fr again - but i just logged in for the first time in a while out of curiosity. i made some really amazing friends through here, so thank you for all the memories. <3

if we knew each other and you happen to see this, feel free to reach out and say hi!! (but please tell me your fr username when you message me - especially on instagram - it's been a while lol)

discord: jude#9953
instagram: mushroomprint

i'm really bad at replying, but i'll try my best! i honestly have no idea when i'll log in here again, but if you wanna reach out to me here feel free to do so! i'm sure i'll see it eventually. <3

Ytia free_bullet___yellow_star_by_pastel_paintbrushy-d63t4q2.gif 21 free_bullet___yellow_star_by_pastel_paintbrushy-d63t4q2.gif UK

Hi! I'm Ytia, but you can call me Tia or Daisytiny_heart_bullet_by_aineko_nee-d67baa0.png

I'm a little bit sporadic on Flight Rising, I tend to dip in and out every so often - so if I don't reply to your messages or pings, please don't be offended!

I love Steven Universe, Pokémon, Marvel, and Studio Ghibli. Two of my favourite things in the entire world are space and foxes. I love pretty and unique dragons, and my ambition is to finally complete my clan lore!


To-do list:
free_bullet___yellow_star_by_pastel_paintbrushy-d63t4q2.gif Finish clan lore
free_bullet___yellow_star_by_pastel_paintbrushy-d63t4q2.gif Put updated scrys in unfinished dragons' bios
free_bullet___yellow_star_by_pastel_paintbrushy-d63t4q2.gif Get more food

Shopping/Wish list:
free_bullet___yellow_star_by_pastel_paintbrushy-d63t4q2.gif x5 Shimmer
free_bullet___yellow_star_by_pastel_paintbrushy-d63t4q2.gif x4 Butterfly
free_bullet___yellow_star_by_pastel_paintbrushy-d63t4q2.gif x3 Glimmer
free_bullet___yellow_star_by_pastel_paintbrushy-d63t4q2.gif x3 Petals
free_bullet___yellow_star_by_pastel_paintbrushy-d63t4q2.gif x3 Wildclaw scrolls
free_bullet___yellow_star_by_pastel_paintbrushy-d63t4q2.gif x2 Coatl scrolls
free_bullet___yellow_star_by_pastel_paintbrushy-d63t4q2.gif x2 Piebald
free_bullet___yellow_star_by_pastel_paintbrushy-d63t4q2.gif x2 Runes
free_bullet___yellow_star_by_pastel_paintbrushy-d63t4q2.gif x2 Scales
free_bullet___yellow_star_by_pastel_paintbrushy-d63t4q2.gif x2 Spinner
free_bullet___yellow_star_by_pastel_paintbrushy-d63t4q2.gif x2 Stained
free_bullet___yellow_star_by_pastel_paintbrushy-d63t4q2.gif x2 Underbelly
free_bullet___yellow_star_by_pastel_paintbrushy-d63t4q2.gif x1 Alloy
free_bullet___yellow_star_by_pastel_paintbrushy-d63t4q2.gif x1 Circuit
free_bullet___yellow_star_by_pastel_paintbrushy-d63t4q2.gif x1 Eternal Youth scroll
free_bullet___yellow_star_by_pastel_paintbrushy-d63t4q2.gif x1 Facet
free_bullet___yellow_star_by_pastel_paintbrushy-d63t4q2.gif x1 Giraffe
free_bullet___yellow_star_by_pastel_paintbrushy-d63t4q2.gif x1 Hex
free_bullet___yellow_star_by_pastel_paintbrushy-d63t4q2.gif x1 Iridescent
free_bullet___yellow_star_by_pastel_paintbrushy-d63t4q2.gif x1 Metallic
free_bullet___yellow_star_by_pastel_paintbrushy-d63t4q2.gif x1 Ripple
free_bullet___yellow_star_by_pastel_paintbrushy-d63t4q2.gif x1 Pearlcatcher scroll
free_bullet___yellow_star_by_pastel_paintbrushy-d63t4q2.gif x1 Skink
free_bullet___yellow_star_by_pastel_paintbrushy-d63t4q2.gif x1 Snapper
free_bullet___yellow_star_by_pastel_paintbrushy-d63t4q2.gif x2 Spines

Shopping/Wish list:

x5 Shimmer (Steven, Milky, Mairead, Jurassic)
x4 Butterfly (Clarissa, Tea, Estoria, Ophelia)
x3 Glimmer (Salazar, Magia, Mairead)
x3 Petals (Mairead, Estoria)
x3 Wildclaw (Milky, Jurassic)
x2 Coatl (Mairead, Ophelia)
x2 Piebald (Steven, Milky)
x2 Runes (Steven, Milky)
x2 Scales (Alphys, Luis)
x2 Spinner (Luis)
x2 Stained (Harmonia)
x2 Underbelly (Bogunn, Ophelia)
x1 Alloy (Rescue)
x1 Circuit (Estoria)
x1 Eternal Youth (Steven)
x1 Facet (George)
x1 Giraffe (Alphys)
x1 Hex (Alphys)
x1 Iridescent (Ophelia)
x1 Metallic (Rescue)
x1 Pearlcatcher (Estoria)
x1 Skink (Luis)
x1 Snapper (Steven)
x1 Spines (Jurassic)
p9tEr6a.png dpSUzTh.png8WfsXoc.png tumblr_pgk0c9Y66I1ub2fwao1_r1_100.png4pF7sEe.pngVl794n1.pngNinjUsC.png

ralsei http://flightrising.com/main.php?p=view&tab=dragon&id=323319&did=18536697

Recent Comments

krankendrache's avatar
July 07, 2022 13:36:43
Sans, of all dragons, was on the front page! A very well-made fandragon I must say
bubbaberriboo's avatar
July 07, 2022 13:36:27
sans was on the front page. thank you for blessing my eyes with his glory
StardragonSalem's avatar
May 20, 2021 00:49:16
Sunaria was on the front page!
Svelte's avatar
March 06, 2021 05:20:07
thinking of you pal, miss you <3
Avinychus' avatar
August 18, 2019 01:45:24
I like your lair! :D
molea's avatar
June 25, 2019 08:31:16
Understandable, would die for her
molea's avatar
June 18, 2019 17:31:23
Ytia, What is going on wiTH OH?
Toads' avatar
June 18, 2019 12:14:10
Bacchus was on the front page!
Natron's avatar
February 23, 2019 06:18:06
Oh is still the best dragon around, I remember saving that image years ago, it's so chaotic. She's fantastic, tell her I love her
Ttiuronohon's avatar
December 01, 2018 00:35:55
Amplexus is great!
ShinyDecidueye's avatar
November 16, 2018 03:55:24
How did you get Oh to look like that
Svelte's avatar
August 28, 2018 14:39:44
they discontinued blueberry milk and you are the only person who understands what a loss that is (i miss u)
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