Vis (#36589334)
For Our Freedom, and Yours
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Otherworldly Aura
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Energy: 49/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Arcane.
Female Mirror
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5.88 m
6.75 m
578.67 kg


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Oct 13, 2017
(4 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 25 Mirror
Max Level



  • none



» V I S «

She/Them | Demi | Leader


Vis' egg was found along the borders of Plague and Arcane lands, parentless and downright bizarre. It bore no characteristics typical of either flights' eggs, be it Plague's pustule green transparency or Arcane's planetary appearance. It was white, with jagged scale-like protrusions that tipped in a dark venomous midnight hue, and emanating a gentle, pulsating light from the center. She hatched alone, the same spines that lined her egg now lining her wings, head and back. Like a baby bird, she bore pin feathers and small, weak wings which, at first, dragged behind her as she walked and stumbled. But, much like a baby bird, she instinctively knew how to behave a mere few hours after hatching. Now, freshly hatched and all alone, Vis set out without direction, wandering the lands and unaware of half the aspects her body had to offer. All she knew was that she was alone, and she didn't know why.
It wasn't long before the lone pale mirror was found, however. A mere few days old and already she was being watched from afar by sharp eyes, keeping their distance, perched stop high trees and cliffs to avoid being detected or caught. Harpies rules these territories, and a baby Mirror? Although small, they were aware of the ferocity these breeds possessed. That being said... One night, when the small mirror curled up under a ledge to rest, she was ambushed; four harpies dived from their perches, bearing nets and ropes and spears. The mirror, terrified out of her sleep, lashed out with all she had- but to no avail. Knocked out, the now tired and wounded harpies flew her back to their Outpost, where her fate would be decided.

Talona wasn't too amused by this notion. However, she saw potential in the tiny, abnormal hatchling, and sent her off into one of the many cages for safekeeping. Day after day Vis was watched over by a set of guards, and day after day the Harpies attempted to "tame" the hatchling in order to use her in the future as their own weapon against other dragons. Vis, however, had every intention of making their life as difficult as possible. The more she was prodded the more of her abilities she discovered, and every time a harpy got close, she tested it on them. Spitting her pink-tinted venom was her favorite passtime, but it earned her a muzzle. Months flew by and, despite the terrible start to their "coexistence", the harpies took a liking to Vis, and vice versa. They even named her what she is known by today: Vis. It came from how often she'd hiss at them, making a distinct "v'sssss" sound.

i n v e n t o r y

///// DN5c8R6.png


tumblr_ph64flyTl71wgebr5o3_250.png Months turned to years, and Vis became another member of the Harpy flock. She could roam around freely, she aided them in huntig and battle. She learned their language to perfection, and by proxy, learned other beastclan tongues as well. Her favorite was the Serthis' hisses and whistles. Now a young dragoness, Vis proved to be so much more than just a rabid mirror. She was intelligent and witty, with a harsh sort of snapping sass that came from years of bitterness and being treated as a dog. She wasn't aggressive as they initially suspected, but certainly was quick to snap at anyone that wronged her or her flock. The most important part of her developing life was when she was given her very own Mask, crafted in the style of a Harpy's, made from the skull of some giant beast-bird. Talona herself handed it to her, as a symbol of acceptance. This was the beginning of a lifelong bond between dragon and Beastclan.

r e l a t i o n s h i p s

Best Friend
First Lover

Possible genes:
Marbled | Spines (?)
Scattered eyes:
1- Unusual
Nice Words wrote:
@AwayfromBirdland: I love mirrors so she immediately caught my eye :D I like her colours and can imagine she'll look even prettier once she's gened up. I also like the apparel choices you made, especially that armor.
Also, she`s got cute art too!

@Click1: As soon as I saw her she looked like an assassin dropping on her victim.

@StygianZinogre: Mirrors are my favorite species and the reaper look has to be one of my favorite themes, so naturally I fell in love with Vis. Her milky white skin blends well with the bandages wrapped around her tail and the worn black cloth draped over her wings provides for a nice contrast to the white dragon. Such a fierce Mirror!

@Silvereil: (most evil dragon) You had quite a lot to choose from, but Vis took the prize this time. Maybe it was the mask, or the tattered drapes over her wings, or the bandages on her tail... Or it could have just been the plain mischievous look in her eye
"Phantomic" wrote on "2018-12-06:
Vis caught my eye quickly! I read up on her just so I could stay accurate to her duties.

-She is still scarred up from her harpy days and it tends to intimidate the other clanmates, particularly the younger ones.
-She most likely has a softer side deep down, deep deep down, but will rarely ever show it.
-Speaking of her softer side, it's typically reserved for Elion and their kids, but if a dragon comes back wounded, she gives in and takes care of them.
-The clan respects her as a leader despite not knowing much of her backstory.
-She probably has a collection of skulls in her den. Scares the kids away.
"CirrusAscending" wrote on "2019-09-15:
- Vis has a bad habit of screeching like a raptor to scare others. She did this a lot during her days with the Harpies.
- Vis is selectively mute (hence why she only snarled and hissed at the Harpies, as opposed to talking to them).
- Vis collects bones, and adorns herself with them. If she sees one that catches her eye, she'll cure/prepare it, stripping any remaining flesh/sinew/tendons/tissue away from the bone carefully, washing it, and letting it dry.
- Vis has partial immunity to onyx cobra venom. When she was bitten by one, she developed a milder form of gembond, centered mainly around her hind legs and her head crests.
"AEtherium" wrote on "2019-09-22:
Let's see...
  • Even though Vis is an arcane dragon, she can somehow control some aspects of plague magic.
  • Has the ability to mimic a harpy's screech almost to perfection, it would be perfect if her clanmates didn't silenced her that often.
  • Can eat a whole carcass by herself, bones included, is it putrid and clearly in an advanced state of decomposition? dosen't matter, she'll still give it a try.
  • Has a secret tecnique to mantain her apparel a shiny white color even when she makes a mess when she eats.
  • Secretly likes to hang around with rogue harpies that have deserted their beastclans.

°•○ ART ○•°


By Bleddynx

By Shakly

By TracerWolf

By CrowG0d

By CyborgVulture

By remnio

By StarTheef (ft. Rae)

By Sparkbreeze

By Okolu
By Smikkles

Art (by me)

(using this!)




41722454605_fc7ec4942e_o.png (another link where I won ;0) k4CV7v9.png
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