Skrymer's Lair

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Scene: Plaguebringer's Domain Entrance

After a difficult trek through the Abiding Boneyard, lost and parched, you finally glimpse something in the distance that could save you. On a closer look, it appears to be only a dragon skeleton, half-buried in the plagued sands. Disappointed and exhausted, you still advance towards it and to your surprise, the skeleton looms much farther away than you thought. It looks like you reached the Buried Wyrm clan.
This dragon is currently enjoying the company of a familiar.
This dragon is on a Coliseum team.
This dragon is currently listed in a Crossroads Trade.
This dragon is benefiting from the effects of eternal youth.
This dragon is an ancient breed.
This dragon is currently nesting.
This dragon is under the permanent effect of a Silhouette Scroll. A toggle on the dragon's profile allows swapping between the artwork poses available for the breed.