Level 1 Imperial
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Hulking Greatowl
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Energy: 0/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Arcane.
Male Imperial
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Personal Style


Preserving Wing Segments
Creeping Chitin Breastplate
Preserving Mandible Helmet
Mage's Sapphire Overcoat
Preserving Tail Segments
Mage's Sapphire Gloves




31.89 m
20.68 m
8569.02 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Mar 20, 2019
(5 years)



Eye Type

Special Eye Type
Level 1 Imperial
EXP: 0 / 245



The home where I was born,
And the home that I now sleep,
Is not a home to me,
But a place for in between,
My real home was with my heart,
Beneath the crushing waves,
Guarded by darkness and sharks,
I left it there,
Locked away in a chest,
Weighed down by the chains of my past,
Waiting for me to return,
But we both wait,
For I am in the home that is not my home,
Sleeping in the in between,
And I wonder,
Can you still dream in a home,
Where the sunlight never reaches,
Where silence reigns,
And music dies?

Can you still dream down there,
Outside of the in between?

Chained Mage

Not exactly the nicest or most polite of dragons, Hiraeth came to the Misfortune Clan seeking a place to rest, as his very soul was weary and his bones ached. At first, he was quiet, he kept to himself. He used magic to carve himself a nice little den among the nomads of the clan, and most days he would hole up in there, shut away from a world he seemingly didn't want to be a part of.

Eventually - and surprisingly - it was Mune that got the imperial to open up. The pearlcatcher had been openly vulnerable and had trusted Hiraeth on a whim, leading the older dragon to ultimately trust the clan with his past.

It was then discovered that Hiraeth had been born with incredibly powerful magical abilities - he had barely scratched the surface when he dug out his den, despite the intricate carvings and complex structure. He was trained, from his childhood and onwards, to use and harness that power he had. Here it was that he admitted that he'd grown arrogant. He'd been led to believe that he was all powerful, that he had some divine purpose given to him by the deities.

He'd believed himself immortal, outside of the laws that existed for "mere mortal" dragons. This attitude led to him delving deep into forbidden magics, into dark tomes better left untouched; Hiraeth never spoke about how it happened exactly, but the shining armor that decorated his lean body was not just decor - it was a part of him.

It could not be taken off, and attempts to do so caused him great pain. His eyes now gleamed, faceted and shimmering with all the shades of the Arcanist. His magic was even stronger for it, but he knew he had paid a great price for it.

Humiliated and disgusted with what he'd become, Hiraeth had abandoned his books, his home and everything he'd ever known and left Starfall Isles, too ashamed to face his old clan.

After many long years of travelling, years of flying until his wings gave out and walking until his feet bled, and after his head held too many secrets of magic and ancients, he'd been lost and aimless. Lonely. He longed for a home. A place to rest his head and put up his coat at the end of the long days. That was how he found the Misfortune Clan, he had gone to taverns and heard whispers, he had gone to markets and eavesdropped on gossipy merchants talking of a clan that welcomed any dragon into their midst.

That longing for home brought him to them, and the warmth and acceptance was enough to make him stay.

Despite the obvious curse of his armored limbs, Hiraeth has slowly began using his magic more often. He spars often with Casimir and Overseer, in the hopes of becoming more comfortable with his unique armor, and quite enjoys his sparring partner's company. He has slowly become closer with Mune, and often uses his large wingspan to shield the smaller dragon, and uses warding spells to muffle loud noises.

He still refuses to speak with Redemption, at least on the subject of his past and his trauma, but he's not against a cup of tea now and then.

Hallowed recently gifted Hiraeth a greatowl, stating that a familiar might give him some comfort if he ever returns to traveling outside the clan, with or without the others. Mune suggested naming her Silk, as her feathers were soft and warm, and that became her name. She is often seen perched on her owner's antlers or back, or flying about nearby. She will start screeching if she senses Hiraeth is becoming stressed or overwhelmed, and this is a que to get the imperial somewhere quiet so he can rest and breathe.

Other notes:
  • If the armor is broken, it will simply regrow, and the process is extremely painful.
  • Hiraeth is indeed prone to panic attacks and sudden fits of pain, both are caused by his trauma and pain surrounding his armor.
  • Is quite strong, likely due to the unnatural armor, and can sometimes throw even Casimir off his feet.
  • Personality wise, he can come off as extremely aggressive, rude and cynical, but he's also very careful, observant and can be incredibly sweet and gentle with others when given the chance. Sometimes he acts very guilty and ashamed of his appearance and curse, and will make apologies about it to his current company.


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