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TOPIC | Vista List/Guide (with Baldwin recipes!)
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Updated with [item=Vista: Pirate's Life]
Updated with
Vista: Pirate's Life
Updated with: [item=vista: forgotten cave II]
Updated with:
Vista: Forgotten Cave II
Updated with: [item=vista: cozy harvest]
Updated with:
Vista: Cozy Harvest
Updated with: [item=Vista: Veilspun Dragons]
Updated with:
Vista: Veilspun Dragons
thank you for this guide! @Forumsdackel new vistas: [item=vista: spidered seat][item=vista: tinkered clock][item=vista: broken mirror][item=vista: blighted pines][item=vista: corgi sploot][item=vista: avian anatomy][item=vista: starksand dunes]
thank you for this guide! @Forumsdackel

new vistas:
Vista: Spidered Seat Vista: Tinkered Clock Vista: Broken Mirror Vista: Blighted Pines Vista: Corgi Sploot Vista: Avian Anatomy Vista: Starksand Dunes
Updated with: [item=Vista: Broken Mirror] [item=Vista: Spidered Seat] [item=Vista: Tinkered Clock] [item=Vista: Corgi Sploot] [item=Vista: Blighted Pines] [item=Vista: Avian Anatomy] [item=Vista: Starksand Dunes] [item=Vista: Obelisk Dragons] [item=Vista: Broken Spear] [item=Vista: Practice Weapons] [item=Vista: Mire II] [item=Vista: Haunted Museum] [item=Vista: Thunder Lizards] [item=Vista: Sweetheart Rose] [item=Vista: Aberration Dragons] [item=Vista: Ancient Aerie] [item=Vista: Cartographer's Office][item=Vista: Battlefield]
Updated with:
Vista: Broken Mirror Vista: Spidered Seat Vista: Tinkered Clock Vista: Corgi Sploot Vista: Blighted Pines Vista: Avian Anatomy Vista: Starksand Dunes Vista: Obelisk Dragons Vista: Broken Spear Vista: Practice Weapons Vista: Mire II Vista: Haunted Museum Vista: Thunder Lizards Vista: Sweetheart Rose Vista: Aberration Dragons Vista: Ancient Aerie Vista: Cartographer's Office Vista: Battlefield
Updated with: [item=Vista: Drakeharvest][item=Vista: Treasure Map][item=Vista: Deepsea Dive][item=Vista: Undertide Dragons][item=Vista: Frigidfin Expedition][item=Vista: Steadfast Sweeper][item=Vista: Snarling Mimic][item=Vista: Transgender Ribbon][item=Vista: Demigirl Ribbon][item=Vista: Asexual Ribbon][item=Vista: Bisexual Ribbon][item=Vista: Genderfluid Ribbon][item=Vista: Lesbian Ribbon][item=Vista: Progress Ribbon][item=Vista: Rainbow Ribbon][item=Vista: Intersex Ribbon][item=Vista: Pansexual Ribbon][item=Vista: Nonbinary Ribbon][item=Vista: Aromantic Ribbon][item=Vista: Gay Ribbon][item=Vista: Demiboy Ribbon][item=Vista: Springswarm][item=Vista: Aether Dragons][item=Vista: Sunparched Prowl]
Updated with:
Vista: Drakeharvest Vista: Treasure Map Vista: Deepsea Dive Vista: Undertide Dragons Vista: Frigidfin Expedition Vista: Steadfast Sweeper Vista: Snarling Mimic Vista: Transgender Ribbon Vista: Demigirl Ribbon Vista: Asexual Ribbon Vista: Bisexual Ribbon Vista: Genderfluid Ribbon Vista: Lesbian Ribbon Vista: Progress Ribbon Vista: Rainbow Ribbon Vista: Intersex Ribbon Vista: Pansexual Ribbon Vista: Nonbinary Ribbon Vista: Aromantic Ribbon Vista: Gay Ribbon Vista: Demiboy Ribbon Vista: Springswarm Vista: Aether Dragons Vista: Sunparched Prowl
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