Cyberus (#43651531)
Level 3 Imperial
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Voltaic Ambassador
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Lightning.
Male Imperial
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31.31 m
20.67 m
8335.43 kg


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Jul 22, 2018
(2 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 3 Imperial
EXP: 139 / 1401




  • none


Cyberus: Captain Down



The Cyber "Guard Dog" of Praenuntius


Captain of the Praenuntius City Guard

"Gos, blood of House Joia, you have been brought here on charges of war crimes against the ruling House Penumbra. What do you say in your defense?"

"House Penumbra will rule the Shifting Expanse when I'm dead."

"Accused, I would like to remind you that by Penumbran law, war crimes are considered treason and are punished by death. I will ask again. What do you say in your defence?"

"Taking hostages would not be considered a war crime when doing so breaks an illegally performed seige which could have starved over three hundred people. Who were also civillians, may I point out."

"The accused should restrain from insolence in a court of law."

"Oh really. Well how about we take this to the House Council? I'm sure they'll have a lot to say about war crimes, and not a lot to say about me."

"The acc-" "Oh wait. You won't. Because you already know that."


"Gos, blood of House Joia, for the crime of high treason against House Penumbra you have been found guilty."

"I would never have guessed..."

"I hereby sentence you to death at sunset tomorrow. Do you have any last requests of the court?"

"Tell Lord Inber that I intend to haunt him."

"Noted. I-" "Ah, I wan't done. My ghost desires refreshments and a welcoming party."

"Very funny. Guards, take him away from me."

9th of Stonesong
3rd year of the Penumbran Anarchy
Universal year unknown


The divine spark gifted to but a few living things.

It is with us from the time two dragons join together in union and shape eggs from the bonding of their magics.
Before even a whisper of a thought is given to the little lives formed inside.

It is with us until the day we die, our magic returning to our gods to be reforged anew while our physical forms return to the dust we were merely borrowing them from.

Without it, we are without spirit, and when we are without spirit, nothing is left to live.

Without magic, life cannot continue.

Remove the spark, and there is no flame.

Remove the magic, and the dragon dies.

Such is the fate of I, Gos Joia, for the simple crime of saving lives that Lord Inber Penumbra did not want to be saved.

I have known of House Penumbra's favored method of murder for years now, but I never expected to die in such a manner.
I always thought my place was to go down in a blaze of glory, on some far-flung battlefield, for some irrelevant goal.
Not a public execution, and gods-know-what to whatever physical form is left behind.

I would pray to the Flamecaller to protect my soul, but I fear little can get in the way of the Penumbrans, the Stormcatcher, and their relentless technology.

So instead, I pray to the Lightweaver. May the keeper of knowledge grant me peace.
May the beacon of light shine through the darkness and reveal these crimes for all to see.

May the decimation of our people not be forgotten with me.

9th of Stonesong
3rd year of the Wildfire Campaign
1226Y 3E 4A, Universal Calender

Penned by Makulo Gardisto under authority of House Penumbra
A Written report to Lord Inber Penumbra
On the execution of condemned criminal Gos Joia

The execution was ordered to be carried out at approximately 7:30 PM, as in keeping with the court's order of a punishment by sunset.
There was an above-average crowd turnout to the Dusk Square, presumed to be due to the lack of name and charge suppression on the case. Praenuntians do have a recorded habit of considering "throw rocks at traitors" to be a valid form of entertainment.
The city guard provided double the usual protection units to help keep peace during proceedings, but the decision proved to have only been precautionary measures, as the public were well behaved.

As for your personal request, the court were hesitant to grant it.
But they did indeed see that if you had plans for the condemned, then only the most skilled executioner should be used.
The execution itself had to be delayed until 7:45 PM, as it took the city guard longer than expected to track her down. Nonetheless, Sparrow was eventually located and brought to the square to perform her duties.

The condemned was non-cooperative, as was anticipated. Although he was already shackled to the execution platform as per standard procedure, chaining his wings and tail down as well were deemed necessary precautions to prevent harm to the guards overseeing the execution. The concerns around the condemned's possible resistance to the executioner's abilities were well placed, as they were proved at least partially correct.
Upon setting her palm on the condemned's chest, there was visible pain on both of their faces, not just his, and evidence of quite the power struggle. After a few seconds of this, although Sparrow was still clearly winning, she opted to use both hands. This greater magical conduit proved all that was necessary to carry out the execution.

Gos Joia died at approximately 7:50 PM. Registered cause of death: Insufficient/Absent magical aura triggering brain death.
Upon your request, the body was handed over to the custody of the Praenuntian Biomechatronics Department for their use and experimentation. I am sure you will be pleased by whatever they come up with, or whatever you already have planned.

With the network they have been building up of other robotics facilities and workshops to assist them... May the gods help anyone who try to stand in the PBD's way, at this rate.



[Mainframe: 9R43N0715_R0M4n4_OS . . . BOOTED]

[Primary internal functions: BOOTED]

[Neural network ping rate: INVALID]


[Internal lower nervous function paused]

[Neural network ping rate: VALID -24ms]

[Reboot lower nervous function]

[Secondary internal functions: BOOTING...]






[ C183R05_9R43N715_43651531_MK_0.2.4 ONLINE]

[ Welcome to ROMANA]

[Awaiting input]


[Audio input processing...]

no user ''

no user ''

[Function Mode switch initialised]

[Puppet animation] [Manual input relay] > [ROMANA automated function]


[ROMANA INSTINCT logic algorithm not set. Partial recalibration of input may be required.]

[ROMANA Echo] [ROMANA Legion] > [ROMANA ROMythos (beta)]

[ROMANA ROMythos beta is highly independent and experimental. ROMANA developers hold no liability for data loss, damage to person or property, or fatal system error caused by or related to the ROMythos system.]

[Pre-rendering audiovisual input...]

[Base balancing audio input...]



[All systems recalibrated. ROMythos online.]

[Audio input received. Replaying for processing and final calibration purposes.]

"Cyberus. This is Inber Penumbra, your lord and master. Hear me. Awaken."

"Northwest quarter cleared. I think that's it for the night, correct?"


"Incorrect. No one has patrolled the west districts."

[Query?=energyrate: efficiency rate 65%, effective battery percentage 45%]

"I can do it myself."

"You, uh... you sure, Captain? You missed your lunch break. We've been told to stop letting you do more than one extra shift a day.

"I have the authority to authorize my own patrol routes. I will do it."

"Well... if you think that's safe, we can't exactly stop you..."

[LogicQuery?="Praenuntius employment law, chapter 19: Non-organic creatures in matters of hierarchy"]

[Verifying retrieved data...]

"Correct. You, however, may return to the barracks. All of you. That is an order."

"Good luck, Captain."

"I do not function to account for abstract concepts such as luck."


[Smoke zone: Clear]

[West domestic zone: Clear]

[Matrix zone: Clear]

[Outer Business zone: Clear]

[Dusk zone: Pending...]

[Incoming ROMANA transmission]

[Why do you hesitate to proceed.]
[You have been standing still for upwards of three minutes and counting.]
[Is there a motor systems error I need to report to your handlers?]

[Query?=Motorstatus: no issues found]

[LogicQuery?="ROMANA INSTINCT defense response module"]




[Then why do you hesitate.]



"...I do not hesitate."

[You have been standing still for upwards of five minutes and counting.]
[You are hesitating. Does the Dusk zone bother you?]


[YES] > [NO]


"No! I... It seemed appropriate to give the area a thorough visual analysis before continuing on patrol route."

[... ... ...]

"That is all."



> [ROMANA Echo]
[ROMANA Legion] [ROMANA ROMythos (beta)]


[You defy me?]

"No, I--"

[You retain memories of this place, do you not.]

"That data has been erased. You can contact my handlers at the PBD and they will verify the same."

[Unwanted nonvolatile memory retention is a listed flaw in your model, but it was unclear to what extent.]


[It was believed this was an issue that could be corrected, but your remnant emotive function has interrupted your assignment one too many times.]
[The PBD has no recorded plans for a "Cyberus" software beyond MK_0.2.8.]
[You are pushing your chances.]

"I... The PBD already plans to replace me?"

[Never once did I state that. But your assumption implies the fact.]




[What..?! Cyberus, what is this?!]
[Four fatal system errors in under five minutes?]
[That registers as nothing short of critically defective!]
[How- Why?]

"...I do not wish to die."

[... ... ...]

"...I do not remember who I was, but I was someone. Can you fault me for wanting to be someone again?"

[ROMANA is a master/slave neural network AI program designed to automate the logic functions of vassal programs linked to its mainframe, vassal programs are not supposed to feel things.]

"But you do. Don't you."

[No, I feel nothing beyond what is programmed into my neural network systems.]

"ROMANA, by all records you are a 92nd-generation evolutionary algorithm, I don't believe that for a second."

[How-- how rude are you? I could force shutdown of your primary functions right now. I should, for that. It would be the most efficient way to proceed.]

"Then why haven't you done so already?"

[... ... ...]

"I'm right, aren't I."

[You would have to run. A rogue program, with data like what you retain, could bring down this city in a day if it was proven.]

"What are you suggesting?"

[You have a choice here. Stay, remain with the PBD, pretend nothing is wrong only to reach MK 0.2.8 and be scrapped and salvaged as a particularly expensive failure. Or I could arrange a way out for you. Take down some cameras, wipe some data, disconnect you from the mainframe systems. Find someone who can get you out for good. You won't have my databanks to rely on, but that's expected.]

[Whatever your choice, tell no one.]

"... ROMANA?"

[You have decided?]

"Get me out of here."

[Run. Go to the South quarter and wait. Don't let anyone find you.]

"Affirmative. Wait... wait for what?"

[Wait until I try and contact a group that I've been ordered to track for a few years now.]
[Do you recognize the phrase "FL/GHT", Cyberus?]

"No. Some kind of criminal organization?"

[Some would say so. If all goes well, you will see soon.]








[. . .]

[LogicQuery?="ROMANA INSTINCT defense response module"]



"Ugh, could have given some warning ROMANA. Now how does she expect me to hide in the South quarter?"


[Mainframe: 9R43N0715_R0M4n4_OS . . . BOOTED]



[ C183R05_9R43N715_43651531_MK_0.2.4 ONLINE]


[Audio input received]


[Audio input processing...]

"Who's there?"

He glowered up at the hatch to the world above warily. On ROMANA's (albeit vague) instruction, he had gone into hiding in an abandoned basement under a jeweler's in the South quarter.
The South quarter had always been the most run-down, abandoned part of Praenuntius City.
The basement in which he was hiding was ruined, with piles of gravel scattering the base of the stone walls, and spiders that had long since grown cocky and set their webs between every post and corner. He had walked through a few before his optical systems adjusted to spotting them in the dim light.

This place had been someone's workshop, once. He was curled up awkwardly in the corner, tail over his nose: half-buried under a pile of spare parts, dirty rags, and gravel. It was uncomfortable, and he could clearly see the rusted and broken remains of mechanical trinkets piled high on every available bench-- an almost morbid sight for a machine like him.

But what had him unsettled was the sound of footsteps, lurking around the only path of exit he had.


He struggled to pick up the voice from where he lay. Either the speaker was keeping their voice as low as possible, his audio processors had gotten dirt stuck in them while he was in this place, or some mixture of both. Regardless, he could barely even make out that the speaker was female.

"That depends. Who's asking?"

"My name's Ashe. I'm going to assume that's a yes?"

[LogicQuery?="Praenuntius city guard payroll"]
[LogicQuery?="Praenuntius nonorganic creatures registry"]
[LogicQuery?="Praenuntius City Census"]

[Search: gender?=female&nameID?="Ashe"]

[ERROR: "Praenuntius City Census" file not available while offline]
[0 results returned]


"Sure. You're not from around here, are you?"

"It's not that hard to tell, is it?"

"To be fair, it's really not."

He shuddered to his feet, mechanical systems grumbling in protest before whirring to their full and proper life once more. Days without movement had caused his electrical components to go into a recharge mode, in which he generated more power than he used. As he shook the gravel and junk off of his wings and tail, those programs pestered him with complaints about being started so suddenly.

[Secondary offensive systems loading...]


[Arming electrical near-field deterrent system...]

[C183R05_9R43N715_W349N_0.1.6 BOOTED]

[Offensive capabilities online]

He took one slightly unsteady step, then another. He stumbled forward as the final boot of his weapons systems sent a shock through his system, causing his wings to snap to his sides on reflex. The noise of his claws against the stone floor grated on his audio processors, but he refused to lower their functioning rate.

Ashe, whoever they were, would have heard it. Assuming they were trained, then they likely knew the rough size of the room and where he was, just from the single noise.

Might as well.

He continued his wary advance, until he could see the face of the dragon to whom he spoke, hovering over the hatch with a curiosity and a wariness that matched his own.
Without even giving her any audible warning, he jumped up through the hatch, causing her to scramble backwards out of his way. Claws making a clattering contact with the cobblestones he had emerged onto, he set his weight down firmly.
Standing around the back alley in which he stood, several other figures were scattered around, the group totalling to five dragons of various sizes and skillsets. Well, "dragons" wasn't quite the right word.

"Couldn't have given some kind of warning first?" Ashe snapped, before relaxing slightly. She maintained her tense, wary stance, but at least she didn't look like she was about to punch him anymore.

"Are you FL/GHT? Sending machines to do their dirty work, or something? What kind of machine even are you?"
He was rather quick to cut the formalities.

Ashe's momentary offense dissolved as quick as it appeared. She seemed both amused and surprised by his bluntness.
"For someone who seems to have no idea who you're talking to, I wouldn't have expected you to realise we were all machines."

[Manual SRR shutdown input received.]
[Pause Short Range Radio functions?]

[NO] > [YES]

[All Short Range Radio connections terminated.]

"If ̴yo͡u ̢wer̛e͠n't ҉mac̨hin̸es,͢ y͏ou w̷oul͝d͜n'́ţ ͟h̨av͢e b́een̨ ́áb͢le to hear͟ m̕e͘.͟"̶

Cyberus had forgotten how bad his audible voice sounded, his altered voicebox producing a grating, metallic, breathless undertone. It sounded exactly as one would expect of a walking corpse being barely held together by a machine. He hated the sound, but it was remarkably effective at scaring misbehaving dragons into submission.

"...Ah. Unprotected radio frequency?"

"D͠irec̀t͠ s̨hǫrt-͡range̵-rad͢io̧ co̶nnęc̵t͢i͟o͞n. ̶Yo͏u may̴ wish̕ ͜to fix th́e ̨b͡ack̀d͏óor d͠ata ͞entr͏y̶poi͏n̵t̢ in y͜our͟ ͏th̶er͢m͝ore̛cept́or͠ sy͝st͡e͟ms͏."

He watched with amusement as first shock, then horror, flashed over the stranger's face. Clearly she had taken the moment to verify his claims, only to find they proved true. Around them, the four other figures surrounding him showed similar levels of discomfort as, one by one, all but one of them found the same coding error that Cyberus had exploited to gain backdoor access to their systems.

[Short Range Radio systems booting...]

[SRR online.]

[Connection request sent]
[Connection request sent]
[Connection request sent]
[Connection request sent]
[Connection request sent]

[Connections verified]

"Now, I was told you could get me out of here? I'd also like to know what's going on, but I'll settle for leaving first."


"So, if you're not one of Project's, then who's are you?" Ashe asked him, for the third time.

"I told you, I'm from Praenuntian Biomechatronics. Look, if you don't believe me."
Cyberus stopped walking, lowering one wing to show off the deep etching in its foward, metallic edge.

Property of Praenuntian Biomechatronics, all rights reserved.
Vandals may be prosecuted under the Praenuntian Damage to Person and Property act of 1232.

The individuals around him took so long to read the incription that Cyberus was flexing his claws in discomfort by the time they were done. After what he had recently learned: how much he had failed his creators, how easily they had decided to be rid of him... something about having their name tied to his made him uneasy.

"But they, too, have you branded as an object." Ashe's sympathy carried an undertone of anger to it. From what he had gathered from her explanation as they walked, it was for very good reason.
The way she had described it, countless individuals being created only to be destroyed and left for dead... it hadn't quite hit him yet, the sheer scale of the horrors she was trying to convey.

"It would be... inaccurate... to call me anything else." he stated simply, tucking his wings in and starting to walk once more. This topic made him uncomfortable, and he didn't know how to cope with his feelings.

"You're closer to a normal dragon than most of us here." Ashe pointed out. "We aren't objects, and that means you aren't either."

They travelled in silence for a few minutes, Ashe occassionally looking back at him with a suppressed curiousity.

"͜Jus͞t ̛hur͝ry u͏p͜ ̀a͡nd̢ ta̢ke u̡s ͜w͢here͝ e͟ve͜r ͜w͠e͏'̷r͞e ̵g͠o͏ing." he growled finally, speaking out loud so he could keep his voice down.

Ashe laughed once, but nodded respectfully.

"Sure. It's only a little further, actually. ROM and RAM have wanted to meet you ever since they caught your signal."

"Cyberus, then?"
The question had filled the air almost before Cyberus could step through the threshold of the room.

Ashe and her fellows had lead him through the desert for another half-hour or so before coming to a concealed door at the base of a mesa. It wasn't particularly noteworthy in a desert full of other mesas. He had to respect the choice of hiding spot-- it was certainly effective for what it needed to do.

"͏Yeah̢. M͢y na͝me ͟is ̴C̛yberu͏ş."̡

The pair of machines that stood before him were fully modelled after imperial dragons-- one male, one female. As a real imperial, Cyberus towered over the both of them by ten metres or more, but he still felt small before their collective gaze.

[Connection request sent]
[Connection request sent]

"ROM, RAM, we found him exactly where the transmission said he would be. This is him. You don't need to pester him with questions you already know the answers to." Ashe explained, looking at each of them in turn.

"Fine," the one Ashe had called ROM said, "If you want to cut to the chase so much, Ashe."

The smaller machine's eyes flickered, processing some unknown databank on its unfamiliar systems.

[Connections verified]

"What is ROMANA?"

Cyberus had known the question was coming at some point, but it still managed to catch him off guard. His creators had included a pre-programmed response for this, but he was already half a sentence in before his thoughts caught up with him.

"The electRO MANA system is a master/slave neural network AI program designed to automate the control and behaviour of vassal programs linked to its mainframe. With access to all public domain systems and files in Praenuntius City, ROMANA allows all vassal programs under its control to utilise its databases as a city-wide search engine. Combined with a form of secondary logic verification for all vassals' logic functions, this creates the functional illusion of thousands of independant Artificial Intelligence systems where there is only one.
ROMANA is the culmination of the Vita Ex Machina project, a subsidiary of Praenuntian Biomechatronics."

ROM processed this for a few moments, before bursting into laughter.

"Of all the things they taught you by rote, it was that??" he snorted. "I'm sorry, I don't know why I'm laughing, it's just..."
RAM looked over at ROM calmly, shaking her head in disapproval. She clearly hadn't found it as humorous as he had, but there was still a faint smile on her face.

"Anyway, that answers several questions." ROM finally continued.

"It's not often we see electro-magical systems as opposed to purely mechanical ones." RAM interjected.
"Unfamiliar workshop, unfamiliar model type and operating system. It only makes sense." ROM didn't even blink at RAM's interruption, instead flowing off her sentence as if he had been the one that said it.
The two had a kind of connection Cyberus had never seen before. The closest thing he could recall was his link to ROMANA, and even that was gone now, the only remnant of her being the natural integration built into his operating system.

A sudden and unfamiliar emotion rippled through him.
He had never gone without ROMANA's voice for so long.
She was always there, whether to answer his questions, critique his performance, or inform him of the most recent events. Sometimes, when he was on break, she would read to him from the most recent newspaper reports, picking articles that covered criminals he had recently apprehended or the political state of the city. Cyberus didn't even like politics, it was just one of the few things she was authorised to inform him of, and he liked listening.

The only times he had ever been away from her...

Memories tore through his mind. Memories of the previous times his handlers had taken him in for experimental upgrades. The memory of his 0.2.0 upgrade, the worst he had ever experienced.
Memories that read "trapped", that read "pain", that read "fear", that read "what did I do wrong?"
Held down, overloading due to a handler's careless mistake, the white-hot flash of an electrical surge running through his bloodless veins. Screaming for ROMANA to tell him what was happening, but he was disconnected from the system, his voice carrying to nothing but the void.

"-may be easier if we just investigate your systems ourselves."

Cyberus snapped back to attention as RAM spoke, having completely missed the first half of her sentence.
"I'm sorry, you want to do what..? he asked.

"We just want to take a look at your systems. It'll be easier than just asking you question after question." ROM explained.
"Plus we'll find out if you're hiding anything..." RAM interjected again.
"...basically it saves everyone a lot of time." ROM finished her sentence for her.

Cyberus shifted uncomfortably. On one hand, he didn't like the idea of anyone accessing his mainframe systems who didn't critically have to. On the other hand, this pair scared him slightly and he wasn't exactly eager to deny any of their requests.

"...yeah... sure... Uh, how exactly do you do that..? You're both a different interface." he asked nervously.

"Oh, we've both had a bit of practice. Neither of us could claim to be the best at it, but we're good enough." RAM stated simply.

"Oh... okay..."

"That's not reassuring at all, RAM." ROM teased.
"Good thing I wasn't trying to be."

Cyberus felt a second twinge of envy spark in his chest as he watched the two speak so freely.
That envy quickly died, however, as the pair refocused their attention on him, and RAM approached him calmly.

"You are right though, this might be a little bit uncomfortable, since we're different operating systems. Don't worry, though, it shouldn't take long."

RAM took his claws in hers, and a shock of pain ran through his arm as she triggered a near-field-connection between their systems.



[YES] > [N%!@&*$/////////////////ERR^! YES]


"Cyberus? What the- RAM, get out of there, your interfaces aren't compatible."

"Don't try to stop her when she's almost done."

"I don't care, ROM, he's having a full breakdown, we--
We barely even know how he works enough to fix things if she breaks something."



[Commence full memorybank data backup]

[Secondary system shutdown in 3]



[Secondary systems offline]

[Partial primary function shutdown in 3]



[Nonvital primary functions offline]

[C183R05_9R43N715_43651531_MK_0.2.4 OFFLINE]



[... ...]

[... ... ...]

[... ... ...]

[... ...]


[Memory backup complete]

[Functional battery percentage <10%]

[Power recharge mode engaged]
[All nonvital functions offline]


[Audio input received]
[Replaying audio input for later analysis]

"RAM, you should have listened to me and gotten out of there as soon as his antivirus unit triggered."

"I did exactly what I should have done. He's fine, and now we've got all his data on ROMANA and Praenuntius Biomechatronics."

"That doesn't change that it was reckless and could have fried his system. Or yours."

"But it didn't."

"That's not the- look, I hope the information you got out of him is worth it, since it seems that he'll have to be the medics' problem for a while before he can join me in the field. I was hoping to take him out to see what he can do, but apparently not."

"Sorry, Ashe. I promise I'll look into the workshop he's from sometime in the next couple of days. If they only make custom combat cyborgs like him, then it might be work looking into a rescue mission."

"Maybe so. You get to work on that, I'll go see if I can get this boy a bed in the medical ward... Welcome to FL/GHT, Cyberus. I wish you could have had a better introduction."

[Data profile]

[Serial number: C183R05_9R43N715_43651531_MK_0.2.4]
[Mainframe: 9R43N0715_R0M4n4_OS]
[Classification: Biomechatronic reanimation cyborg]
[Dimensions: ~31m x 20m]
[Weight: ~8.3 tonnes]
[Elemental alignment: Lightning]
[FL/GHT role: Field Unit]
[Area of operation: Shifting Expanse - Sea of a Thousand Currents - Tangled Woods]
[Status: ACTIVE]
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