Namari (#30253052)
Level 1 Mirror
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Shattered Serpent
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Energy: 0/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Shadow.
Male Mirror
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4.17 m
7.12 m
440.96 kg


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Jan 20, 2017
(5 years)



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Eye Type
Level 1 Mirror
EXP: 0 / 245




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Something wasn't right. Since the moment he opened his eyes that night, he could tell, something was wrong. From the first fang in his mouth, through his throat over his shoulders and down his tail, he could feel it. Something wasn't right.

The candles had gone out in the small cavern, the wax making small white waterfalls on the ledges in the rock. The entrance was left open, and the tunnel beyond couldn't be seen, even by a Shadow born dragon. That wasn't right. He barely turned his head and his eyes landed on the figure of his brother, Goru. He was still asleep. The bright colors of his body were faded out in the darkness, even the ribbon that was wrapped around his tail like his own wasn't bright, it looked older than the rock he was laying on. That wasn't right.

He turned his head a tad more to the side, and from the crags of the walls, he made out the frame of his mother. She was hard enough to see in the daytime of the Woods, the only sign of her now was the slow movement of her body to the side to side - had she been up all night?

He was clearly awake, Goru was clearly asleep, and Blackberry was clearly dozing off. And yet, something still wasn't right.

He slowly stood up from the nest, careful not to stir anything to his best ability. The simple sound of the sand and rocks sliding off his talons sounded so loud in the silence. It even echoed down the tunnel, and phazed out until there was nothing again. He creeped toward the entrance and crawled out of the nest, his talons tapping on the rocks and polished gems encrusted in the floor piercingly loud.

The tunnels were all the same in the night. It was impossible to see anything, candles and lanterns were disturbed more than he could stand as he crawled through the Ridgeback's tunnels. They were so huge compared to his size, or any of the Mirror's he's ever seen, it was like walking through an endless cavern with talons that echoed.

He wandered through the tunnels, the darkness only growing as he went - soon he couldn't even see his own arms and tail as he walked. Keeping composure was mandatory here. Something wasn't right, and if there was something around, him giving his position away will surely make it all worse. There couldn't be a thing that could see in this darkness, not even a Mirror or Spiral. Both are useless here. Everything but composure is useless in the tunnels.

Composure wouldn't help with the liquid though. The tunnel suddenly curved upward, and small trails of a warm liquid were dripping off the rocks, and small holes in the ground were collecting it, making it disapear deep in the ground. The liquid made no sound, but the feeling of it coursing over his skin and talons, and the pattering, splashing, of it when he got in it's way was the loudest thing so far.

He clung to the sides of the tunnel as he climbed, hoping to never touch whatever it was. He clung as much as he could without risking falling and making the worst of noises. He climbed, and climbed through the darkness.

The tunnel leveled out, and the darkness eased on him, only slightly. He could finally tell the basics of the room he now entered. It must of lead into a cavern outside in the forest. Small dots of mushrooms were scarcely around the room with fallen trees covering the top.

At the center of the cavern, there was a small pond of the liquid accumulating around something in the center, with small rivers of it trickling down the paths like the one he had just came from. There was something really wrong.

He unlatched himself from the rocks of the side and carefully made his way to the center pond. It felt like he was stepping on pillars that had emptiness between each one and one wrong step would send him plummeting into the darkness.

There were no steps to safely take him to the center of the pond, so he had no choice put to slowly move his arms into the pool and crawl toward it. The pond was deeper than it looked, and he feared he'd sink into it when his first arm touched the bottom, but it only went to his waist.

He moved slowly to the center, and the size of whatever was in the center was soon overwhelming, so was the air around it. There was both a taste and weight to it, but what it was, he couldn't tell, just like his vision, he couldn't tell what it was. He had only one way of knowing.

He lifted his arm out of the pool of water and reached out to touch whatever it was. He expected his talons to screech off of some stone or a polished ore. The only sound emitted by his touch was a horrid squishing sound with the clattering of something under the thin layer of skin his talons pushed on. It barely held onto whatever was inside, it was so bad at doing it one of his claws broke through a small waterfall of the liquid fell over and down his arm.

He drew in a breath as sharp as he talons and latched his mouth closed shut from him breaking the silence in the room and scrambling to get out of the pool, causing it to get all over him and the area. He held in the sounds that wished to erupt from his throat and quickly scrambled back down the tunnel he just traversed, knocking anything in his way down.

He smashed into the small entrance to the nest and scratched his way inside, the now jagged rocks tearing at his skin and ripping parts of his wings. He barely made it through the opening before he flung his head up, about to speak before his voice was once again shoved back down his throat, but not by him anymore.

He was staring into darkness. There was nothing in front of him he could see. Goru's bright colors were gone. The moving form of his mother were gone. The candles were gone. There was just nothing, he was staring into nothing.

He was trembling, the clatter of his talons against the rock, his tail to his back, his wings to his side, his teeth against each other. He couldn't see anything, and yet his sight only kept getting worse as he sat there, a wreck in the remains of the nest.

Then it moved. The nothing in front of him moved, the faintest markings of a face morphing before him. The white of jagged fangs greet him before it opened it's single eye against the darkness. The last thing he saw before the nothing charged onto him, and developed him into a single screech through the tunnel.
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