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[b][/b][center][url=][img][/img][/url] ------- [size=4][b]- Swipp's Swap Stand -[/b][/size][/center] ------ [quote="• Missing"] [center]COMPLETED [/quote]
- Swipp's Swap Stand -

[center][url=][img][/img][/url] ------- [size=4][b]- Hall of Fame -[/b][/size][/center] ------ [size=1][LIST] [*]27/03/2022 - Honorable mention for Mistral Jamboree! [*]19/02/2023 - Honorable mention for Trickmurk Circus! [*]23/07/2023 - My accent made it to the Thundercrack Festival! [*]28/02/2024 - I won a Plague Egg at Roundsey - my first prize! [/LIST][/size]
- Hall of Fame -

  • 27/03/2022 - Honorable mention for Mistral Jamboree!
  • 19/02/2023 - Honorable mention for Trickmurk Circus!
  • 23/07/2023 - My accent made it to the Thundercrack Festival!
  • 28/02/2024 - I won a Plague Egg at Roundsey - my first prize!
[center][url=][img][/img][/url] ------- [size=4][b]- The Final Countdown -[/b][/size][/center] ------- [center][quote=Sprites][columns][item=nature sprite][nextcol][size=1]didn't track :([nextcol][item=water sprite][nextcol][size=1]acquired on 08/02/24 (bought 4150g)[nextcol][item=wind sprite][nextcol][size=1]acquired on 16/02/24 (gifted by BlueLatios ♥)[/quote] [quote=Last achieved][columns][item=basalt eruption][nextcol][size=1]02/03/24 fiona[nextcol][item=deepwater traveller][nextcol][size=1]02/03/24 fiona[nextcol][item=maned cobra][nextcol][size=1]16/05/24 swip swap[/quote] [quote=Last missing][item=arcane sprite][item=bladebone goliath][item=bone fiend][item=boolean][item=cog frog][item=crowned roc][item=crystalhide jester][item=earth sprite][item=featherback boar][item=fire sprite][item=frost delver][item=golden bantam fangar][item=golden idol][item=golden roc][item=goldenbeast][item=hydra][item=ice sprite][item=leatherback wave sweeper][item=leatherwing boar][item=light sprite][item=lightning sprite][item=mantarune][item=overcharged silverbeast][item=plague sprite][item=rainbowbeast][item=Red-Footed Akirbeak][item=roc][item=rogue excavator][item=shadow sprite][item=skycat][item=stone borer][item=terror toad][/quote]
- The Final Countdown -

Sprites wrote:
Nature Sprite didn't track :( Water Sprite acquired on 08/02/24
(bought 4150g)
Wind Sprite acquired on 16/02/24
(gifted by BlueLatios ♥)

Last achieved wrote:
Basalt Eruption 02/03/24
Deepwater Traveller 02/03/24
Maned Cobra 16/05/24
swip swap
Last missing wrote:
Arcane Sprite Bladebone Goliath Bone Fiend Boolean Cog Frog Crowned Roc Crystalhide Jester Earth Sprite Featherback Boar Fire Sprite Frost Delver Golden Bantam Fangar Golden Idol Golden Roc Goldenbeast Hydra Ice Sprite Leatherback Wave Sweeper Leatherwing Boar Light Sprite Lightning Sprite Mantarune Overcharged Silverbeast Plague Sprite Rainbowbeast Red-Footed Akirbeak Roc Rogue Excavator Shadow Sprite Skycat Stone Borer Terror Toad
[center][url=][img][/img][/url] ------- [size=4][b]- Festival Chest Logs -[/b][/size][/center] ------- [center][quote=Greenskeeper Gathering 05/23][size=1][item=hummingbird's hymn chest]x8[item=goldlit chest]x5[item=mothborn chest]x4[item=scent of summer chest]x5 [item=king of the forest chest]x3[item=dragons and roses chest]x3[/quote] [quote=Brightshine Jubilee 06/23][size=1][item=storyteller's lantern chest]x2[item=first to shine chest]x2[item=phototactic chest]x2[item=sunbathing chest][item=sunburst prophet chest]x2[item=Weaver's Radiance Chest]x3[/quote] [quote=Thundercrack Carnivale 07/23][size=1][item=Free mech chest]x5[item=goldensparc timepiece chest]x4[item=copper shell chest]x2[item=fulgurite storms chest]x5[/quote] [quote=Flameforger's Festival 08/23][size=1][item=amplifire chest][item=dance like firefae chest]x3[item=copperforge decor chest]x2[item=lavaweave chest]x2[item=wake of ashes chest]x4[item=moth to flame chest]x4[item=blazing sight chest]x2[/quote] [quote=Starfall Celebration 09/23][size=1][item=stardust sightseer chest]x3[item=gilded orbits chest]x2[item=ad-rift chest]x2[item=starweaver chest][item=starchild chest]x2[/quote] [quote=Riot of Rot 10/23][size=1][item=stained mould chest]x9[item=vertebrae chest]x4[item=hellwell snaps chest]x2[item=festermane chest]x5 [item=blackfly chest]x3[item=hare of the bog chest][/quote] [quote=Rockbreaker's Ceremony 11/23][size=1][item=stone shed chest][item=diamonds in the veins chest][item=medusa's favorite chest]x3[item=even split chest]x3[item=crystal emergence chest][item=spiral history chest]x2[/quote] [quote=Night Of The Nocturne 12/23][size=1][item=unhatched nocturne egg]x121[/quote] [quote=Crystalline Gala 01/24][size=1][item=snowcladden giant chest]x2[item=snowy chase chest][item=wandering spirit chest][item=inner turmoil chest]x2[item=boreal gales chest][/quote] [quote=Trickmurk Circus 02/24][size=1][item=Murkmirth Nightscape chest][item=penumbral beast]x3[item=bound ilk chest]x2[item=night coat chest]x2[item=signs of mystery chest][/quote] [quote=Mistral Jamboree 03/24][size=1][item=hainu herder chest] (i really didn't try)[/quote] [quote=Wavecrest Saturnalia 04/24][size=1][item=coral weaver chest][item=kelphide lullaby chest][item=reef sniper chest]x3[item=oceanic fins chest]x3[item=magic coral chest]x2[/quote]
- Festival Chest Logs -

Greenskeeper Gathering 05/23 wrote:
Hummingbird's Hymn Chest x8 Goldlit Chest x5 Mothborn Chest x4 Scent of Summer Chest x5
King of the Forest Chest x3 Dragons and Roses Chest x3
Brightshine Jubilee 06/23 wrote:
Storyteller's Lantern Chest x2 First to Shine Chest x2 Phototactic Chest x2 Sunbathing Chest Sunburst Prophet Chest x2 Weaver's Radiance Chest x3
Thundercrack Carnivale 07/23 wrote:
Free Mech Chest x5 Goldensparc Timepiece Chest x4 Copper Shell Chest x2 Fulgurite Storms Chest x5
Flameforger's Festival 08/23 wrote:
Amplifire Chest Dance like Firefae Chest x3 Copperforge Decor Chest x2 Lavaweave Chest x2 Wake of Ashes Chest x4 Moth to Flame Chest x4 Blazing Sight Chest x2
Starfall Celebration 09/23 wrote:
Stardust Sightseer Chest x3 Gilded Orbits Chest x2 Ad-Rift Chest x2 Starweaver Chest Starchild Chest x2
Riot of Rot 10/23 wrote:
Stained Mould Chest x9 Vertebrae Chest x4 Hellwell Snaps Chest x2 Festermane Chest x5
Blackfly Chest x3 Hare of the Bog Chest
Rockbreaker's Ceremony 11/23 wrote:
Stone Shed Chest Diamonds in the Veins Chest Medusa's Favorite Chest x3 Even Split Chest x3 Crystal Emergence Chest Spiral History Chest x2
Night Of The Nocturne 12/23 wrote:
Unhatched Nocturne Egg x121
Crystalline Gala 01/24 wrote:
Snowcladden Giant Chest x2 Snowy Chase Chest Wandering Spirit Chest Inner Turmoil Chest x2 Boreal Gales Chest
Trickmurk Circus 02/24 wrote:
Murkmirth Nightscape Chest x3 Bound Ilk Chest x2 Night Coat Chest x2 Signs of Mystery Chest
Mistral Jamboree 03/24 wrote:
Hainu Herder Chest
(i really didn't try)
Wavecrest Saturnalia 04/24 wrote:
Coral Weaver Chest Kelphide Lullaby Chest Reef Sniper Chest x3 Oceanic Fins Chest x3 Magic Coral Chest x2
[center][url=][img][/img][/url] ------- [size=4][b]- [Time Will Tell] Challenge -[/b][/size][/center] ------- [quote=• Challenge Info][center][b]Dragon[/b]: [url=][img][/img][/url] [b]Date started[/b]: 10/01/2023 [b]Date finished[/b]: 15/01/2023 [b]Boss fights[/b]: 30 [b]Ending (yeti, egg, or 25?)[/b]: pacifist/egg[/quote] [quote=• Notable Loot][center][item=maned rasa][item=venerable shalebuck][item=Pebblehide stoat]x2[item=Shalebuck][item=wolpertinger][item=poultrygeist][item=elk][item=Snowy Owlynx][item=squall rasa] [item=berserker][item=scroll of renaming][item=unhatched plague egg][/quote] [quote=• Ending!][center][img][/img][/quote] ------- [center][size=2]second try[/size][/center] ------- [quote=• Challenge Info][center][b]Dragon[/b]: [url=][img][/img][/url] [b]Date started[/b]: 08/05/2023 [b]Date finished[/b]: 08/05/2023 [size=2](after, like... 10 minutes)[/size] [b]Boss fights[/b]: 3 [b]Ending (yeti, egg, or 25?)[/b]: neutral/yeti[/quote] [quote=• Notable Loot][center][item=coarsefur yeti] [size=2]litteraly nothing else[/quote] [quote=• Ending!][center][img][/img][/quote] ------- [size=2][i]Details for the challenge can be found [url=]here[/url]!
- [Time Will Tell] Challenge -

• Challenge Info wrote:
Dragon: 82007899.png
Date started: 10/01/2023
Date finished: 15/01/2023
Boss fights: 30
Ending (yeti, egg, or 25?): pacifist/egg
• Notable Loot wrote:
Maned Rasa Venerable Shalebuck Pebblehide Stoat x2 Shalebuck Wolpertinger Poultrygeist Elk Snowy Owlynx Squall Rasa
Berserker Scroll of Renaming Unhatched Plague Egg
• Ending! wrote:

second try

• Challenge Info wrote:
Dragon: 85366446.png
Date started: 08/05/2023
Date finished: 08/05/2023
(after, like... 10 minutes)
Boss fights: 3
Ending (yeti, egg, or 25?): neutral/yeti
• Notable Loot wrote:
Coarsefur Yeti
litteraly nothing else
• Ending! wrote:

Details for the challenge can be found here!
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