I can't seem to change; even as the world around me does.
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Time Devourer
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Energy: 47/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Plague.
Male Skydancer
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Personal Style


Temporary Timepiece
Ravenskull Broadsword
Bleak Birdskull Headdress
Obsidian Roundhorn
Echo Eater Flightshroud
Echo Eater Tasset
Echo Eater Grimplate
Bewitching Ruby Pendants
Echo Eater Forecallouses
Inkwell Feathered Wings
Echo Eater Tailspine
Bewitching Ruby Taildecor
Glowing Red Clawtips
Inkwell Tail Feathers



Scene: Titan's Fall


4.14 m
5.12 m
826.26 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Jul 04, 2020
(3 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 25 Skydancer
Max Level
Prismatic Meditate



he/him or they/them | god of death
impartial - withdrawn - lazy

If it gives you any comfort, everything is destined to end.

-Literally Death, the one and only. In charge of managing the death of all things, as well as...correcting any anomalies. Very quietly menacing despite his personality not being all that menacing, honestly. People are just naturally afraid of death.
-Thanatos is part of a trio, and while he's mostly known for being the Primordial of Death, his lesser roles include order, time and truth - among many other things.
-Has a different form for each world, but it usually includes some birdlike features.
-His base form is a slender man of unknown age, tanned, with the lower legs of a bird and large black wings. Thanato's face is also usually covered with the skull (of a deer), since others seem to get bothered by the way they can't exactly describe his face besides his eyes. His eyes - no matter what form, are gold.
-Generally gives off the vibe of being a bit...old-fashioned?
-Can fragment himself to be in multiple places. Each fragment is simultaneously controlled by him. Sometimes, he loses control of these fragments though; whether on purpose or by accident, and they gain a life of their own. He can still see through their eyes though, and retake control if he ever wants to. When possessing a fragment, their eyes turn the same color as his origin form's.
-A fragment of him was killed and the core fused with a minor deity named Carolus. The minor deity doesn't know it, but Thanatos can spectate them anywhere at anytime.
-Thought about retrieving that piece of him, but decided it was more entertaining (and he'd have less work to do) if he didn't.
-Taking a name gave Thanatos more control over himself, and was the reason he was able to stabilize himself enough to split into many pieces without losing control over his sense of self.
-Probably says something about him that he chose this name considering it's ties.
-Is a bit creeped out by Athanasios' obsession with him and has taken to avoiding them. (Also he's not ready to see the corpse of his dead friend being piloted around by something else. He worries he'll do something unnecessary).
-Doesn't actually reap any souls himself - he has minions for that now, but will personally interfere when the natural process of death is being broken or tampered with. He doesn't mess with matters related to necromancy as that's unnatural yes, but also not really that harmful in the grand scheme of things since he still gets their souls. Basically, he's very lazy and not paid well enough (or at all) to deal with anything that doesn't directly affect the universe.
-Fated to one day reap the other gods at the end of the world. He's not really looking forward to it, though that won't stop him from doing his job.
-Likes frogs, tea and being as far away from Athanasios as physically possible
-Knew Wyrden which contributes to Athanasios making their metaphorical skin crawl.
-Lazy lawful neutral vibes.
-His main "self" seems to get more and more sluggish the more he fragments himself. Wyrden used to worry Thanatos would end up like Life; who no longer has a name nor a form. Wyrden's no longer around to worry about him, though.
-Sacred animal is surprisingly not birds, but instead moths. Specifically Death's-head Hawkmoths.

"Unlike humans, we were born into our roles. We could as much change our natures as a leopard could change its spots.
That's the difference between something like me and you. You have the capacity to change; I don't have that luxury."

God Hierarchy, as told by the Divine Scribe

Primordials: The Creator of the universe, and their counterpart. They existed before time and will continue to exist after time itself ends.

Primals: Born into their roles, their cores are immutable. Not necessarily stronger than Gods, but they have the ability to roam the universe, and are not bound by the rules of Faith like the others. Their strength is stable, and do not change either positively or negatively. They are the highest ranking God of their respective domains, and as such the ones held liable if anything goes wrong.

Gods: Born into their roles, their cores are supposedly immutable. They are usually bound to one specific galaxy or planet; and they require worship, fear, or attention from the mortals to survive. With more followers, they gain more power. They tend to be unchanging, but any major changes will create cracks in their core.

Deities: Beings that were not born a God, but turned into one through the absorption of a core, passing a trial, gaining enough strength; or in certain circumstances changed specifically by the Creator; though he does not meddle much. Their cores are more flexible, and due to this are treated like "wild cards" by true Gods. They're weaker than Gods though, and only have the ability to "govern" rather than create. They have the choice to fully merge with their core to become a true God, though most don't survive this. They are not as heavily affected by lack of faith.

Demigods: Demigods is the broad term for either beings on the path of becoming a God, a chosen one; or simply a child born from a God and a mortal. Mortal descendants of the Gods are more plentiful than you'd think, and not that important or worthy of as much attention and respect as they tend to get.
Children of Gods usually only inherit one aspect of their divine parents, since their mortal bodies can't handle any more divine traits. Maybe they have a resistance to heat, or the power to talk to animals, or maybe even just an interesting hair color.
Beings that are almost on the level of becoming a God though, now those...those are interesting.

-Rules of Faith refers to how Gods require faith of some kind or another to survive.
-All Gods do not actually die when mortally wounded. Their physical bodies aren't required, after all. Their true form is their Core, and that is indestructible by mortal means. Tol and Thanatos have the ability to destroy those, but this is something that can't be replicated by humans. Now, that isn't to say there aren't any other ways to destroy a Core, but we shouldn't talk about those.
-While all types of Gods are referred to as Gods, they do have a hierarchy of sorts. Usually, humans aren't interested in the differences though.


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Exalting Thanatos to the service of the Plaguebringer will remove them from your lair forever. They will leave behind a small sum of riches that they have accumulated. This action is irreversible.

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