A simple set of primary and secondary genes showcase the wild patterns of tertiaries! New enemies in have appeared in Harpy's Roost!


Dragons are looking more enchanting than usual, while new dangers lurk in Redrock Cove! Better expand those lairs in preparation...


Dragons are shot through with veins of color!


This month, all of dragonkind come together to celebrate the Riot of Rot. This festival celebrates the plague flight. Our most prized possessions, All-Seeing Shrooms, can be found by using any gathering type in plague territories this week. Neutral and plague-aligned monsters also have a chance to rarely yield these items as drops in the Coliseum. They may be crafted at Baldwin's Bubbling Brew using alchemy reagents.


Additional apparel colors, the return of wildclaws, and some changes happening in the game!
Mutron 2019-11-21 10:26:30
Coliseum Maintenance has concluded for the day.
Kaepora 2019-11-18 15:27:02
Pagination update - Many sections of the site now include the ability to jump to any page by selecting the “…” button.

Hoard and Vault pages are now supported as well, but may require clearing browser cache.
Aequorin 2019-11-18 14:23:14
Dragon Share Theme Week: Unicorn Dragons!
Xhaztol 2019-11-17 21:20:44
The 20% discount for the newly-released Unicorn apparel ends at 22:00 server time - grab 'em at the lower price while you still can!
Kaepora 2019-11-13 18:40:01
The lair cap has been raised. You can now expand your lair to hold up to 210 dragons!
Valliecane's Aldone - Lvl 10
Tangerine Secondary+ 2500
Mirror Breed + 1250
Spines Gene + 1250