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Warcat Protector
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Energy: 0/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Shadow.
Female Banescale
This dragon is an ancient breed.
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Personal Style

Ancient dragons cannot wear apparel.




8.92 m
5.08 m
694.55 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Dec 19, 2019
(4 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 1 Banescale
EXP: 0 / 245


Set the scene: A small restaurant called Padro's Pizza Palace, which is exactly as it sounds. It's set up like a fancy restaurant, but it sells pizza, and yes, I just came up with this on the spot. They sell mostly pizza, but some other small things too. It's raining heavily outside in the streets of Orlando Florida.

There are several random people dining today, including two of my characters. My characters are sitting at the counter. The girl is drinking a blue smoothie, and the boy is glaring at his muffin for no apparent reason.

The girl is wearing a casual, but visibly expensive outfit, and has long, smooth, caramel hair. She has sparkling light blue eyes.

The boy has dark red hair and is wearing sunglasses, even though the sun hasn't shone for hours. He's wearing a green shirt and black jeans.

Opening the door in a hurry, two figures rushed into the pizza parlor without proper thought. An agitated, rusting bell welcomed them both warmly. As they entered, a taller one gently shut his dark umbrella closed, storing it for possible use in the future. According to him, the pouring weather outside would most likely stay the way it is for a long while.

Shaking his hands dry, a smaller yet sharper male had an upset grin etched onto his face; a side scar, which was sealed with a few stitches, stretched along with his facial characteristics. An ear flicked off some of his anger.

"Damn. I wonder who enraged the storm today? It was perfectly fine when we left.." Mumbling, he'd start taking a few steps forward, his brother slowly falling behind. His brother placed the umbrella towards the side of the door before continuing along with him. "Mind your manners, Asterix. I'm plenty sure that a few raindrops aren't going to hurt you." Fennie commented.

Humming without a proper response, they'd head towards the front counter. With hungry intentions, Fennie's green eyes peered up towards the displayed menus, a few fingers drawn towards his chin in deep thought. "Say, while we're here, why don't we order? It would be a wise decision, don't you think, brother?"

An unexpressed groan could be heard, tagged along by a sweet gesture of a hand. "Hm. Sure, I guess.." That hand rested upon the unclean surface, his pupils copying the movement of his sibling's in search of a desirable meal to comfort his troubled stomach.

The girl and the boy partway down the counter didn't seem to notice the newcomers, as they had begun to whisper quietly about a unknown subject.

"What would 'ye felers like?" The man behind the counter asked in a thick southern accent. He wore a apron over his wrinkled clothes and had a towel hanging over one of his shoulders. His bald head shone in the lights, and he looked at Fennie and Asterix with a sincere smile that had a few chipped teeth.

Thunder cracked loudly overhead, making a few people in the restaurant jump, but the man behind the counter only chuckled briefly.

Fennie’s fur stood upright, perfecting his posture in a forced manner. Asterix wasn't as effected, bothered more about the man who spoke to him. "I believe.." He lowered a trembling finger, casually; it pointed towards him. "--We'll just get two slices of the finest you've got. Don't mind us."

"It'll be done soon." The man nodded and went into the kitchen.

The two people that had been talking had stopped. The girl's phone rang and she answered it, while the boy pretended to not be looking at Asterix and Fennie with a concerned glance.

"Great. Let's bet he'll take an hour to grab the pizza?" Asterix hummed, pulling out his wallet and parting its leather lips. He took a glance down into his dry wallet, only seeing the physic of a few dollars, along with the border of a credit card. "--Let's also hope that they take card here as well."

As Asterix shut the pocket closed and pocketed it lightly, Fennie responded optimistically: "If they don't, I've got money to spare. Don't worry, brother." With a nod, they headed along to an empty booth next to the couple of fine citizens (your characters).

The girl with brown hair hung up her phone and smiled kindly at Asterix, then she turned to her partner. She showed him something on her phone and he looked at it and groaned.

"What would you fine gentlemen like to drink?" A waitress with a notepad asked Asterix and Fennie, her tangerine hair is up in a messy bun. Her teal eyes landed on the people next to Asterix and Fennie. She glared at the couple. "I thought you said you wouldn't come here anymore?" (Ohhh, drama)

The red haired boy in the booth glanced briefly at the waitress. "That is what I said, wasn't it Ellesmere? Well, you know how I can be. Plus, you aren't very good at keeping your word are you?" He grinned at her. She glared at him. The brown haired girl next to him elbowed him in the ribs.

Asterix's ear flicked with annoyance. "Hmph." He grunted, in a rather unpleasant manner. Fennie spoke up, clearing his throat: "Ah, well. I'd like to have a fine cup of water, please. My brother would like a coke, if you don't mind that as well." He confidently ordered, giving a constant side glance towards Asterix.

The other brother peered up over the empty spot next to Fennie and the backside of the booth, noticing the same woman who gave him a smile. He wondered what was going on, entertained with the drama that laid before him.

The waitress, Ellesmere, shot the boy another glare, then she turned to Fennie and Asterix. "I'll have those done in a minute." She jotted something down on her notepad and left.

"Great." Fennie sighed, greatly. However, positively. Asterix, only the other hand, murmured words before tapping the table at a drowsy rate. "Everything's a minute, isn't it?"

The brown haired girl was still on her phone looking at something. The boy glanced back again at the strangers, but quickly looked away. Something was... Off about him. The way he glanced nervously around the restaurant as if looking for something, and how he never made physical contact with something for more than a few seconds.

Several minutes later the waitress came back with the drinks. "Here you go." She set the glasses in front of the proper owners. "You're food shouldn't be too long. Is there anything else I can get you?"

"No, Ma'am. Thank you." Fennie responded, his lathy hands gripping the glass cup in front of him. He'd take a sip of the still, refreshing water with thought.

Unlike him, Asterix leaned forward towards the waitress, a hand propping his head up lazily. "Do you have a lighter? I could use one right about now." His brother glared at him.

"Uh, no. Sorry." The waitress shook her head and walked away. The boy with red hair looked at Asterix, a grin on his face. "I somewhat have a-"

The brown haired girl next to him interrupted. "No you don't." She looked up from her phone at him, "Not here."

"Of course you don't.." He murmured, his ears flattening across the nape of his neck (flexible ghost). His hopes lowered in the attempt of a single, delightful smoke. Asterix heard the chatting of the couple behind Fennie, but wasn't tempting to chat to them after they had settled down.
Upset, the male lightly stirred the coke, watching the beverage's fizz with uttermost entertainment-- it was his way of burrowing his sorrow down. Carefully, he leaned forward and took a quick drink from the cup, fingers hugging across the plastic surface of the straw.

The boy looked back at Asterix, his sunglasses hiding his expression. "What's up with your-" The girl with brown hair interrupted him again. "What did we talk about?"

"When?" He looked at her. Then she groaned as the ring of her phone stopped her from answering him. She a answered it with a look of disgust.

Asterix's head tilted slightly, his ears bending at the minimum; his long nose bridge, otherwise muzzle, scrunched up in agitated confusion. His slit, purple eyes glared at the boy, wanting to gain his attention again. "Hmm?" He questioned, lazily.
In this moment, Fennie was busy writing things down with a spare pen on a rogue napkin. He couldn't notice anything about what flooded around him, having drained out the unwanted sounds and smells.

"You have weird eyes." The boy said as a waiter brought in a medium sized pizza and set it in front of Asterix and Fennie. The girl next to the boy rolled her eyes, but was too preoccupied on the phone to address him any more than that.
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