Level 1 Tundra
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Moonlight Fungi
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Energy: 0/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Shadow.
Male Tundra
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Mage's Walnut Bag




3.96 m
2.88 m
447.54 kg


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Feb 02, 2017
(7 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 1 Tundra
EXP: 0 / 245





Uh-oh, looks like this shady fellow wandered a little too far from his home lair (172384, Melova), and now he's off to see the world! If ever you feel the need to exalt, please do not. He'd really appreciate it if you could just return him to the home lair, or to the 'Dragons Off To See The World' thread, here.

Solitary | Teasing | Cynical | Rational
Hasn't found his place in the world and doesn't bother finding it. He just wants to see what the world has to offer. It would be a huge surprise if he finds a nesting partner. If he does, please write how and why.

Mage's Walnut Bag

I've been rotting here for as long as I can remember now. Nobody needs me. Why am I still here? He wondered. Finally, when no one was looking, he slipped away. If they refused to let him go, then he'd make himself free. And so in the depths of night his journey began...

Rain found a home in small clan in the Ashfall Waste - even he was surprised by this fact. The clan was isolated and primitive, its members not trusting strangers. Nothing special, nothing interesting. Rain wasn't going to stay here.

But it was fun to look at the strange behaviour of bearish Tundras. The observation gave Rain pleasure, improved his mood. It made him feel better than others.

Over time, Rain was accepted by clan, but even then he kept his distance. He didn't make friends. He didn't feel such a need.

Still, Lowri often accompanied him on patrols. To kill the time, he sometimes talked to her.

Time passed and Rain realized that he cared about her. He missed the days when they didn't talk to each other. It's nothing special, he thought. I just got used to it.

But he told her about this anyway. She smiled and said that he should focus on patrol and duties.

He didn't listen to her. It was a big mistake.

Lowri came one night to his den. Because of a child, his child.

Scared of consequences, afraid of his own life, Rain ran away.

He's been wandering around on his own for months. Every day was pretty much the same: eat, wander, find shelter, sleep. Not really wanting any company, Rain took to traversing across lesser-known paths, those overgrown with diverse flora. The peacefulness and lack of dragons alongside these paths relaxed him.

But there was a reason that these paths have been less-traveled; the local Beastclans often used them for the same reason as our fluffy friend. The Longnecks flocked to them for the peacefulness they offered while the Talonoks found them to be a perfect place to organize a trap for the unwary. Rain was rather unaware of both events so he kept on walking, consumed in his own thoughts.

Imagine his surprise when the ground beneath him suddenly shuddered and seemed to disappear; as if someone took an eraser and made it vanish into nothing. His big body fell hard into the deep hole - from which, as he would soon find out, he would not be able to get out on his own - he dropped onto his side, and all his weight ended up on his ribs and left wing. Luckily, he only managed to knock the wind out of his lungs and bruise the side of his chest, but the wing bones ended up getting crushed underneath his size and stripped him of possibility of simply flying out of the hole.

Rain let out a loud growl, calling for help, demanding to be let out, asking questions about the point of this trap... But no answer came, nothing changed, no one appeared on the ledge. Either the... thing that left this here wasn't around or was having too much of a good time listening to his growls.

Not about to stay here until he dies of hunger or dehydration, Rain kept on growling out loud, hoping help would soon come in whatever shape or form...

There was no help in sight. Left to his own devices, Rain attempted to make the climb up the steep ledge, but there was no place for proper footing. He could only manage to get so far with the vertical angle and would slide back down on his sore, aching body. Once or twice he found himself on his wounded side again. A whimper of pain would escape him in his bitter, mournful state.

His fur slicked with mud and the hours of the day having turned to night, Rain was left with no alternatives but to rest where he'd landed, his sides heaving painfully with each breath he took. He stared blankly into the sky and canopy hanging over above with darkened eyes like the night...

Brush shifted overhead. He tilted his head, a low rumble in his throat.

An elongated face hung over the hole, but it was difficult to make out features in the shadows. There was a shine to its eyes, a brilliant yellow glow in the night. It stepped away from the hole after a glance, and suddenly something came fluttering down.

A net dropped down upon Rain from above.

"Climb on, if you wish to keep your life."

With weary eyes, Rain glanced over the netting. Expertly woven, multiple connection points led skyward. Out of the hole, it connected to a single knotted point he could just barely glimpse.

What other options did he have?

Gingerly, Rain laid upon the netting. His eyes, lids half-closed of exhaustion, snapped open wide as he was slowly hauled up. His ears could make out the grunts of a few voices as his rescuers pulled him out.

His paws finally meeting with the ledge, Rain clawed the remaining distance out shakily to collapse in front of the group. He gave a huff, staring blankly at the peculiar creatures who saved him.

The Longneck stepped back hesitantly as he was freed. With looks to one another, one stepped forward, their cloven hoofs moving quietly in the night.

"That trap was set by Talonok," the Scholar informed him. "They can be a nuisance in this area. Come, we'll see to finding you a place to rest for the night."

Rain had heard stories about violent Beastclan factions, but he'd had few encounters up until now. His gut told him to be weary, but he was too tired to argue.

Limping heavily, the lone Tundra followed after the Longneck as they hastily made for cover. His eyes moving in the dark lighting to see the number of shadows moving around him growing as more and more Longneck's surrounding him on either side.

This could prove to be a very helpful - or disastrous - payoff...

Rain arrived at the Sunbeam Lanternhouse clean, well-groomed, healthy. He spoke briefly to Kukulcan, chose a room, entered, and did not re-emerge; he had no interest in sharing his story, and nobody pressed him otherwise. After a brief stay, he left for parts unknown...

After his brief stay in Crow Callers, Rain received a bag to put items in.

to be continued

Owners I've Had:

Melova - 172384 - Shadow (home)
FluffyTundras - 235298 - Fire
Strukla - 90706 - Wind
RoyalSorceress - 36458 - Arcane
Alokii - 191337 - Wind
sgkat - 158838 - Light
Freefire - 490003 - Fire
XShadowStrikerX - 512455 - Plague
DoppelBia - 112202 - Arcane
grxndsxn - 437722 - Plague
cwrdlyrvn - 514904 - Shadow
grxndsxn - 437722 - Plague
sleepyboi - 525787 - Shadow
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