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darkest greetings and welcome, wanderer! the shadows have guided you to our home of sarisha, located in the mystical wispwillow grove. here, the night is constant and we can always see the stars above as glimmers through the purple pines. the shadows blanket us and keep us safe and happy. the endless night is peaceful and calm, the moon's dim light shining softly from above. down here, we are surrounded by mushrooms which glow like little stars that fell and gathered on the ground. ☾

once in a while, creatures seek out our home in the shadows. their reasons differ, but they often have one thing in common. they needed safety from the light. here in our dark refuge, we shelter and protect all who need it. together, we keep all in the shadows safe from the harsh light. none will be harmed by the light so long as they are under our protection. ☾

our lair has creatures of many backgrounds and species, from dragons to demons to beastfolk. all are welcome, and all are family. the shadows are sacred and healing, bringing peace and comfort. none of the beings here believe the light is inherently cruel, but it doesn't make what they've been through with the light any easier to handle. their pain and fear is real, their mistreatment unjust. the creatures here are misunderstood, and it's far easier to attack or shun what one doesn't understand. ☾

creatures lead here don't all stay, some leaving after they have recovered. but others choose to stay, to help others heal. it is the hopes and dreams of every being that live in these lands to change the minds of those light aligned. if the spread of harm can end, then peace can be achieved. all it takes is a listening ear and a willingness to learn. our ultimate goal is to teach the world that there is beauty and wonder in the darkness. the darkness, and those who reside within it, are peaceful and kind. never fear the dark, never fear the night. ☾

surely you must have been lead here for a reason. maybe you are in need of aid and healing? if not, perhaps the shadows chose to guide you here for you to learn. so please, won't you come and join us as we dance beneath the stars and moon? we will sing our shadow blessed song of love and peace as we educate the world of the truth of darkness. ☾

our family:


i'm in love with the darkness of the night
i'm in love with all that's out of sight
i'm in love with the magic of the new
and the darkness loves me too

shadow | they/them | queer | satanist

hello! i'm shadow, welcome to my lair!! i'm both an artist and a writer, but i also love video games and role playing! i love cartoony styles and i love cartoons and fantasy!

i've been a lover of dragons since i was a little kid. the original "spyro the dragon" was my first console game back on the psx. i've loved dragons and spyro since, still being a big fan of spyro!! i love every version of spyro; classic trilogy, legend, skylanders AND reignited. they've all inspired me and they all hold a special place in my heart.

i love a bunch of other franchises too! digimon, pokemon, ut/dr, rise of the tmnt, neopets, monster rancher, pizza tower, sly cooper, jak and daxter, early rareware games (like banjo and conker) and a whole lot more! looking through my fan dragons can help give you an idea of my interests. i'm critical of all of my interests!

regarding my interests, i have some fan projects i work on with my family! i've made some fan dragons for these projects such as; a spyro/crash crossover and rewrite and an early rareware games crossover and rewrite. we're also coming up with a way to combine jak, ratchet and sly into one as well!

i also have my own original story and characters that i'm working on. i've had some of the main characters since i was very little, the first one being made when i was around five. the story has changed, grown and evolved greatly over the years and i'm extremely happy and proud of it! my original characters have gotten me through a lot over the years and i'm very thankful that i have them.

my favorite kind of art is pixel art, though it's gotten harder to make over the years as my eyesight is getting worse and worse. still, it's something that i greatly enjoy admiring and creating!!

i'm very neurodivergent, and it causes me to over-explain as well as fumble my wording. i misword things a lot, if this happens, please don't assume my intentions are bad! i'm not good with words at all. i'm also dyslexic and visually disabled, so i may misread your message! i apologize in advance for all of this and any misunderstandings that happen because of me!

i love making friends and talking to others, though i experience major anxiety, and also bad seasonal depression from march to about september. but please don't be afraid to message me or comment below! i might not reply right away for a number of reasons, but i always appreciate messages!

black lives matter!
stop asian hate!
free palestine!
trans rights for all!
we're here we're queer!
respect aspecs!
disability is diverse!
every body deserves love!
love wins!

i type WAY too much, so if you read all of this, treat yourself to a nice snack and drink!

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February 19, 2024 10:26:24
Aheligh was on the front page! She looks awesome!
January 28, 2024 03:22:31
Hey Shadow, thanks for checking in. I hope you're doing well. https://youtu.be/m-wkqdduokE?si=pGd8JwZ2qDqnqxcm
January 24, 2024 14:59:46
Krisp was on the front page. A very impressive dragon.
January 13, 2024 23:52:00
I am so glad!
January 13, 2024 15:27:46
Thank you for buying Hogarth! You've even recreated his old outfit <3 But feel free to change it up if you like, he's your dragon after all :3. Anyways, I'm glad he ended up in a nice home! :D
January 02, 2024 22:28:26
January 02, 2024 22:25:09
i was gonna say "howdy partner" or something but i typed "howder" instead and forgot what else i was gonna say
November 28, 2023 10:49:36
Jesminda (#73969783) was on the front page, she is lovely!
November 16, 2023 10:03:33
Your Wish babies are so cuuuute!
October 20, 2023 12:31:08
Ah thank you for letting me know about her moment of fame!! <3 I just found out that your merchant Cocoa is the daughter of one of my hatchlings! XD
October 01, 2023 21:23:03
your icon is so beautiful
September 13, 2023 11:35:07
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