Nuria (#33510631)
Level 10 Bogsneak
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Energy: 43/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Light.
Female Bogsneak
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8 m
7.97 m
463.93 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
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Jun 05, 2017
(3 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 10 Bogsneak
EXP: 19 / 27676




• N Ú R I A •

  • Hatchday: Jun 05, 2017
  • Original clan: Light
  • Parents clans: Father - plague Bogsneak // Mother - plague Skydancer
  • Came to clan: adopted on Jun 07, 2017 (Noodlesper)
  • Breeding partner: Levan

"It's not an every day profession. Don't beat around the bush: it's a very dangerous one. You can get injured; or even killed. There is there is no room for error!

"To be a good pyrotechnist, I think, it's important to be a lateral thinker. Nothing is laid out in front of you, and so you have to be a hard-worker to cautiously find the right way. While you have to trust in the gathered and tested knowledge, you have to stay on high alert all the time. Not to forget: A true pyrotechnist has to be trustworthy--I would never let someone get in contact with those chemicals who has not idea about the proper handling!. As I already said: just a little mistake can lead to a dreadful ending.

"Despite all the risk, I found my calling with this profession. There is nothing more fulfilling than to look at the beautiful result--after hours of scrutinize work--painted in the sky."

quiet but not shy / sharp tongued

Núria believes, that pyrotechny is possibly the only art which can compete with nature; anyone who has seen a first-class firework display will admit that for colour effects, and contrasts of light and shade, pyrotechny is unapproached. The young dragon sees herself as an artist who paints on the canvas of the sky. Every succesfull displayed show being her very joy and bride. But Núria also loves the long hours of trials and planning that come beforehand. The success only comes from a careful study of the subject, both technically and the long way to the final buildup.

To keep everyone safe, Núria has build her firework factory at some distance to the clans living space. It also consists of dozens of small buildings, separated by certain spaces and with a striclty limited amount of gunpowder in each building. All of these restrictions were enforeced by the elders and by herself to limit the effects of any explosion that may occur.

When she realized a new pyrotechnic composition, Núria would fill the mixture of different chemicals into tubes made of the ubiquitous bamboo. While its insides contains the dangerous mixture, the bamboo tube is strengthened on the outside with a binding of split cane.
At any point--be it at the point of charging the composition into a tube, trying to compound different chemicals or during the course of experiments--Núria has to expect more or less violent explosions that might happen at the slightest mistake. Therefore, research and the developement of safe trials are an essential part of Núrias profession.



The Fire - Traveler Anahita saved the day
Anahita loved her home and the frequent fishing trips with Seawater. Her life was going well; she had found the perfect place she wanted to be at. It was around the time Light was celebrating their annual festivity – the Brightshine Jubilee – the dragoness started to notice something, a feeling she had already forgotten. There was a strange urge to travel and it was getting very hard to ignore. At one point she decided to give in and take on a journey to see the world once more. Looking back, the last time Anahita had traveled such long distances, she had left Ice behind to move to a more watery area. She would definitely return this time though – what would her friend Seawater do without her?

It only took one very confused guide to get the newly minted traveler utterly lost. Anahita was known for her stubbornness, so when a member of her clan had whipped out a guidebook and some maps for her trip, she only gave it a skeptical look. She was a water harvester – for Tidelord’s sake! – and could orient herself just fine by using nearby courses of rivers, or whatever water source she could tap into... or so she thought. Maybe the energy of the Bounty of the Elements a while back was still messing with her magic and all the traveling dragons rushing towards Sunbeam Ruins to get to the festival were adding to it, but Anahita somehow got lost. Not that bad as she was traveling without a set goal at that time, but she wasn’t eager to end up in a Beastkin setup. That’s when the quite useless guide came into the picture – the fact, that a lost traveler was found by a (obviously lost) guide should have given her a warning signal: “Do not trust”, but now the dragoness was stuck with that guide in the middle of nowhere.

At some point, the confused guide finally got back on track and took Anahita to a close by clan with an Inn to rest her sore wings and aching feet. Clan Àidhear of the Windswept Plateau welcomed the exhausted traveler with open arms. The bathhouses even remembered her about home as she was soaking in hot water to get the stiffness out of her bones.

A sudden explosion jolted her out of a very nice daydream. Dragons were rushing by, some carrying bucket or even small tubs. Curious about what was going on, Anahita joined the flock of dragons. They were leading her just outside the clan’s living space to get to a firework factory. Next to it, a dozens of small buildings storing a small amount of gunpowder could be found; and one of them was on fire! Something must have created a spark inside, setting the gunpowder off. Every member of the clan came rushing in, carrying bottles, tubs, buckets filled with water to get the fire under control. The situation was compounded by the fact that it was quite a distance to get to the next water source. After watching the bustle for a little while, Anahita decided to step in and help out. A firework factory without water nearby was lunacy! But she could do something about it… a little bit of magic later, the fire was under control and a small new river was carving its way just behind the factory. Anahita was given a lot of positive attention after her heroic act – some celebrations and good cheers later, the dragoness might actually be happy to leave the madness behind to get back on the way once more.



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