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Aequorin 2020-06-05 18:02:18
Undel 2020-06-04 23:42:53
Brightshine Jubilee, a festival honoring the light flight will begin on June 21, 2020. We're running a skin and accent contest for the event!
Aequorin 2020-06-03 10:32:18
A Letter To Our Community: On our upcoming 7th Anniversary Celebration and recent events in the wake of George Floyd's murder.
Xhaztol 2020-05-29 13:48:29
To facilitate our 7th Anniversary Celebration, we will be putting the site into scheduled maintenance at 06:00 Server Time on the morning of Monday, June 8th. During that time, Flight Rising will be inaccessible for play. We don't currently have an ETA on how long the maintenance will last.
Aequorin 2020-05-26 09:36:59
Dragon Share Theme Week: Greenskeeper Gathering!
Charcoal Tertiary+ 2500
Banescale Breed + 1250
Starmap Gene + 1250