Argus (#44686699)
Level 21 Imperial
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Light.
Male Imperial
This dragon is hibernating.
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27.97 m
19.1 m
9250.89 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Aug 27, 2018
(3 years)



Eye Type

Special Eye Type
Level 21 Imperial
EXP: 51345 / 127509





Joined the clan on 2018-09-03

3rd Gen Night Warrior

Not For Trade Please Don’t Message Me Asking!

Dress up is wip I have no idea how to dress him without covering up the eyes to much

This bit will be in Aegis perspective {The mother of the dragons}

"Why have so many of my children been chosen to serve the deities?" The massive imperial stocked around her den her frustration visible with each step. "There's nothing wrong with them serving the deities, I.. I mean it's seen as an honor! and, and I'm proud!" She tried desperately to convince herself that she was happy with the fate of all her children. "But why have so many of my children been chosen. I wanted some to have a greater destiny then joining an ever growing army." She thought of how it seemed no matter how many left to joined there was always a need for more dragons. "This clutch will be different, it has to be. They will be special, and I will make sure of it." The finality of her thoughts cemented her resolve.

"I know just the dragon who can help me..."

The night of the hatching....

"This last step is very critical, if you mess that up the fate of these dragons will not change" The hooded dragons spoke in a hushed tone.
"You must do it as the dragonets are about to hatch."

Aegis stood beside her nest of three, the eggs wobbled has the baby imperial inside fought to break free. One egg the smallest in the bunch was pushed of to the side, it was unfortunate but Aegis could only find two abandoned eggs for the sacrifice tonight. She will have to choose two her children to have a great destiny and hope the third is spared by fate. She had sent away Marius on patrol ensuring him the eggs wouldn't hatch tonight, she couldn't let him see her do this ritual. Two eggs smaller then her own sat in her paws, as she waited for the moment to come. It wasn't long till cracks streaked across the eggs. "It's almost time get ready... " The hooded dragon whispered. Aegis tensed ready for the signal, one moment pasted then two then three, then "NOW!" She answered by smashing the two abandoned eggs together in her paws, completely ending the destiny of the two unborn dragonets, but will give rise to an amazing destiny for her two dragonets. Aegis was saddened only for a moment for what she had done, but once she sow her two hatchlings she knew it had been worth it. "Just look at them! Have you ever seen dragons with eyes like that?" She called to the hooded dragon. "No... I can't say I have."

A smile spread across the dark imps face all the work she put in, everything she had done had been worth in. Her two hatchlings were perfect.[/center]

This bit is for me, possibly base his multi eyed status on Argus Panoptes

Argus as a warrior is in a class of his own. His multi-eyed status means it’s near impossible to ambush him and his extensive training as made it so he can process all visual information from most of his eyes at once. This however took many years of training with opening one new eye at a time as he adjusted. Growing up Argus had to keep all but his two normal eyes closed.
Once he was fully grown Aegis was a unstoppable force. No dragon could sneak up on him, and even if they did he was well equip to fight off any dragon with his size and strength. Many clans hesitated to start physical conflict once they sow Aegis in battle.

Even with all his strength Aegis was a gentle dragon. He wanted to resolve conflicts peacefully and loved his clan mates. He was a particularly good baby sitter. Hatchling loved trying to play hide and seek against him.
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Exalting Argus to the service of the Gladekeeper will remove them from your lair forever. They will leave behind a small sum of riches that they have accumulated. This action is irreversible.

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