Antja (#8228027)
Level 18 Wildclaw
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Grey River Flight
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Energy: 2/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Ice.
Female Wildclaw
This dragon has recently returned from a Hibernal Den. It cannot hibernate again until Dec 01, 2021 08:40 (0 days).
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4.78 m
9.34 m
659.99 kg


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Nov 30, 2014
(7 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 18 Wildclaw
EXP: 4453 / 92435


Uh-oh, looks like this nosey girlclaw wandered a little too far from her lair (120165, LadySoren), and now she's off to see the world! If ever you feel the urge to exalt, she'd really appreciate it if you could just return her home to LadySoren instead, or to the 'Dragons Off To See The World' thread, here.

bio written by Minuute
There is an instinct in many dragons that guides them. It says such helpful things like “perhaps wandering into that dark cave at sundown is not a good idea”.

Antja doesn’t have that.

If curiosity was a dragon, then it was born a female wildclaw, who has caused the clan no amount of headaches by vanishing as a hatchling. Not every excursion has ended well, but as soon as she bounces back to her old self, she is more than willing to move on to the next adventure, unable or unwilling to pick up any common sense along the way.

Her taste for wandering is rivalled only by her taste for reading. Her absentmindedness can extend to this hobby of hers, as she devours so many books in a day that she may even forget to eat. She learned to read even before she could work, although if her parents hoped this would keep her confined to a library (and thus in one place), then they were sorely disappointed.

Her reading inspires her to learn many different things and master. That goes well with her wanderlust for she can learn many new things from new places.
She wrote a letter to her parents (Letters From Hatchlings: written by LadySoren) that you can read to learn more about her here:

Other owners I've had:
37257, Plusle (hatched here)
120165, LadySoren
12962, Zikul
(put your lair and username here )

Antja remains friends with Frenusi, The scary looking wildclaw who found her lost one day in the Shrieking Wilds. But alas, her wanderlust couldn't keep her from staying with them for very long. She learns of new subjects from the books that she reads and it inspires her to go out to learn to master it. She read a lot about surviving the wild and about traveling before she was ready to satisfy her wanderlust. Now she is ready to travel and find something else to learn and master!
The smouldering planes of the Ashfall Waste offered Antja an unorthodox greeting, as she ventured through the lands. Fire dragons looked at her from afar, but most of them seemed more prone to keep to themselves than to engage in any sort of social contact. Thus, the wildclaw was much delighted when she ran across a somewhat friendly clan, where a humming coatl took her aside and introduced her to a smaller trade area the clan had set up.

It was a strange place and although business was bustling, something about the entire construct felt eerie. She found herself amongst other travelers and visitors, who were fawning over fine armour and metal work.

On her second or third day, Antja ran into a small, yellow fae - or rather, the fae flew into her. The little creature barely made any sense, but seemed upset, insisting they had to leave. Not questioning this strange occurance, Antja hid the little ray of light in her plumes, and they both left together.
Many adventures, amazing and even terrible were had during Antja's travels with the fae. They eventually split up... Antja experienced life with other clans and learned many things. Unfortunately most of her experiences were quite terrible... One clan threatened to exalt her so she fled (Somebody found her in the AH and bought her to send her back to me)...She became lost in hatred. She wanted to conquer it. And she knew just the person to teach her... She came back to the Soren Clan to train under Frenusi and Peppin. She trained hard until she got to Level 17. Then she set off in search of opponents or other sparring partners.

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