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Kaepora 2021-06-22 00:03:37
It is now possible to view some of the most recent Game Database comments in a chronological list.
Aequorin 2021-06-17 11:20:28
Dragon Share Theme Week: Obelisk Dragons!
Undel 2021-06-17 09:48:02
For this year's Sunparched Prowl, you may find meat by performing a variety of site tasks! There is a new scene for this event. We will have a news post tomorrow, as our new breed launch is in the spotlight!
Aequorin 2021-06-17 07:03:06
The Sunparched Prowl has begun and runs until 06:00 server time on June 21, 2021!
Nightshade Secondary+ 2500
Fae Breed + 1250
Capsule Gene + 1250