Level 25 Imperial
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Fluorite Windsinger
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Energy: 48/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Wind.
Male Imperial
This dragon is on a Coliseum team.
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Personal Style


Veteran's Eye Scar
Veteran's Shoulder Scars
Veteran's Leg Scars
Unlucky Presence
Bloody Wing Bandages
Woeful Vial
Bloody Arm Bandages
Bloody Tail Bandage
Bloody Neck Bandage


Skin: Featherback Savant


Scene: Mire


23.2 m
19.81 m
6987.79 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Sep 23, 2014
(9 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 25 Imperial
Max Level


Art by artimator
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Coli drop skins:
Not updated with newer skins in a long time

Training Fields_______COMPLETE
Skin: Amaranth Moth
Accent: Bumble
___Accent: Coral Carpenter
Skin: Crimson Emperor (Fae)
Skin: Dark Sparrowmouse
___Skin: Deaths-Head Stag
Skin: Embermouse
Skin: Emerald Webwing
Skin: Leafy Moth
Skin: Ruby Webwing
Accent: Crimson Emperor (Coatl)
Skin: Glowing Pocket Mouse
Skin: Luna Mith
Skin: Webwing Alpha

Woodland Path
___Skin: Bamboo Phytocat
Skin: Basilisk(Skydancer )
___Skin: Basilisk (Tundra)
Skin: Grouse Basilisk
Skin: Blooming Strangler
Skin: Bluefin Charger
Skin: Clown Charger
Skin: Cockatrice
Skin: Dryad
Accent: Janus Trap (Pearlcatcher)
Accent: Janus Trap (Tundra)
Skin: Sakura Owl
Skin: Strangler
Skin: Wildwood Owl

Scorched Forest
___Accent: Centaur Archer
___Skin: Augite Protector (Coatl)
___Accent: Augite Protector(Guardian)
___Skin: Banded Owlcat (Imperials)
Accent: Banded Owlcat (Guardians)
___Skin: Crowned Bone Priest (Imperials)
___Accent: Crowned Bonepriest (Imperials)
___Skin: Extinguished Jackalope
Accent: Moss-Covered Golem
___Skin: Painted Tundra
___Skin: Rambra
___Skin: Redwinged Owlcat
___Skin: Scorched Forest (Wildclaw)
Skin: Searing Jackalope
Skin: Smoke Gyre (Wildclaw)
Skin: Smoke Gyre (Coatl)
___Skin: Steam Gyre
Skin: Umberhorn Qiriq
Skin: Wintermane Spearman
___Skin: Zeeba

Sandswept Delta
Accent: Carmine Serthis
___Skin: Fuiran
Skin: Greatshell
Skin: Hydra Scales
Accent: Iridescent Scaleback
Skin: Iridescent Scaleback (Nocturnes)
Skin: Nightsky Fuiran
Skin: Peacock Scorpion
___Skin: Peacock Scorpion (Nocturne)
Skin: Shadow Serpent
Skin: Shadowed Serpent
Skin: Shattered Serpent
Accent: Storm Seeker

Blooming Grove
Accent: Myosotis Fox
Accent: Petalmane Floron
Accent: Rosaline Strangler
Accent: Flowering Pohip
Accent: Terra Tortoise
Accent: Venomtooth Pilco
Accent: Maned Cerdae
Accent: Sunbeam Dryad
Accent: Wood Ear Deer
Accent: Mossy Pohip
Accent: White Rot Deer
Skin: Flora Cerdae
Skin: Alstroemeria Fox
Skin: Palefoot Tadhop
Skin: Ruffletail Tadhop

Forgotten Cave
Skin: Ancient Fungus
___Skin: Blue Dragon Snail
Skin: Bramble Guardian
Skin: Citrine Cave Jewel (Tundra)
Skin:Citrine Cave Jewel (Snapper)
Accent: Corpse Cleaner
Skin: Crimson Reef Snail
Skin: Cursed Bat
___Skin: Deepmine Aardvark
___Accent: Deepmine Aardvark (Wildclaw)
Skin: Dwarf Truffle
Skin: Emerald Cave Jewel
Skin: Parasitic Fungus
Accent: Peacevine Aardvark
Skin: Runic Bat
Accent: Runic Bat (Nocturne)

Bamboo Falls
Skin: Umbra Wolf
___Skin: Trick of the Light
Accent: Trick of the Light (Imperial)
Skin: Tengu
Skin: Raptorik Warrior (Skydancer F)
Accent: Gale Wolf
Skin: Fungalhoof Qiriq
Accent: Dreameater
___Skin: Baku
___Skin: Red-Breasted Hainu
Skin: Hainu
Skin: Ethereal Trickster
Skin: Dreameater
Skin: Bamboo Falls

Skin: Blacktalon Striker
___Skin: Mantled Foo (Tundra)
Accent: Mantled Foo (Imperial)
___Skin: Raptorik Warrior (Skydancer M)
___Skin: Tigerblood Foo (Tundra)
___Skin: Tigerblood Foo (Imperial M)
Accent: Tigerblood Foo (Imperial F)

Redrock Cove
Skin: Dainty Wavehopper (Coatl)
Skin: DaintyWavehopper (Skydancer)
___Accent: Deeprealm Hunter ;-; Gift in Chest from Myth&Azurys
Accent: Highfin Sea Serpent (Bogsneak)
Skin: Highfin Sea Serpent (Spiral)
Accent: Igueel Matriarch
___Skin: Leopard Coralclimber
Accent: Mirage Puffer
___Skin: Noxious Coralclimber
Skin: Oceansurf Magus (Bogsneak)
Accent: Oceansurf Magus (Skydancer)
___Skin: Redrock Cove
Skin: Redrock Keeper
Accent: Sandshore Snipper
Skin: Spiney Whale (Imperial)
Skin: SpineyWhale (Bogsneak)
Skin: Surf Strider
Skin: Toxic Igueel
Skin: Tradewinds Gull
Skin: Vivid Wavehopper

Skin: Shale Thresher (Nocturne)
Skin: Grey River Flight
Skin: Granite Thresher
Accent: Goldfin River Flight
___Skin: Everglade Lasher(Coatl)
Skin: Cumulus Seal
Skin: Sunset Lasher
Skin: Shale Thresher (Mirror)
Skin: Scarlet Flycatcher
Skin: Rainbow Sprite
Skin: Radioactive Slime
___Skin: Greater Sandstrike
Skin: Everglade Lasher
Skin: Brown River Flight
Accent: Fanrat
Skin: Silky Fanrat
Accent: Maren Shark Hunter (Guardians)
Accent: Radioactive Slime
Skin: Maren Shark Hunter(Pearlcatcher)
___Skin: Shale Thresher(Guardian)
___Skin: ShaleThresher(Mirror)
Skin: Sewer Toridae
Skin: Rat King

Accent: Longneck Gladiator (Guardian Female)
Accent: Armored Greatowl (Tundra Female)
Accent: Chimera (Tundra Male)
Accent: Ashmane Chimera (Gaoler Female)
Accent: Bengal Chimera (Gaoler Male)
Accent: Greenwing Razorclaw (Banescale Female)
Accent: Raptorik Ringmaster (Skydancer Male)
Accent: Featherback Boar (Bogsneak Female)
Accent: Spellwall Boran (Bogsneak Female)
Accent: Undying Featherback (Coatl Male)
Skin: Double-Tailed Warcat (Guardian Female)
Skin: Longneck Magi (Guardian Female)
Skin: Warcat Protector (Guardian Male)
Skin: Marshland Poodle Mith (Tundra Male)
___Skin: Celestial Antelope (Skydancer Female)
Skin: Raptorik Bladedancer (Skydancer Female)
Skin: Longneck Skirmisher (Nocturne Female)
Skin: Chimera (Imperial Female)
Skin: Silver Springbok (Imperial Male)
Skin: Goldenplains Poodle Mith

Volcanic Vents
Accent: Flamerest Fiendcat Tundra Female
Accent: Ashscale Ophiotaurus Banescale Female
Accent: Hydra Banescale Female
Accent: Dreadram Ridgeback Female
Accent: Firebelly Weaver Bogsneak Female
Accent: Spectral Duskflapper Nocturne Female
Accent: Nightfall Imp Coatl Male
Accent: Basalt Venthop Wildclaw Male
Skin: Ghost Manticore Gaoler Female
Skin: Firemane Manticore Gaoler Male
Skin: Ultraram Banescale Female
Skin: Flamescale Illusionist Spiral Female
Skin: Magma Runner Skydancer Female
Skin: Stormcloud Harpy Skydancer Female

Rainsong Jungle

___Accent: Barkback Boar (Snapper)
Accent: Protomanticore
Accent: Overcharged Silverbeast
Accent: Goldenbeast

Skin: Barkback Boar (Skydancer)
___Skin: Budwing Morpho
Skin: Clown Hippocampus (Ridgeback)
Skin: Clown Hippocampus (Bogsneak)
Skin: Deadwood Boar
___Skin: Hippocampus (Spiral)
Skin: King Parda (Coatl)
Skin: King Parda (Imperial)
Skin: Manticore Screamer
Skin: Paradise Zalis
Skin: Parda
Skin: Petal Jumper (Fae)
___Skin: Petal Jumper (Coatl)
Skin: Ringlet Amphithere
Skin: Ultramel Amphithere (Coatl)
Skin: Ultramel Amphithere (Spiral)
Skin: Zalis

Above updated

Boreal Wood______________COMPLETE
___Accent: Coarsefur Yeti
Skin: Woodland Turkey
Skin: Permafrost Impaler
Skin: Nochnyr
Skin: Black Wolf
Skin: Venerable Shalebuck
Skin: Shalebuck
Skin: Poultrygeist
Skin: Meditate
Skin: Boreal Wood

Crystal Pools
Accent: Amber Gulper (Guardian)
Accent: Amber Gulper (Ridgeback)
Skin: Amber Gulper (Spiral)
Skin: Apatite Fisher
Skin: Arctic Hippalectryon
Accent: Chalcedony Snipper
Skin: Clearwater Oracle
Skin: Crystal Pools
Skin: Crystalhide Jester
Skin: Crystaplate Stinger
Accent: Hippalectryon
Accent: Maren Warlock (Tundra)
Accent: Stonewatch Prince
Skin: Maren Warlock (Imperial)
Skin: Sparkling Stinger

Harpy's Roost
Accent: Stonewatch Harpy
Skin: Stonewatch Harpy (Fae)
Skin: Hooded Dodo
Skin: Dodo
Skin: Brush Dodo
___Skin: Sunspot Clouddancer (Pearlcatcher)
Skin: Snow Streak
Skin: Renegade Aviar
Skin: Clouddancer (Tundra)
Skin: Bluemoon Aviar

Accent: Clouddancer (Skydancer)
Skin: Crowned Roc
Accent: Death Seeker
Skin: Roc
Skin: Sunspot Clouddancer (Coatl)

Ghostlight Ruins
Accent: Aer Phantom
Skin: Disoriented Spirit
Accent: Lux Spectre (Guardian)
Accent: Ghostlight Ruins
Accent: Lux Spectre (Nocturne)
Skin: Malevolent Spirit (Guardian)
Accent: Malevolent Spirit (Pearlcatcher)
Skin: Nightmare
Accent: Otherworldly Aura
Skin: Pronghorn Stomper
Skin: Tatterwing Carcass
Skin: Wendigo
Accent: Tengu Caller
Accent: Wraith Hound

Mire_____________________COMPLETE NEW
___Skin: Mistwatch Shellion
___Skin: Blackwing Croaker
Skin: Poisonous Toridae
___Skin: Scythe Kamaitachi
Skin: Salve Kamaitachi
Skin: Psywurm
___Skin: Heartred Croaker
Skin: Mire

___Skin: Brilliant Psywurm (Skydancer)
___Skin: Brilliant Psywurm (Imperial)
Skin: Molten Wartoad
Skin: Mossy Cerdae
Skin: Shellion
Accent: Wetland Unicorn (Imperial)
Skin: Wetland Unicorn (Pearlcatcher)

Kelp Beds______________COMPLETE NEW
Skin: Octoflyer
Skin: Maren Wavesinger
___Accent: Maren Warrior
___Skin: Kelp Tender
Accent: Kelp Beds
Skin: Jeweled Octoflyer
Accent: Golden Porpoise
___Skin: Cloud Chaser
Skin: Abyss Striker

Accent: Abyss Striker (Coatl)

___Skin: Corrosive Depin
___Accent: Depin (Mirror)
Skin: Depin (Fae)
___Skin: Mammertee
Accent: Mantarune (Nocturne)
Skin: Mantarune (Spiral)

Golem Workshop
Accent: Black Iron Creeper
Accent: Construction Mith
Accent: Frost Delver
Accent: Spellbound Golem (Pearlcatcher)
Skin: Spellbound Golem (Snapper)
Accent: Steelhound (Wildclaw)
___Skin: Steelhound (Ridgeback)
Skin: Swift Volt

Skin: Coppercoil Creeper (Mirror)
Accent: Coppercoil Creeper (Pearlcatche)r
Accent: Scrapmetal Tracker
Accent: Sentinel Mith

strikethrough = Skin
_____Skin:... =Crate
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