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Hatchling dragons cannot wear apparel.



1.13 m
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16.94 kg


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Feb 25, 2021
(1 year)



Eye Type

Special Eye Type
Level 1 Skydancer
EXP: 0 / 245




  • none


Zuri is a dragon you never forget. To befriend her is a challenge, as she doesn't like meeting anyone new to her. To keep up with her, is an even harder challenge. She radiates chaos, with a short attention span and words constantly flooding from her mouth. She isn't evil, but she isn't good either.

Zuri is immortal, she was born on the full moon and day of the solar eclipse, giving her arcane abilities. It also caused her to never age, a sign of eternal youth.
Her mind is half mature, and she stays at the age of thirteen forever.
She can make portals and teleport, making it practically impossible to capture her, as Vulture wants.
Zuri can change her eye type because of a mutation, and can breath underwater dispite being a fire dragon due to her being a Pisces.
She’s very spunky and chaotic, and is the fastest of all the hatchlings!
Her mother owns a Bakery, and she gets to eat there for free, since she’s family. Her twin sister who lives in arcane sometimes comes over, when she’s not tending to the library!
Zuri can jump into a volcano, and it is impossible to kill her. Knifes just go through her, any wounds heal instantly, strangling won’t work either. She’ll be fine in an explosion, and will probably exist until the end of the world, but she’ll probably live through that two, somehow.
Zuri can tell other dragons emotions by using her antennae,and can even view the levels of them.
She can also show her own emotions by using her gem,since it changes color.
The Flamecaller is on her side, and they often have lovely secret chats together.

Zuri sneaked past the guards, past the other dragons. She saw a dark figure talking to a small skydancer, about ten years of age.
She got closer, quickly changing her eyes to rare. She hovered above them, soundlessly.
“Listen. Starr, you’re named after a merciless killer. Isn’t that great? Join me. Join me and you’ll be able to become the next Starr.” The dark figure said.Zuri recognized the voice, it was Vulture!
A small voice spoke up, it was Starr.”Uhh, No.”She said.

Zuri looked out the window, it was several years after that happened,but she was still thirteen years old somehow. Mystic poked her. ”What were Vulture’s last words again, Zuri?” He asked.
Zuri looked him in the eye. ”The sky have declared war on me, I shall not surrender.”
She smiled. ”Those were her last words.” What great fun was getting revenge on her, saving the clan once again. Mystic grabbed her, and took off. Zuri flew besides him.

“Hey.” Zuri spun around and saw a painfully bright fae. “We’ve done more tests, the elemental magic seems stronger at the nesting grounds!” Zuri sighed.” Neon, I think that’s normal for a nesting ground. Where do you think fire eyes come from?” Zuri stepped away. ”But miss, it’s getting stronger by day, to the point of exploding!” Her eyes widened. ”I’ll tell Maru and Opal.” She ran off.

She ran-flew over to Opal. Zuri hovered above his snout to catch Opal’s attention.
When she did,she screamed at the top of her lungs.
Opal looked worried, and ran off to tell Leoneko while Zuri flew at top-speed to Maru.
After screaming about the news, she added softly, “And don’t ring the bells or play the music, for things that never die are immortals, ghosts and earworms. They cause stress to the parents.”

Zuri looked out the window, enjoying the sunset while she could.
For two reasons, she wouldn’t be able to look at it much longer today, one of them was that Bumble Stew ma was preparing was almost done, the second reason was well, the sun has to set. That’s just how it was.
After dinner the Alloy Talon family were planning to leave an arcane baker in charge of the Bogsnek Bakery, so Ma could take a break and enjoy Flameforger’s with her family.
Zuri was very excited for Bumble Stew, her favorite dish!
Today will be wonderful.. Zuri stopped daydreaming for a moment, and in that moment Pa was calling her for dinner.

She jumped off the windowsill, her gem glowed bright orange. Excellent was coming over today to celebrate! Zuri flew down the stairs, the gem on her forehead glowed bright red. Zuri’s shenanigans were to come today, perhaps ringing the bells using telekinesis? Making a portal and snatching a bush? Or maybe even turning the gate to Inky Flame solid gold instead of bronze for a day!
The bells rang loud and clear, and Zuri was not the one to cause it.
It meant that an arcane member was to coming into Inky Flame. Zuri knew exactly who that was, since at that very moment the door swug open and in came a purple Bogsnek!
“Sis!!” Shouted Excellent, embracing Zuri in her rune-covered paws. “Excellent! Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi!!” Zuri vibrated with excitement, screaming. Then she asked “Do you have a boyfriend yet?Huh Huh Huh Huh?”
Excellent blushed, her nose turning slightly red. “Nope, not yet Zuri!” She winked.
It was hard to tell that they were twins,since Excellent was bigger by three foot, and Zuri acted a lot more childish. Zuri smiled. “You just don’t know how to flirt properly!” She joked. “Hey!” Excellent giggled. “It’s quite hard to tell wether you’re thirteen or fifteen, you clever rascal!” Zuri stuffed her mouth with Stew. ”Nope,still thirteen!”

After they all had dinner, they all headed out onto the Tree of Flame. There they got an amazing view of the market place. Zuri waved at a rather shiny-looking skydancer. He waved back.
Suddenly, shouts of “Happy Flameforger’s Festival” grew louder and louder, to the point that Zuri’s ears started ringing. “The voices are to loud for my beautiful ears, I’m going to faint!” Zuri acted like a very dramatic dragon, they all laughed and Zuri’s tail, a fun tradition that all fire dragons had.
Zuri changed her eyes to primal to match.
The night was amazing.

Zuri walked along the volcanos, enjoying the heat coming from the magma within. She looked quite odd, her eyes looked just like obsidian at that moment. She walked along the cliff edge, but a twig got in her foot’s way. She tripped and fell off, a clan member noticed and continued flying past while a newcomer panicked about Zuri.
Zuri fell onto the ground. “Was that supposed to hurt?”She asked, but the fae was already flying back to Maru to tell her. “Prepare the shovel and gravestone!” He shouted. Maru looked up at him with her saucer stare. “Why?” She asked calmly.
The fae looked very confused. “A hatchling fell off the cliff and died!”
Maru’s tail quivered. “How did the hatchling look like?” She asked.
“Well,it’s a purple hatchling with shadow rare eyes and starry wings!A skydancer!” The fae yelled.
“Shadow eyes?Are you talking about Ochid,but his eyes are uncommon and he’s thirty-seven years old and has a wife!” Maru squinted.
The fae shook his head.”No! She’s probably smaller than your husband! And he’s a fae!” The fae’s fins vibrated in fear.
“Oh!That’s Zuri,isn’t she lovely?” Maru smiled. The fae looked at her. “You mean she was lovely, she’s dead.” He said grimly.
Maru laughed. “That’s a good one, Starlight, tell me more!” Her tail shook, covering the fae in fire-orange fur.
“I’m serious, I’m going to bring the her over!” The fae said angrily. “Good luck, she bites!” Maru shouted after him.
A few minutes later, Maru heard screams of “GET IT OFF ME GETITOFFGETITOFAAAAAAAAAAAA” She cracked up as the fae came back in. He wiggled and squirmed as Zuri sat on his head and yelled “ONWARD, LOYAL STEED!”
She waved a small purple flag with two yellow circles on it. “WE SHALL GO INTO BATTLE!” She grinned as she jumped off Starlight’s head. Her teeth looked sharp as knifes, perfect for munching on crunchy roasted bumble wings that Zuri made herself, using her fiery breath.
She smiled. “This fool here thought I’m dead!”
She glanced at Maru. “Falling may be quick,but life is far to long for stupid things like dying!”

A few years ago, there were two friends, one plague, one fire. The plague dragon’s name was Vulture, she and Zuri were the bestest of friends, they would go any length to be together. Vulture was charmed by Zuri’s abilities, especially when her eyes changed to primal.

When Vulture grew up, she became the plague ambassador, she became twisted by pride and vanity. Zuri got angry, and cut her neck, seeing red.

I had a friend..

Vulture threw Zuri onto a rock.

Zuri bled out for two seconds, before the blood faded away and the wound disappeared..

She will pay..

Zuri, Sorbet, and Tango were all playing on the pathways, when Tango said, “Did you know I have a little sister?”

Zuri smiled. “No, what’s her name?”

“Thunder, she’s a tundra who has lightning abilities.”

“Nice! She seems really cute, can we see her?” Sorbet looked up at Tango.

Tango stood up. “Maybe, I could ask my ma, but first, let’s dance!”

They danced for ten minutes, Sorbet singing wonderful coatl music.

“I think we should go inside now, Sorbet is starting to melt.” Zuri glanced at Sorbet.

“What even is Sorbet? Not to be rude or anything.” Asked Tango.

“I’m actually not a dragon. I’m a strawberry smoothie which was enchanted.” Sorbet grumbled. “I don’t like talking about it.”

Tango smiled. “It’s ok! I’m going to go ask ma.” She ran off towards a sparkly mirror who sat on a bench nearby.

A few minutes later, she ran back. “She said yes! Let’s go to my house!”

“Sounds great!” Zuri smiled.

“Yay!” Said Sorbet, molding the dessert back into place.

Later at Tango’s house, they played with Thunder, who then went to sleep. They played tag afterwards, and Zuri was it.

“Where is she?” Sorbet panted as they skidded across the floor.

Tango suddenly froze.

“What’s wrong?” Asked Sorbet slowly.

“What ever you do, don’t look back.”

Tango looked back. Nothing.

“I thought you would say that Zuri was following us, Sorbet!”

“Isn’t that the point of the game?” A voice said above them.

“ABOVE YOU!” Tango warned Sorbet, but it was too late, Zuri has already jumped from the ceiling, and brushed her tail against Sorbet.

“Catch me, Sorbet!” She called after the coatl.

Sorbet ran off in pursuit of Zuri while Tango stood there, shocked at the thirteen year old’s speed.





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