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Kaepora 2022-08-12 10:46:37
Based on player feedback, the link to the Dev Tracker is back in the sidebar.
Kaepora 2022-08-10 06:18:05
With the addition of the Grand Exchange to the sidebar, we have removed several links that are no longer in regular use: Dustcarve Dig, Media, and Dev Tracker. These sections can be accessed through other areas in the site.
Mutron 2022-08-10 05:51:41
Maintenance has concluded. Some pages may load slowly as players return to the site. We will be monitoring throughout the day.
Undel 2022-08-09 22:47:35
As the agility stat is and has been fundamentally flawed and un-fun, the agility of all enemies with high values in that stat has been reduced. We are putting a pin in this and will revisit agility someday™ in the future, at which time enemies will have agility reintroduced.
Xhaztol 2022-08-04 15:31:22
We will be performing scheduled maintenance at 05:30 server time on Wednesday, August 10 to facilitate launch activities for Warrior's Way and the Grand Exchange. During this time, Flight Rising will be unavailable to play.
SanSheen's Pine - Lvl 1
Lead Tertiary+ 2500
Snapper Breed + 1250
Fissure Gene + 1250