Aequorin - 2018-03-06 07:16:04
Book One of our new lore series for Bounty of the Elements is now available! Jailbreak: A rescue mission turns deadly.
Akiri - 2018-03-05 00:26:36
Our additional maintenance work is complete for today. We will not be requiring an extended maintenance window today and will open up at the usual 0:30 server time.
Xhaztol - 2018-03-01 13:19:33
On Monday, March 12th, we will be performing scheduled maintenance starting from 6:00 server time to release the Coliseum revamp. This update will contain numerous fixes and adjustments that were found during the technical beta, and we will be posting a new Known Issues thread for anything that's outstanding or will be resolved in a follow-up patch. Thank you to everyone who helped us test!
Kaepora - 2018-02-27 12:54:56
Shadow exaltation pillars have now been implemented. Clear your browser cache (Ctrl+F5) if you do not see them.
Mutron - 2018-02-27 09:07:19
An error causing empty or partial Auction House search results has been fixed.
Aequorin - 2018-02-26 13:25:23
Dragon Share Theme Week: Trickmurk Circus
Undel - 2018-02-25 20:02:05
Our employment opportunities has two new openings for art team positions. If you are an artist interested in working for Flight Rising, now is a great time to apply. If you have applied previously, please feel free to resend your resume and portfolio again for the new positions.
Xhaztol - 2018-02-25 12:03:00
We will be extending rollover on Monday, March 5th to perform some scheduled backend maintenance. We are estimating that the site will be available by about 01:30 server time, but it may reopen earlier granted we complete our work earlier.
Undel - 2018-02-24 15:43:33
The fifth annual Mistral Jamboree will begin March 25, 2018, and we're running a skin and accent contest in celebration!
Kaepora - 2018-02-20 11:35:21
Light exaltation pillars have now been implemented. Clear your browser cache (Ctrl+F5) if you do not see them.
Aequorin - 2018-02-20 08:59:40
Dragon Share Theme Week: Gemstones
Mutron - 2018-02-14 10:58:28
Keyboard controls are now available in the Coliseum Beta. Please report any bugs or issues in this thread.
Kaepora - 2018-02-13 11:37:25
Arcane exaltation pillars have now been implemented. Clear your browser cache (Ctrl+F5) if you do not see them.
Mutron - 2018-02-13 07:05:17
The page refresh has been removed between consecutive battles and Camping in the Coliseum Beta. Some refreshes remain between other menus.

Please let us know what you think in this thread.
Kaepora - 2018-02-13 06:55:21
The forums have received a fresh coat of paint with easier access to send friend requests, messages, initiate trades, and block players.
Aequorin - 2018-02-12 13:04:36
Dragon Share Theme Week: Treats & Sweets!
Mutron - 2018-02-12 09:44:39
Maintenance has concluded. Some pages may load slowly as players return to the site. We will be monitoring throughout the day.
Undel - 2018-02-10 02:14:39
A reminder that Trickmurk Circus skin and accent contest closes a week earlier than usual: February 16th.
Mutron - 2018-02-08 07:38:20
Auction House search and Forum search have been restored.
Xhaztol - 2018-02-07 18:34:34
The Known Issues & Changelog thread has received a significant update with more known issues and reformatted to make it easier to read.