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Aequorin 2020-01-27 13:39:17
Dragon Share Theme Week: Crystalline Gala!
Xhaztol 2020-01-22 21:36:14
Don't forget! Foxrat familiars and Talonclasp necklaces cycle out of the Gem Marketplace on January 23, at 22:00 Server Time.
Aequorin 2020-01-22 08:57:42
We’ve identified the accounts affected by the bug that prevented free dragon energy refills for players returning after 45+ days. Impacted players have had their dragons’ energy topped off and have been granted two (2) days’ worth of Well Fed progress below their average clan energy bar.
Aequorin 2020-01-21 11:57:46
Dragon Share Theme Week: Random Progenitor!
Mutron 2020-01-21 10:24:43
A bug affecting free dragon energy refills for players returning after 45+ days has been fixed. Players that returned between 06:00 Server Time, yesterday, January 20 to 10:05 Server Time, today, January 21 may have been affected. We are currently working to identify a list of affected players based on our records.
Indigo Secondary+ 2500
Imperial Breed + 1250
Morph Gene + 1250