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Personal Style





4.16 m
5.93 m
562.57 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Jul 22, 2018
(4 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 25 Pearlcatcher
Max Level




redoing his bio soon everything is a mess
I write down something here as I have an idea about him so it's messy
damn I need to rewrite his lore and personality, such cringe

my first human character but I can't draw

it seems that his name is banned hahaha what

I know he's lvl25 with eliminate but I'm thinking of retiring him so that he can stay with his friends
(I don't use the coli often now)

silent and shy in an unhealthy way.
waking up from a long hazy dream, he eventually decided to mend his broken, disordered memories, and do anything for his only friend.

His name is Vladimir Ogonov if that is ever a thing
haha funny fire man

stupid, dead inside, scared of social intercourse, difficult to irritate, holds grudges, just cannot forget.

somehow he thinks wow Anatoliy is neat and he needs a father so... treats Anatoily as his dad??? what am I thinking

lore is too cringy so I'm showing some art done by wonderful people first

^by Mintutopia^

^by QueenPersephone^

^by Oxygene^

^by Y0hane^

>basically he has a horrible, somehow lazy personality with zero motivation

>dislikes expressing his thoughts so doesn't talk unless very necessary, so his voice becomes hoarse
>seems to have little feelings and he just wants to sleep
>feels inferior and strongly believes he can't make any good decisions, so he bilndly follow orders most of the time
>since one day he decided to restrain his emotions and opinions, because he thinks those won't do any good
>no one knows what he's really thinking about

>has a surprisingly good memory and quietly observes everything around him
>but sometimes he remembers random weird things and can't get them out of his mind
>very difficult to be irritated, but if he is, he will hold grudges and never forget

>actually he's easy to get along with others, since he won't cause any trouble, only a bit boring
>very good at doing chores, especially cooking, and taking care of others, since he has managed all his chores and cared for his mother since he was little
>has a sweet tooth, likes chocolate
>is able to drive a lot of vehicles but ironically dislikes thrills. Also fixes machines and circuits

>deep in his thoughts, he likes trains, the verhicle he has seen for the most times in his childhood that can take him to the places he has never seen, although right now he doesn't really like thinking of going to new places anymore

>He spent his childhood in a rather remote, underdeveloped dargon settlement. He has little memory of his father, who served in a small fraction of Icewarden's forces, and got killed in his mission when Vladimir was still very young. Bounded in such a small place, he always stay at the border of his settlement, silently staring into the vast snowy barrens, wondering what could be far away.
When he became older, he went to some more developed regions to seek a fortune. When he finally arrived after a long, tiresome journey, what he felt wasn't excitement: he had never saw so many dragons, he could never thought of such a way of life. A strong sense of inferiority took him down.

>does his dangerous job as a mapmaker in extreme climate, he don't know if he likes it but still does this anyway

>follows "bro" father (????) Anatoliy because of his ability and determination, or simply because of his severe inferiority
>he's always wondering what he can do to support Anatoliy.


Just some forum games
Daijobanai wrote:
dunno, your avatar reminds me of a guy who was forced to go on this trip that meant hiking up the mountain/going to Antarctica and "discover" new things and they're not enjoying anything in the slightest
Gif wrote:
When people think about mapmakers, they usually think it's a pretty boring and dense job. However, what they don't know about it, is how exploring is necessary to make the maps.

Vladimir loves this part of his job. The things he's seen, the people he met. It was always a pleasure to see the wonderful places he went to. Of course, not everything was as easy as it sounds; Poor Vladimir went through some rough paths. Nevertheless, it was a good thing on his opinion, since the more bad things happened to him, the more he could learn how to deal with them in case anything would risk happening again.

"Experience is the most important fount of knowledge."
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