Windswept (#33674415)
Level 25 Nocturne
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Obscuring Goblin
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Energy: 0/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Lightning.
Male Nocturne
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4.16 m
5.81 m
549.52 kg


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Jun 12, 2017
(4 years)



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Eye Type
Level 25 Nocturne
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Tate, please return me to ZenithNadir when it's time to move on. They'll swap you a new traveller so I can go on to a specific lair.


Night Warrior and Traveling Dragon | Adventurous | Curious | Generous | Innovative


Windswept is an intrepid young dragon who, like the rest of his family, takes great pride in his combat training and prowess. Mastery of tooth, claw, and blade is in his blood, but he doesn't want the same stale training that so many other Night Warriors receive. He's seen it again and again - they go to their new clan and they stay there, and they learn to fight the way that every other warrior in the clan is trained. No new knowledge is spread to other clans, and nothing changes.

Windswept has decided that he will shake off this stagnation, and has chosen to dedicate his life to traveling the clans of Sornieth. He will study the battle techniques of many clans and collect their knowledge as he travels, incorporating and molding their styles and strategies into a form of combat all his own.


ZenithNadir (#44542) - 6/21/2017

The warriors of the Suncircle, Windswept's birth clan, fall into three primary categories - the hunters, the mages, and the guards. Hunters rely on brute force to defeat their enemies quickly, enabling them to forage for the clan's resources. Mages use their magical talents for research, healing, and defending the clan's perimeter. Guards also patrol the outskirts, but are also called on as explorers and cartographers, mapping the labyrinths of tunnels beneath the plateau and defending the clan from the monsters that sometimes emerge from the deep. Windswept completed the early part of his training under the tutelage of his grandmother, Adamantine, and learned the value of quick, decisive strikes, especially against larger opponents. But his family has a history of magic-usage too, and Windward hopes to augment his attacks with a set of Spellclaws once he is strong enough to use their magic.

80MinToMidnight (#280350) - 6/23/17

When Windswept first decided to set out in search of training he sent word to his extensive family of Night Warriors, and Phobos was glad to answer him. He welcomed his 4th cousin's child into the lair to train with him and fellow warrior Lumi- who proudly wears the wolf pelt indicating she is a loan wolf warrior of the Ice Flight, a status of prestige that requires one to be a warrior capable of standing on ones own to protect and train those who are new to the art of battle. Phobos and Lumi took Windswept to the frigid waters of the Southern Icefield to demonstrate the primary tactics of the clan. He learned of the benefits in ambushing your opponents, picking up the skill himself, and witnessed how effective warriors are able to rally one another and place carefully timed scratches on their enemies such that it swiftly eliminates them from battle. He was a swift learner of their martial ways and departed shortly after the Brightshine Jubilee.

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Thank you for taking me in! I’m a traveler from ZenithNadir's lair! If you think it’s time for me to move on from your lair, I’d love it if you sent me home, or sent me back sightseeing in the Loved Ones Sightseeing with Tales thread. I can also stay at that thread’s Hostel if you don't have space for more travelers, or you can return me to my home lair.

While I'm staying with you, please train me alongside your clan's warriors! I will happily lend my strength to your clan for the duration of my stay. Please write a few notes in my bio about what I learned while training with your warriors. You may modify my stats as you see fit, and you can add battle stones to me if you'd like, but please send me along to complete my training and don't exalt me! My goal is to reach Level 20 and become a fully-fledged Night Warrior like the other dragons in my family - if you'd like to read more about my family, click the Night Warrior button in my bio.
Lairs I've Visited
  • 80MinToMidnight (Ice)


Generation 6 Night Warrior


Night Warrior RP Thread
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