Level 1 Pearlcatcher
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Electric Nymph
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Lightning.
Male Pearlcatcher
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Personal Style


White Wooly Antennae
Hunter's Hat
Trailing Storm
Hunter's Cape
Shady Highnoon Vest
Black Lab Coat
Shady Highnoon Spurs


Accent: Electromechanical



4.06 m
6.15 m
534.88 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Jun 28, 2017
(6 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 1 Pearlcatcher
EXP: 0 / 245




  • none


__34055220.png K A R M A N H
{ kar - MAAN }
Lightning Ambassador/Engineer
Nickname: Karm
x. (name meaning unknown)

♦ AH purchase

» FEATURED IN: (none currently)
» OTHER APPEARANCES: Amo, ergo Sum, Soleil (written by awaicu), A Story for Keilim
» CAMEOS: A Story for Qualia, Beneath the Boughs (written by Petall)


Karmanh was born to a nomadic clan of the Shifting Expanse. The nomads sustained themselves by trading various things they found in the desert, and as a small child, Karmanh found himself enthralled by the bits of machinery and the tools which his clan's livelihood depended on. Under the guidance of his elders, he played with these, putting together contraptions of his own. The clan soon realized that this child was gifted, with a flair for invention and powerful Lightning magic of his own. They encouraged Karmanh to continue pursuing his interests.

The dragons were forced to abandon their nomadic lifestyle when their clan was struck by a disease. They settled in an abandoned amusement park. Karmanh and his parents survived, and while the clan rebuilt itself, the young inventor romped freely through the park, fascinated by the colorful murals, the animatronics and rides. One rusted animatronic, a Wildclaw welcoming children aboard a carousel, caught his eye. He dragged it back to the camp, and this became one of his pet projects. He was determined to restore it, and he sold or traded away some of his other creations for parts for his animatronic.

The clan was supportive of Karmanh's endeavors, for he was a great help to them. They listened as he shared his goal: to upgrade his robot into a fully conscious automaton, one that could think and speak for itself. He could upgrade the body himself, he was sure -- but to give his robot life, he would need a cybernetic brain, a very expensive component. He shrugged as he said this; he would probably be able to buy it someday. After months...maybe years...

He didn't need to wait so long. On his coming-of-age ceremony, the clan chief presented him with the very object he'd been looking for: a cybernetic brain for his machine. The chief explained that Karmanh had done many services for the clan over the years; it was only right that they give something back to him, too. His project was now complete, and he could leave the clan -- or accompany them, for they were now strong enough to resume traveling the desert as nomads. Karmanh made his choice: He had lived in the amusement park long enough; now it was time for him to see the rest of the world. And his automaton would have much to learn, too.

On a traveling merchant's advice, Karmanh and his automaton made their way to the Sunbeam Ruins. They found work with a clan whose Chief Engineer was looking for apprentices, and possibly replacements. It wasn't long before Karmanh's facility with machines and Lightning magic was discovered, and after careful training, he was elevated to the position of Lightning Ambassador. He occasionally travels to the Shifting Expanse on business, but remains just as happy in his clan, where he now has all the tools, machines, and funds to tinker with.

Karmanh has always been fiercely keen, intelligent and inquiring. As a small child, he was not well-liked. He knew he was a great deal smarter than many clanmates, and he was often chastised for his impertinence and arrogance.

He was noticeably more subdued by the time his clan settled in the amusement park: He understood that they were in the middle of a crisis, and furthermore he had seen many playmates die of the plague. He started to become more receptive to others' feelings and requests. His elders were quick to take note of his change of heart, and they impressed upon him the values of politeness, empathy, and respect. Karmanh took these teachings to heart all the way to adulthood, and is now among the politest of the Disillusionists. He always speaks inoffensively and seems incapable of any displays of temper.

Karmanh is also known for being a hard worker. Day-to-day tasks involve him going around the lair and performing maintenance on magical connections and machines like Dulindara. Once his daily tasks are complete, he turns to pet projects to occupy him. Most of these are long-running and involve lair upgrades or new inventions. He is reluctant to ask others to run errands for him (or just forgets to do so) and often exhausts himself running around collecting the things he needs for his projects. He is at home on the road as much as he is in the workshop and will readily travel abroad if his work calls for it. While not as well-traveled as some of his clanmates, he can live off the land fairly well. He still remembers much of his time in the Shifting Expanse and can guide clanmates through parts of the desert if need be.

At home, Karmanh has his own workshop, which is somewhat disorganized (not that it matters to him; he usually knows exactly where everything is). His quarters are sparsely furnished. He's known for falling asleep on his workbench instead, surrounded by engineering plans. Tries to keep regular hours, but sometimes fails to do so when he gets too deep into his work. On the rare occasions he's not working, he likes to travel. He particularly enjoys wandering around public places such as markets.

Karmanh doesn't have any close friends in the clan, but he gets along well with almost everybody, so it's a moot point. His automaton, Carousel, is his closest companion. Maintenance is a part of their lives; Karmanh keeps him in top shape and upgrades him when parts and funds allow. Although they are often seen together, Carousel doesn't always stay with his creator, and in fact Karmanh encourages him to go out and do things on his own. He was very, very surprised when Carousel found a mate, but was not displeased, instead choosing to see it as another milestone in his automaton's development. Following the accidental creation of Xialanthe, he was briefly interested in tsukumogami, but abandoned this when he realized they were magical rather than mechanical beings.

He usually carries his pearl in a sturdy leather pouch. He has discovered a way to charge it with his magic and will sometimes use it as a battery or a weapon. He is not a cyborg; the accent he wears is actually just decorative paint.
Titanium Wrench
Borer Scrapmetal
Chrome Laser Head
Multi-Lens Magnifier
Iron Gear
Metal Spring
Volt Wiring

33847084p.png Carousel | Creation/Assistant
Named after the carousel where Karmanh originally found him. Carousel is an invaluable part of the clan's engineering team, able to work non-stop and recall even the tiniest details. He always sticks close to his creator and makes sure Karmanh gets the rest he needs.
15438539p.png Crystaline | Colleague
The Chief Engineer mentored Karmanh for a time when he first arrived at the lair, but Karmanh quickly outstripped him and they now regard each other as colleagues. Many of Crystaline's old inventions fascinate Karmanh, and with permission, he has tried his hand at improving them and making sure the work the way they were originally supposed to.
33029109p.png Faustino | Friendly Rival
The Master Craftsdrake is deeply envious of Karmanh's prowess and sometimes challenges him to small, inconsequential contests. Karmanh regards Faust with great respect and doesn't really mind his needling. They occasionally collaborate on projects, during which they get along very well, with next to no aggravation on Faust's part.


If it came down to a fight, Karmanh could probably handle himself, but he dislikes conflict and will try smoothing things over with words. When that fails, he is absolutely not shy about running away.
Often energetic and able to work for long stretches at a time. But he sometimes gets too engrossed in work and suddenly needs to take a break or go to sleep.
Most of Karmanh's magic deals with engineering: using electricity to manipulate machines, regulate power flows, etc. He is resistant to electric shocks. His pearl is always close by and can be used to store excess electricity or discharge it as a weapon.
Though he still has much to learn, Karmanh picks up new information and skills very fast, and he can retain memories very well. He will readily chat with other engineers and artisans and loves observing other dragons at work. He also enjoys reading and has a growing collection of technical manuals.
An unfailingly polite dragon, easy to talk to. A big fan of self-deprecating humor. Enjoys talking about his projects and sometimes gets too bogged down in technical explanations, which can turn some dragons away.
Fairly good. He seems able to stay out of trouble. Either that or he just doesn't go looking for it.


» art by Zoustache

» moodboard by Disillusionist


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