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Another chilling winter is about to howl across the realm and dragons everywhere are taking advantage of an unusually bountiful fishing season! Frigidfin Expedition runs from December 7-11, and brings with it new and returning items!

10% Gem Bonus Banner

Flight Rising is having a Cyber Monday sale, from now until Thursday November 30th at 06:00 server time! This sale features gem bonuses with every gem purchase. Cycled items return until December 4th at 06:00!

Rockbreaker's Ceremony

This month, all of dragonkind come together to celebrate the Rockbreaker's Ceremony. This festival celebrates the Earth Flight.

Ancient Breeds: Auraboa Dragons Dragons

The Behemoth's elusive legends have begun to seek out dragon clans.

Frozen Age: Archaeology's newest dig site thaws out forgotten wonders!

A new site of archeological interest has been discovered! Dragons across Sornieth seek to uncover the history of Frozen Age, our newest dig site.