Level 25 Imperial
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Aerborne Ambassador
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Energy: 0/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Water.
Male Imperial
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Personal Style


Haunted Flame Candles
Haunted Flame Candles
Autumn Breeze
Black Protective Eyewear
Black and White Flair Scarf
Black Linen Head Wrap
Brutal Banner
Black Linen Neck Wrap
Black Linen Chest Wrap
Black Linen Arm Wraps
Black Linen Leg Wraps
Black Linen Wing Wraps
Black Linen Tail Wrap


Accent: Piano Man


Scene: Frostbite Falls


20.99 m
17.29 m
8799.14 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Jul 02, 2014
(9 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 25 Imperial
Max Level
Wave Slash




  • none



[Clan Leader] [King] [Fighter] [Defence] [The Favourite]

Soujun is an Imperial of average height and of a rather light build. His black and white mane is covering his forehead most of the time, his silky hair flowing around him, always neatly groomed. His familiar, Poki, can be seen flying around him, or simply resting between his antlers. Despite having some health problem, principally his lungs, Soujun is ready to fight to death to protect his Clan and family. He mostly uses magic rather than strength as it demand less effort and energy to his body. His power is similar to the ones his father and son use, he uses leaves to cut his opponents. His eyes, while naturally blue, tend to have shades of grey when the weather is clear. He can always be seen smiling softly, even when nobody is around.

-- Stats

Strength :
Magic :
Charisma :
Health :
Intelligence :
Kindness :
Speed :


Role : Clan Leader (King)
Age : 42
Mate : None
Family : Byakuya - Son, Ginrei - Father, Koga - Adoptive Brother
Personality : Kind, Calm, Quiet & Nice. Ironically he is afraid of water.
Special Traits : Smiles almost all the time
Height : 1,77m
Weight : 62kg

Familiar : Poki, an Hippojay
Theme Song : Near Light - Olafur Arnalds
Buy Date : 09/07/14
Price Paid : 100g
Based on : Kuchiki Soujun(Bleach)
Genes/Scroll : None


Although being born from an Ice Egg, Soujun bears the colours of Water. This is probably why he does not share the natural coldness of his parents. Only kindness can be seen in his eyes.
Over protected by his father Ginrei since his birth, Soujun grew up to be quite a resourceful and smart dragon. Despite being prone to illnesses because of a weak body, Soujun learned to fight and defend himself from a very young age. While he knows it was for his own good, he hated every minute of it, dreading the moment his father would challenge him to a duel, where he would have to be resourceful if he didn't want to be covered in bruises.
Stifled by his overbearing father, Soujun decided to leave the family lair when he was a young adult, to finally discover the world for himself. Being always protected and taken care of, Soujun was completely unaware of the hardships of living on your own, defend yourself, finding a shelter or even feed yourself. His first attempts at fishing alone ended up with him soaking wet and an empty stomach.

A few weeks after his departure, he stood at the edge of the Southern Icefield. From there, he could smell a faint scent of smoke and ashes : Flamecaller's territory. Lost in his thoughts, he wondered how it was like there, he had never left his homeland before. Curled and freezing on a particularly cold night, Soujun raised his head to look at the clear sky and gazed at the stars. They always were so bright, full of hope and promises. A sudden feeling of nostalgia clenched his heart as his eyes were lost in a sea of stars. He started rocking and humming the lullaby his father used to sing to him, ever since he was inside his little, fragile egg. Soujun suddenly realised how much he actually missed his father, how he missed sleeping next to him, listening to the familiar sound of his ribcage rising to the rhythm of his breathing, the tiny cloud of warm air that came out of his nostrils ...
The emptiness he felt at that moment made him realise he probably broke his father's heart by leaving like a thief, without even a goodbye.

As he watched the sun rise, he decided to go back home. What Soujun didn't know however, is that he was on the hunting territory of a rather hostile clan and that they were well aware of his presence. They gave chase. Their claws were cutting through the soft flesh of his sides, strands of his black and white mane were flying around him as he tried to escape. His blood started to drop, staining the pure whiteness of the snow covering the icy landscape. Wounded and exhausted, he tried to fly, only to be catapulted into the sea bellow him. The impact was violent, as if another dragon slammed right into him. The heavy water kept pushing him into the depth, his breath was running away and his paws were useless weights. As his conciousness started to fade away, he failed to realised that a white spot was coming towards him. It grabbed him and with one flop of its tail brought him back towards the light.
Laying on the snow, his vision still blurry, he realised that the white spot he saw was fighting his aggressors. The white spot was tall, another Imperial dragon, entirely white apart from a black belly. He was wounded but standing firm on his legs. Ginrei was fighting like never before, whoever dared to attack his son would meet the wrath of his fury.
Getting back to his senses, Soujun stared as his father was crushing those dragons one by one. He came for him. He was there all along. Overjoyed, he joined him on the battlefield, father and son fighting alongside once again.

Years later, Soujun took upon his father the title of the head of the clan, a great honour for such a noble family. During those years, Soujun had a son, Byakuya. All that is known about Byakuya's mother is that she left them both and broke Soujun's heart. He raised his son by himself and the two of them are really close, just like Soujun is with his own father. As the head of a noble family, Soujun had to think of ways to protect his relatives and make his clan prosper. They travelled far and wide up until they settled in the ruins of an old castle in the Sunbeam Ruins. As a mean to gain power, security and wealth, they decided to take upon the crown, thus making Soujun the King of the Clan de la Cour Royale.

Human Description

Soujun is rather the discreet type. Average male height, weak body constitution, soft-spoken and shoulder-length black hair groomed carefully, he doesn't stand out much in the Clan, despite most females finding him attractive. Of Imperial decent, like his father, Soujun bears tiny horns on his head and pointy ears. His eyes, while naturally blue, tend to have shades of grey when the weather is clear. He's usually wearing a black kimono with a white belt or will swap for more flowery and refined designs. He's often seen smiling softly and lost in his thoughts. Despite being over 40, he actually looks younger and people are often surprise to see he has an adult son.

If someone needs an advice in the Clan, it's certainly Soujun they will seek. He's one of the kindest and understandable person in the Clan, and is well liked by everyone. His flexible intelligence allowed him to become a great leader with his peers, along with the help of members of his family. He's also the current leader of his family, that stands in between royalty and nobility. He is really close to both is father and son. Despite being of a frail constitution, especially with his lungs, Soujun's not afraid to take arms to defend the Clan or his close family. He mostly uses magic rather than strength as it demand less effort and energy to his body and he's quite capable at it.
He found Poki, his familiar, when he was young. The poor thing was on the verge of death after being attacked by a stronger and bigger bird. After being taken care of, the two of them grew together and became the best of friends. Poki can either be seen flying next to Soujun, or resting on his shoulders.

During his free time or when he's convalescing, Soujun can be found relaxing on the wall walk that encircles the whole castle or in the flourishing garden specifically made for him on the roof. His poor constitution often forces him to take time off but he knows how to delegate responsibilities and that he can trust his Clan completely. His current dream is to finally become a grand-father and he's quite bummed at Byakuya's lack of spouse. In the mean time, instead of spoiling grandchildren, he spoils his familiar.

Linework by InkdemonCuddles - Colouring by me


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