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so come, sing me no songs
though once we go we are gone and gone and gone
when i go to sea, don't fear for me
fear for the storm, fear for the storm

tala! | they/any | ace & queer
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perma/lore lair
fandragons here

24/7 blaseball lockdown. splorts.

houston... we are the Problem



City of Stormshroud
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A small but thriving city deep in the Shifting Expanse. Most unusual for the region, Stormshroud lays at the edge of a dense deciduous forest, characterized by an abundance of linden trees. Scholars speculate on the cause of this lush anomaly, as though it seems to have sprung from the old temple at its heart, we don’t yet know why or how. Further exploration into the ruins that stretch below the city may provide answers.

A guide is available to show you around if you’d like to know more about our city!

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It’s been theorized throughout the ages that there must be worlds outside of Sorneith. Whether angels, aliens, or foreign gods; you can call them what you like, but the base myths are widespread. These theories are commonplace within our city and some of the surrounding area... and now we’ve found proof. A portal, or several, the largest of which is centred in a city right next door.
Stormshroud itself is not deeply involved in these efforts, but our.... neighbours have collected a crew of the best and the brightest to venture into these rifts into the unmapped, unpredictable, and unknowable otherworld beyond for the sake of research.

In response to the stories we’ve heard, we wish them the best of luck.

the Extraplanar Expedition

the Seafarers
Location: | Icon:

As many dragons as there are on land, a great number have taken to the seas instead. While marine creatures can be a danger to ships, those who live a simple life as fishers and merchants are well aware of the larger threat; a small infestation of pirates.

There is no union amongst pirates, and the sea is rife with danger as a result of raids and infighting. They target each other as often as they do settlements. Stormshroud is lucky to be inland, distanced from their conflicts.

Location: | Icon:

A small, scrappy town further out into the desert, so named for the mechanical refuse and discarded parts littering their corner of the Expanse. The community has been slowly fizzling out over the past couple decades, with former residents leaving for greener pastures (or just flat out dying at a rate too high to be attributed solely to the environmental hazards).

The town might have fallen apart altogether had it not been for the advent of the Arena; in the midst of rubble cleared away to be mostly safe, combatants test their mettle against one another and vie for the audience’s approval. And the audience comes in droves, and interact with the town between matches, and spread the word. Though some of the few remaining original members of the town have apprehensions about the newcomers, most others are hopeful for the revival of their town.


the Aerial City
Location: | Icon:

A great airship harbouring an entire city. Despite its mass, it remains airborne and fully mobile. Formed after a great schism within its parent city, in which a group of people set out to govern themselves without [CITY]’s influence looming over their heads. Twenty years after, they seem to be doing well for themselves. They’re actually quite an agreeable lot for a city founded on headstrong defiance.

Do not mistake their goodwill for weakness. The ship is as amiable with their allies as they are ruthless with their enemies, and they are not against pulling from their criminal pasts to pay back a slight in kind.

Location: ? | Icon:

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About Me!

Just a nerd on the internet doin’ some things! I’ve got big social anxiety so I’ll probably only accept friend requests if we’ve interacted prior, and it might take me a while to respond to messages.
I draw stuff, and the most reliable place to find that stuff is my tumblr @bramblemantle! And my fr-specific tumblr, @scytheclaw-mantis! I mostly just draw ocs, but sometimes I’ll work up the courage to do art for other interests of mine.

Speaking of interests, those include:
games > fallen london/sunless skies, rain world, book of travels, ace attorney/dai gyakuten saiban, ghost trick, professor layton, pokemon, disco elysium, sea of thieves, hollow knight, mad rat dead
scripted podcasts > the strange case of starship iris, victoriocity, the penumbra podcast, wolf 359, the hyacinth disaster
actual play ttrpg > chapter & multiverse, bomBARDed, forgotten indigo, thrilling intent, the adventure zone, rusty quill gaming
books > the underland chronicles, watership down, silverwing trilogy, animorphs, raptor red
other > blaseball, 17776/20020, the mechanisms, shaperaverse

My note about my shyness still applies but usually I’m happy to talk about shared interests! I’m also a big fan of anything involving birds, space, bats, moths, dinosaurs, or cool machines :)!

Note for mods: I sometimes gift unfairly to some close friends of mine & my brother. None of them are as active as I am, so when they do pop on to give the site another try I like to send some stuff over to help them out!

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November 24, 2022 13:36:18
Hiiii I just came here to say I adore your blaseball dragons, I've only got Caligula Lotus and I've been neglecting working on her ;-; The little detail of changing Margarito's flower color for the new uniform? EEEE!! Take care of our captain, we'll miss him! (Also that Sandoval Crossing plan? AAAHHH I LOVE! Sunflowers LETS go. I really like that we got Zack Sanders from them and they recently got Dunn Keyes) ((ok i gotta stop rambling, but. Splorts. <3 ))
November 20, 2022 09:49:52
Yo i love your blaseball dragons i was scrolling idktr and i was absolutely shocked to see the reader
November 18, 2022 09:43:46
FOUND MY FAVORITE SONG IN THE ALBUM. Ring 7 Industry my new beloved.
November 16, 2022 17:57:50
No problem!! He's a LOVELY boy; a pal of mine wants to look at him, so he will have a home one way or another!
November 07, 2022 11:27:55
Eremere was on the front page!
November 07, 2022 11:27:49
Eremere was on the front page!
November 04, 2022 00:37:58
Aww! Thanks for writing. I'm glad you like the plans - it's always nice to hear from previous owners
October 21, 2022 23:29:56
Thank you for adopting the XXY orca radioactive boy!! It's really cool to see his lore go to someone who'll take care of him. I appreciate it so much, thank you!
August 07, 2022 01:18:05
Glad you got it worked out! My apologies for the late response, I hope you enjoy them!
July 05, 2022 10:40:13
mazarine was featured! i love her and her rats :)
July 01, 2022 18:47:08
Beautiful Survivor was on the front page
June 06, 2022 08:45:15
Happy mantis day!!!!! (It means bday <3)
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