Eryena (#60985411)
Level 1 Banescale
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Longwing Epiptite
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Energy: 49/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Ice.
Female Banescale
This dragon is an ancient breed.
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Personal Style

Ancient dragons cannot wear apparel.




4.43 m
6.1 m
447.22 kg


Primary Gene
Ragged (Banescale)
Ragged (Banescale)
Secondary Gene
Tear (Banescale)
Tear (Banescale)
Tertiary Gene
Skeletal (Banescale)
Skeletal (Banescale)


Apr 28, 2020
(2 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 1 Banescale
EXP: 0 / 245




  • none




??? Order
Weary • Quiet • Observer

"One of our prisoners has escaped!"

"Who was it?!"

"A treacherous Banescale! Do not let her escape! Her kind has not paid the price for the losses of our brethren!"

Talons thump against the ground. Eryena peeked out warily from the corner.

Was it so bad? She reflected. Her kind was only defending against these Gaolers. It was not their fault. But she had enough of her time in the small miserable cell. She did not know what happened to rest of her friends and family, but now was not the time. She may die if she made one wrong move. She have to plan everything carefully so that she can escape. Shivering, Eryena ducked her head quickly, pressing herself close to the wall. She edged closer, trying to hear any sounds indicating the arrival of her prisoners. It seems there was none.

"You're bad at escaping, aren't you?"

Eryena gasped, quite loudly, and turned around.

She was face-to-face with a Gaoler. But what was interesting was his eyes. It was the color of flames, burning, indicating his ties with the Fire. But...... how?

"Are you thinking about my Flight origins? Well, they say I was adopted and rescued from the Fire Flight. Kind of the reason I'm the odd one out here." He unconsciously touched his chest.

Eryena regained her equilibrium. "Aren't...... you supposed to catch me?"

He shrugged. "I'm not of any Order yet. Because, you know, my eyes."

"But, still, it's your kind."

"That's true. But I don't feel like...... turning you in. Maybe it's because of my history with you guys. I still have some vague memories. I'm not really sure."

Eryena stopped. She never thought that a Gaoler from Fire and willing to help their kind's enemy would exist.

"Come, here. I know a way out of here."

Speechless, the Banescale followed the Gaoler through the winding maze of corridors. She didn't know what to do. She didn't know what to feel.

"I hear someone," the Gaoler whispered suddenly, stopping. Eryena almost bumped into him. "Stay here. I'll see who it is. If there is a need to, the exit's just right on your left."

He stepped out into the middle of the corridor. Eryena held her breath, staying as out of sight as she could.

"What are you doing here?" Eryena heard someone else hiss. The tension was high.

"Searching for the prisoner, just like everyone else."

"Are you sure? Or are you actually helping her, since you're from Fire too?"

"Don't be absurd."

"I don't believe you. Get out of my way before I call the Keepers."

There was a silence. It seemed like the Gaoler did not follow the orders.

"I said, get OUT!"

The other dragon pushed the Gaoler, and he tumbled back. A female with large spikes on her body peered in the corridor. There was no way for Eryena to run. The Gaoler's eyes widened at the site of the escapee. She opened her mouth to call for backup, but suddenly, the Gaoler snarled, smashing the other dragon into the ground.

"Go!" He cried. "Go now!"

Her body took a second to respond. She cast glance back at him as she ran for the exit, half running, half flying. The opponent had sank her claws into his wings. He shrieked, and sent a bolt of fire at the opponent's face. Eryena winced and turned back, focusing her mind on the exit.

Another guard turned the corner with a spear in hand, eyes narrowing at the sight of Eryena. He screamed in fury, and Eryena hissed, her back legs ready to defend the attacker.

A wall of flame rose up from under the attacker's claws. He collapsed, and tried to stand back up, but can't. His fur was being burned.


Eryena turned her head back, and saw numerous guards heading the Gaoler's way. "I can't go without you!" She said finally, the edge of her voice breaking.

The Gaoler swayed unsteadily. He was suffering from many wounds. Eryena glanced back at all the coming guards, then swoop them to catch the Gaoler in her claws.

"Wait, what-" With a heave, Eryena carried the Gaoler up, up, up till the ceiling touched her horns. She clenched her teeth and beat her wings, trying to get them both out of the prison.

A spear almost hit her wings. The Gaoler turned to avoid it, and Eryena almost dropped him. Behind her was a cacophony of shrieks of anger, charging at them but never getting close to them, since their wings were too small to handle high flying.

She clenched on her saviour harder as she was flying across the gash of fire, but she made it. She made it across, with him. Out, and free.

She dived down, tumbling on the snow, and the Gaoler yelped as he landed on the frost. She lift her hear wearily, and she had to duck a spear with fire that came her way.

"Come on." She lent a wing to the Gaoler. He followed her, gasping for air, missing the spears as they shot through the wall of flames.

"Traitor! You will never be one of us!"

"You're a shame to the name of the Icewarden! May you die under his wrath!"

"Disgrace! You'll never be accepted anywhere! Helping the dragons that killed us!"

"Don't listen to them," Eryena whispered to the Gaoler softly.

"I'm used to it by now," he chuckled. There was a trail of blood in their escape, red fading as the falling snow reached to cover it up.

They rested at a place where the weapons couldn't reach them. Eryena surveyed his wounds worriedly.

"I'll be OK. I'll use some magic to sustain the pain for a while."

"What would your new name be? You'll probably be a fugitive by now, wouldn't you?" Eryena said, trying to see if there were any injuries she knew how to tend. None, unfortunately.

"True. But I'm not sure. When I'm feeling better I'll use magic to conjure a facade."

"You can do that? Your magic is very strong. You can create fire in the middle of Ice territory!"

He laughed. "Well, do you have any suggestion for new names? My mmind's blank on that aspect?"

Eryena thought. "How about Kaaru?"

"Hm. I like it. Thank you."

"You're welcome."

written by Enen16106 (2020-05-07)

"Casper117" wrote on "2020-10-13:
I read Eryena's bio and fell in love with her, hope you like it

Eryena's ethereal, almost skeleton like appearance makes her seem like a spirit in some cases. When flying in the night other dragons may become afraid when they see her fly past, some believing her to be a malicious phantom or a reaper.

Rumors and murmurings claiming they saw her phase into walls or mysteriously vanish like a ghost may spring up the next day. Sadly for any would be ghost hunters, she is very mortal, alive and real, her simply trying to live her life, rarely ever humoring the superstitious and their theories

Name: Eryena ; Unknown language, meaning "Ice Wraith/Demon". Her signature is 氷 (kōri, ice)

Neon city lights at night
japanese ninja cyberpunk
Oni and kitsune masks with glowing eyes and sharp teeth
ice and winter
Wraith summons
Urban modern meets traditional mythology
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