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Personal Style


Woeful Footpads
Crimson Tail Bangle
Simple Pearly Bracelets
Woeful Gloves
Simple Pearly Wing Bangles
Teardrop Pastel Spinel Wing Loop
Teardrop Pastel Spinel Leg Band
Teardrop Pastel Spinel Earrings
Teardrop Pastel Spinel Armlet
Teardrop Pastel Spinel Tail Ring


Accent: Bogwyrm


Scene: Plaguebringer's Domain


6.03 m
5.84 m
618.61 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Sep 04, 2021
(2 years)



Eye Type

Special Eye Type
Level 17 Bogsneak
EXP: 33622 / 81619
Might Fragment
Might Fragment
Might Fragment



Clan of Outcasts

Contaminated Featherback Pelt
Slimy Tusk
Empty Zalis Nest
Discarded Nest Material

The Lair
The entrance to the Clan’s lair is little more than a hole in the ground, located near Quarantine Zone #128. It is guarded by three or four dragons at a time. These dragons do switch out often to keep well-rested, but there’s always at least one fully-leveled set of claws ready to Eliminate any trespassers.

The hole in the ground soon levels out and branches in many directions. Maps adorn the walls, but they are nearly indistinguishable to inexperienced eyes. Going beyond this point without a guide is not recommended.

In the deeper tunnels, the majority of the Clan is cloistered away. They don’t hunt, don’t eat, don’t interact. But many don’t hibernate, not truly. Here, dragons are dedicating all of their time and energy to whatever their individual craft is.

The Clan
The dragons in this Clan range from sweet and kind to downright bloodthirsty. There isn’t much of a hierarchy here, but the Clan is led by Twisted, with the support of the warrior Atrophy and the witch doctor Vykos. Beyond this, almost everyone is treated equally, with the exception of Nature dragons. These are usually given a bit of a wide berth, due to the Plague Clan’s innate distrust and hatred for the opposing Flight. Nature dragons often have to either prove their loyalty or show their power, but some dragons simply hide their eyes or even resort to changing their own eye color.

Plaguebringer Bone Scrimshaw
Singed Webbing
Since the Clan of Outcasts is so large, housing above four hundred dragons, whole-Clan gatherings are rare. As a result, no dragon knows every other dragon in the Clan. Some become friendly with their “neighbors” (i.e., those who live in nearby caverns). Most dragons memorize the route from their nesting cavern to an exit, but not much more. As a result, dragons along that route tend to become familiar with each other.

Battle against other Clans is a last resort. Instead, many dragons simply attack a certain individual that had hurt them. Though most use poisons or illnesses, there are also several mercenaries and assassins in the Clan. On the other hand, battle against Beastclans is always an option, one that many resort to to satisfy their anger, and to gather items and food for the Clan. Inermik decides where the team battles every day.


Venomous Fly
Diseased Fungus
This Clan is full of Plague-following dragons who adamantly deny any love for the Nature flight. As a result, many dragons who eat plants refuse to do so, opting for other food groups instead. Herbivores, like Tundras, stick to fungi. Poisonous plants are considered an exception, so nobody questions a Clanmate when they're spotted chowing down on a bowl of poison ivy.

Like most of Sornieth, dragons here usually use treasure or gems as currency. All-Seeing Shrooms are also traded between Clanmates and are considered the most precious currency. Aside from these, food, items, and even favors are often used in a sort of barter system.

Gilded Decorative Chest
All-Seeing Shroom

Long Form Poetry
Intact Parchment
Scroll of Renaming
The Law
There isn’t an official justice system, but several vigilantes prowl the caverns. They’re often called upon to punish those who’ve done wrong. Revenge is a commonly accepted form of justice, but having a vigilante step in can help keep revenge from spiraling out of control.

Rules are very relaxed, and they vary from dragon to dragon, but there is a bit of an honor code here. Since most of the Clan is made up of the exiled and abandoned, banishment is rarely used as punishment. The only exceptions to this are those who murder a Clanmate or murder/intentionally infect a hatchling or forever-young. These are considered horrible crimes by most of the Clan, and result in immediate expulsion.

Dragons of this Clan usually choose a familiar that matches their colors, or that helps with their profession.
As you’ve probably presumed by now, Nature familiars are not common familiars in this Clan. Not only are they a representation of the Flight’s number-one enemy, but they also don’t do well in the Scarred Wasteland and often fall ill. On the other hand, Plague familiars—especially familiars from the Riot of Rot—are a favorite among the Clan.

Most dragons choose to bond with a certain familiar for one of three reasons:

1) The bond itself. The bond with that certain familiar is particularly special. Condor, for example, always stays close to his flock. This may seem like the most obvious reason to keep a certain familiar around, but friendly connections are often difficult or impossible for dragons who’ve grown up with lies and mistrust being a staple of their lives. Every outcast in this Clan has lost everything at least once, and many hesitate to make a bond that they’re afraid will be broken.

2) Companionship. Though many of the dragons in this Clan hesitate to form close bonds, social interaction remains a basic necessity. Many who stay in the deeper tunnels of the Clan are naturally separated from everyone else. Many hatchlings in the Nursery keep a familiar nearby, even though they’re all together in one chaotic cavern.

3) Aesthetics. Though it may be seen as shallow, some dragons just look good with a certain familiar. However, this is usually just an excuse used by dragons who are genuinely attached to their familiars, but they don’t want to be seen as “soft” or “weak”.

Deadland Disciple
Warped Gryphon
Blight Nymph
Bone Fiend
Infestation Hound
Plague Sprite
Malevolent Spirit
Cinnabar Plaguebringer
Acid Ant
All-Seeing Eye
Contaminated Ambassador
Empty Inkwell
Analogous Pigment Blend
Many of the Clan’s members have at least one portrait of themselves hung in their personal cavern, usually as a marker of sorts. Dragons with more art are considered more ingrained in the Clan, and therefore are seen as more important. Nature dragons with lots of art seem to be trusted more easily than those without.

All Above Lore by @Bibbit


Vial of Disjointed Sight
Made by @Bibbit with Picrew
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