Level 1 Coatl
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Ice.
Male Coatl
This dragon is hibernating.
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Personal Style


Squire's Beret
Cobalt Glasses
Black and White Flair Scarf
Dusk Rogue Cape
Midnight Sandwastes Vest
Teardrop Jade Ring
Contrast Aviator Gloves
Silver Steampunk Spats




8.01 m
9.61 m
754.08 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Feb 12, 2018
(5 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 1 Coatl
EXP: 0 / 245




  • none


xxxxxxxxxxxxxx DDYehwt.png x
questions that are commonly asked among players. these can change or more can be added at any time.
if there is a question you have that isn't answered here, feel free to pm me! i will get to you as soon as possible!
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx who are you?
if you haven't gone to my 'about' dragon, then i would suggest you do that first. if that's not enough info, then here is my carrd~

FR+2 (central time - cst)

when do you usually come online?
depending on if i work or not, i come online at a variety different hours. sometimes more than i probably should at times haha

i prefer they/them, but i honestly don't mind if i'm called other pronouns

friend request?
i don't mind, but if there's no interaction or i don't end up knowing you, then there's a good chance you'll be cleaned up from my friend's list. i have kept it down after years of having over 300+ people on that list.

profile comments?
please! i actually don't mind them at all, especially kind comments. however, as much as i don't mind your thanks, birthday wishes, or telling me one of my dragons was on the front page, there's a good chance i will remove it. it's not that i don't like those comments, but i want to keep my page clean~

your username is interesting. how did you come up with it?
my current username here is drakha. it's honestly made up when i was creating a name for my ffxiv character and i just liked it since. i wanted something that was inspired by 'dragon', so i changed up 'draco' a bit.

what were your other usernames before now?
i started with the name Zoroark, then Eiira before going to ArcticEira until i finally changed to drakha. honestly, i'm pretty happy with my current change.

how do you pronounce 'eira'/'drakha'/'xi'?
just a note, these are both aliases while eira is what i am called irl
eira - eye-ruh
drakha - druh-kaa
xi - z like the letter


can i purchase x dragon?
depends on the dragon. if it's fully dressed, has a familiar, level 25 and the likes, then there is a very good chance that the dragon is not for sale.

are you going to breed your dragons?
the only dragons i will breed are for fodder. i don't know why, but i just don't care for breeding my permanent dragons, even if my lore has some of my dragons with kids.

but i have a perfect match for x dragon~
nope. will not breed.

funny enough, i do have lore of my lair, and i do have it written down on a separate site. i'm slowly working on some details and such before making a thread or showing off the link. but please feel free to ask about a dragon's personality or possible background~ there's a very good chance that i have one for them.

are you going to exalt this dragon?
if i purchased the dragon for 10kt or less, then there's about a 99.9% chance that it'll get exalted. the other percentage is that i might actually end up keeping it or feel like it doesn't deserve being at such a low price and should go to a forever home (eg. older dragons).

though, i will mention that if i purchase or adopt a dragon from forums or anywhere that isn't the threads (unless the thread is for fodder dragons), then there's a very high chance i will not be exalting that dragon. dragons i get through threads (especially older dragons) are ones i went out of my way to receive, so it makes no sense to just get rid of them - it would be a waste of time.

omen? why not just use the randomizer for names?
omen. my fodder name. and to be honest, i probably could, but i like themes and my lore is all about those omens and such, so i found it fitting. plus it's so much easier to find in the coliseum since i have some locke dragons.

i didn't mean to put x dragon on the ah/i put the dragon on ah at the wrong price!
no worries. i don't mind selling the dragon back for the amount that i paid for or for a fodder dragon before i level it. if i have leveled it, then i do expect the payout price (i put time into that dragon already, so let me get my treasure's worth please).

please don't exalt x dragon(s)!!
if you're not here to calmly ask for x dragon for the price i bought it for, then i'm sorry, but the dragon is now mine and i'm able to do whatever i wish with it. and that includes naming it 'omen', leveling it up to 6/7 and exalting it. if you're just going to bother me constantly like this, then this is harassment and will result in a block as well.

i don't mind if you exalt, but can you rename it from---

can i rent a nest from you?
sure thing! i do have five nests after all, so i might as well use them if i don't have a fodder pair on them. i don't have any prices as i happily rent out my nests for free (but tips are lovely~)

i have some dragons i don't want anymore and want to send to you - is that okay?
fodder dragons? yeah! i'll happily take them, whether hatchlings or adults. just send me a PA for fodder price (or lower if you really want) and i'll snag them and save them up for my flight's next push. i will happily tip for your generosity!

could you purchase this item for me with your flight's discount?
sure. just send me the treasure for me to use to purchase said item. i will not use my own treasure for this, so please be sure to have enough. tips appreciated!

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