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Undel 2022-07-07 00:47:37
The tenth annual Thundercrack Carnivale will begin on July 24th and we're running a skin and accent contest in celebration!
Aequorin 2022-07-06 12:44:55
Dragon Share Theme Week: Tertiary Gene Glimmer!
Mutron 2022-07-05 08:46:37
XP bars in Gathering, Baldwin's Bubbling Brew and Arlo's Ancient Artifacts have had minor visual updates to more closely match each other.
Undel 2022-06-30 10:36:51
Festival skin chests were in the scavenging pool until mid day on Tuesday rather than a digging pool. They have been returned to the digging pool and we will be awarding players 15 additional gathering turns at rollover tonight so that everyone will have all of Friday to use them.
Mutron 2022-06-28 09:21:12
Brightshine Jubilee skin chests were incorrectly dropping in Scavenging. This has been corrected so that they now drop in Digging.
Honeyroll's Chime - Lvl 1
Tan Tertiary+ 2500
Pearlcatcher Breed + 1250
Thylacine Gene + 1250