Level 25 Skydancer
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Cerussite Icewarden
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Energy: 46/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Lightning.
Male Skydancer
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Personal Style


Love's Herald
Black Tulip Flowerfall
Mist Crystal
Haunted Flame Candles
Teal Starsilk Wingdrapes
Haunted Flame Wing Ribbon
Teal Starsilk Cloak
Haunted Flame Cloak
Teal Starsilk Scarf
Teal Starsilk Shawl
Teal Starsilk Earrings
Teal Starsilk Circlet
Teal Starsilk Sleeves
Teal Starsilk Socks
Haunted Flame Tail Ribbon
Haunted Flame Tail Jewel
Teal Starsilk Tailwrap
Siren Sylvan Dress
Raven Sylvan Dress


Accent: blossoming peacock ice



4.92 m
5.43 m
693.79 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Dec 24, 2016
(7 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 25 Skydancer
Max Level




  • none


By Rav3nw1nged

Intelligent - Submissive - Adoring
Cassius' Slave - Akkarin's Mate - Cadfael's Younger Brother
"I can't hold my head up in this dark room anymore
I need a lightning bolt to raise me from this grave
Here comes fresh fire
Fresh fire, fresh fire
So infatuated by the darkness and so surrounded by the light
Oh my God, save my soul
And still I want what's pure and want what's right
But I need another fix tonight
Oh my God, save my soul
Beneath her glowing eyes that call like fire to a moth
The most disgusting lies are dressed in beauty that'll rot
Oh my God, you've won the coldest battle we've fought
Deliverance is mine, from more of this beauty that'll rot
Mirror mirror on the wall, will there be glory if I fall?
Oh my God, save my soul
I need a faith that's solid as concrete, but the impact's broken both my knees
Oh my God, save my soul
Breathtaking blinding truth, freedom I never knew."
- "Rot" Lacey Sturm

Once upon a time, a Royal was born.

The title "Royal" stood for the dragons blessed and imprinted by the deities. Only one ever existed during an Age, and their potential far exceeded those of other dragons. Every Royal had a special duty -- their sole purpose for existing -- and the Royal born in the Fourth Age was tasked with the mission to bring together all the dragons of Sornieth in a battle to once and for all dispel the Shade.

But circumstances don't always align themselves to one's intentions, even if the one in question were the deities themselves. The Royal of the Fourth Age had not been born for more than a few weeks when a warlord from the Scarred Wasteland heard of his birth. How exactly Cassius found out remains a mystery to this day, but the fact remains that warlord wasted no time sending one of his underlings to capture the precious hatchling.

Breaking into the Royal household was no simple task, but the dragon Cassius sent was no simple dragon, either. Into the nursery this dragon stole, and by the time the day broke and the sun came up over the horizon again, the Royal was gone.

An alarm was raised immediately, but it was too late. The Royal was gone -- kidnapped by Cassius' mysterious underling. Over ragged land the kidnapper soared, and into the red haze of Plague land it went. Unopposed and triumphant, carrying the still-sleeping Royal in its claws, the dragon entered the lair of Legion and delivered the Royal to its Warlord.

And that was how Kohana came to find himself under Cassius' control.

* * * * *

Seemingly born into slavery, Kohana has never seen the sky, nor heard of the Shade of which the gods had assigned him to defeat. He knew neither of his birth right as a Royal nor the importance of his existence. All he knew was the endless darkness of Legion's lair, and the fear that haunted his every waking hour. From a very young age, he learned to be submissive, nodding his head to whatever his superiors wanted him to do and doing it, regardless of how hard or gruelling the task was. Though he did not know much, he understood early on that if he wanted to survive, he would listen to his masters.

Perhaps because of his submission, Kohana at first did not dare dabble in closer relationships, whether with fellow slave or master. He'd grown used to seeing dragons having their loved ones killed before them, and he was afraid of the same happening to himself. Because of this, the majority of his childhood was spent alone and terrified, isolated from others and having no one to fall back on.

And then he met him.


Unlike the other slaves, Cadfael was a dragon from the revered Auroral Dissonance. He was a hostage, one of Cassius' many prizes, and he took a special interest in Kohana. Though Kohana was unaware of it at first, Cadfael took measures to protect Kohana, secretly relieving the Royal of his workload and doing all he could to make the Royal's life for comfortable. Kohana was initially afraid when he realised that he was getting closer to Cadfael, but after a while, he didn't mind. It was nice, having a friend, and while it did not lessen his suffering, having a friend made it easier to bear.

It was only after meeting Cadfael that Kohana's terror of Legion lessened. He now had someone by his side -- someone was wasn't afraid of standing up to Legion, even at the cost of his life. Only after getting closer to Cadfael did Kohana begin to think thoughts he daren't before -- of overthrowing Legion. And the closer he got to Cadfael, the more he realised that he wasn't alone in this dilemma. There were other dragons who desperately wanted freedom, and there were dragons who were insiders that wished to free the slaves. The more Kohana knew, the less afraid he became, and he began to hope for the first time that there might be some way he could one day escape.

Then, Akkarin arrived.

Before his arrival, Kohana had merely dreamt of the outside world. He'd heard of blue skies from Cadfael, but had never truly attempted to imagine all the possibilities out there.

Akkarin was the one who taught him the wonders of the outside world. He was different from the other slaves, different from even Cadfael and Namid, for he had traveled the world, and he had seen the many colours and cultures that graced it. Akkarin told him the stories of the world outside, and made him wonder just what could possibly be out there.

"I wish I will be able to see them one day," he once breathed to Akkarin, as they laid snuggled against each other, tucked away in Kohana's cell.

"You will." Akkarin said confidently. "And you shine brighter than any of them."

"Is that true?"

"Yes. You're the most important dragon I know, and," Akkarin added softly. "You're the most important dragon to me."

Kohana laughed and leaned against his lover. "Don't lie. How could I possibly be of any importance?"

Akkarin looked at him, and smiled.

* * * * *

Shy and reserved, Kohana is far too gentle for his own good. If he was a bit more aggressive and willing to embark on a path of blood and steel towards freedom, then perhaps Legion would no longer exist. However, this has proven to be contradictory to the current case, so it would appear Kohana will have to remain a freedom fighter for quite another while.

Being a Royal, Kohana is Cassius' prized possession. Perhaps because of this fact, coupled with his submissive personality, certain other dragons of Legion found joy in making his life as miserable as it could possibly be. Among his tormentors, the most notable of them were Mother, Xerath, and Nolofinwe. Though, of course, they took care not to take their torturing too far. Even if he doesn't know it, Kohana is still a Royal, and Royals are born with powers far more devastating than any other dragon could hope to be. There was mental manipulation, weather manipulation, and magical manipulation. These powers, along with the fact that they're emotionally based as Kohana currently has no control over them, has proven to be quite fatal to Legion if ever unleashed.

Also due to being a Royal, Kohana ages relatively slower than his fellow dragons -- he's actually much older than even Namid, though his personality and appearance would suggest otherwise. For one, he's not as experienced as the latter, and is often naive enough to believe the first words other dragons say. Because of this, he's not very useful in the fight against Cassius' tyrannical hold.

Perhaps what differentiates Kohana from the rest of his fellow slaves is his ability to see the good in everyone. Having been born into an optimistic family, he believes that everyone, no matter how bad, still retains a single shard of light in them -- even Cassius. He finds himself feeling sorry for dragons like Azir, whom he believes wanted desperately to turn back to the light. The only dragon he can not see the good in is Xerath, and therefore is terrified of him.

- By MythicalViper

- By Actaeon, featuring Akkarin

- By Fantastea

By MythicSpirit

By Rav3nw1nged

Akkarin, Kohana's mate - By Rav3nw1nged
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