A new site of archeological interest has been discovered. Dragons across Sornieth seek to uncover the history of Ancient Aerie, our newest dig site.


The dragons really shine in recent developments.


This month, all of dragonkind come together to participate in the Wavecrest Saturnalia. This festival celebrates the water flight. Our most prized possession, Giant Sand Dollars, can be found by using any gathering profession in the water territories this week. Emblems may be found by doing activities across the site, and neutral and water-aligned monsters also have a chance to rarely yield these items as drops in the Coliseum. They may be crafted at Baldwin's Bubbling Brew using alchemy reagents.


Clouded and Leopard for Banescale, Dinosaur Armor Variants, and a new familiar to befriend can be found within!


Seeds planted early begin to sprout! New recolors for the gardening set are now available.
Kaepora 2022-05-20 09:23:28
Some breadcrumb links located at the top of the website have received a small visual update to bring them in line with the rest of the site.
Mutron 2022-05-19 14:13:31
Today's maintenance has concluded. Some pages may load slowly as players return to the site.
Kaepora 2022-05-19 00:06:36
Arlo's Ancient Artifacts has been updated to aid your clan's archaeological and paleontological activities!

Please see this forum thread for details.
Aequorin 2022-05-17 13:00:57
Dragon Share Theme Week: Merdragons!
Kaepora 2022-05-13 14:28:58
The skin/accent upload form has been updated to properly limit the length of submission names. The form will also display a preview of your submission name with the "Skin:" or "Accent:" label.
Mint Secondary+ 2500
Snapper Breed + 1250
Okapi Gene + 1250