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Male Spiral
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2.52 m
2.17 m
80.15 kg


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Aug 30, 2016
(7 years)



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Eye Type
Level 3 Spiral
EXP: 5 / 1401




Seth is rash, arrogant and violent but he always stands up for what is right.
He never avoids a fight or backs down and would even challenge the dragongods if he had to.
To those who earn his respect he is a true friend.
He left his clan to find a cure for his best friend Hermes.

Please add any adventure Seth had when he visited you.
You may breed him, fight in the coliseum or even regene him.

Owners I've Had:
Warbird, 255973
FluffyTundras, 235298
QueenFishy, 248388
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Uh-oh, looks like this arrogant brat wandered a little too far from his home lair (Warbird, 255973), and now he's off to see the world! If ever you feel the need to exalt, he'd really appreciate it if you could just return him/her to the home lair, or to the 'Dragons Off To See The World' thread, here. This is not necessary, but he would be very grateful!

15th February 2017, The Ykwi'Maw

Seth wanted to stop for a moment and ask for the shortest path to The Viridian Labyrinth. He heard that some Nature clans know the cure for his best friend. Unfortunately for him, today Lowri guarded areas of Ykwi'maw.

He landed in a small forest at the northeastern border of The Ashfall Waste but he did not have time to enjoy the view. Something snarled, roared and came out from behind the trees. Grey Tundra in full armour examined him carefully, still growling.
"Get out of here!" she said, baring her fangs.
It really annoyed Seth. He was not going to indulge such behavior!
"Woah, woah, calm down! Who are you?" he replied.
Tundra burst out laughing.
"It does not matter. You are on our territory, go away, or I'll make you do it" she answered nonchalantly.
"Just try!" Seth shouted and attacked.

It was mistake. Huge mistake.

Tundra avoided his every attack and easily handed out blows. She was surprisingly strong. Seth had not expected that herbivore will beat him so easy. When he realized he had no chance, it was too late.

"Nimala will now about everything, Lowri! he heard another voice.

Shadow missile hit gray Tundra and threw her backward. Another Tundra, dressed as a mage, appeared. She sighed loudly and looked at Seth.

"Run away, I'll handle it. In our clan such... misunderstandings are far too frequent. I apologize on behalf of the High Priestess" she said calmly.

Seth was forced to flee with a broken wing and a detriment to the honor

16 February ~ 5th March, 2017 (Fire vs Lightning), #276945
Sorry for his long stay here!

Seth.. wasn't sure what he was doing here. One moment, he was running away from a fierce, Grey Tundra- his pride hurting. The other moment, he burst out of the clearing.. and found himself where he started, the Ashfall Waste.

He internally groaned. He just wanted to get to the lands of the Gladekeeper, to find a cure for his friend! Was it too much to ask? However, he found himself surveying the landscape- and realised that this was a part of the Ashfall Waste that he had never been into.

He was momentarily stunned and surprised. He was sure that he travelled everywhere in the Ashfall Waste, searched every nook and cranny in hopes of finding a herb to cure his friend. But this.. this was a place he had never been into. And judging by the revels and shouts nearby, he guessed that a Clan was nearby.

Carefully clutching his broken wing, he slowly walked towards the Clan. He didn't want to seem unfriendly or snarky, considering the last.. incident that happened when he did.

As he approached the Clan, the revelries died down. A Skydancer wearing a Hood and a Nature Tome approached him. He was wary at first, remembering the incident when he were in the dead forests of the Ashfall. He hefted his wing, in a futile attempt to scare off the approaching attacker. However, the attacker merely laughed, letting his hood slide down from his neck.

It was then when Seth knew that he could trust him. His orange orbs glowed faintly in the dark, but it was pulsing with life. Noticing Seth's orange eyes, he smiled. ''So you are one born from the flames of Mather as well. We trust you, for that if we cannot trust one of our own, then who can we trust? Welcome!''

Seth tried to stop a small sigh of relief from emitting from his mouth. At least, this Clan seemed friendly enough...

He stayed in the Clan for a few weeks, helping them prepare Dragons to send to the Flamecaller, and occasionally helping the Clan Trainer in the Coliseum train the excited Dragons, as it was heard that a fight between Lightning was brewing, and he, too was excited to take part in the action. He stayed for weeks, helping catapult the Dragons into the Great Furnace and collecting Fireflies and Lightningbugs.

There was, truly- no place like home. And home was here in the Ashfall Waste. But he knew he couldn't stay, so he bid the Clan farewell, and left- determined to find a cure for his friend.

??- 26th April
(i apologise for his very long stay, I was really uninspired to write lore)

Seth eventually found himself one one of the many peaks of the Crystalspine Reaches, his broken wing aching. Once again he had found himself in the wrong place. Instead of flying northeast to the Viridian Labyrinth, he had taken some sort of wrong turn along the way. He groaned, too tired to do much else. He decided he would find a secluded spot and rest for the night, hopefully not attracting too much unwanted attention.

He was awoken by loud footsteps, and as he opened his eyes, to his dismay there were four dragons, crowded around him. There was a dapper tundra, a spiral adorned in many trinkets and machines, a guardian covered in assorted pieces of armour, and a white tundra.

The male tundra spoke out first. "Hello traveller, I see you must be very weary, as you seem to have fallen asleep in the middle of our lair." The spiral let out a small chuckle and Seth had the urge to shove her straight off the peak. The tundra spoke again, this time in a more intimidating way.
"You can stay, traveller. You do not seem like much of a threat. But I am warning you, if you do anything harmful, we will make sure to escort you away immediately."

Soon, Seth found himself in the midst of this strange arcane clan. He had found out that the white tundra, actually named Alana was a sort of a tour guide.
After he explained to her why he had came, she led him to a small, shaded peak. Scattered across it were various herbs he couldn't identify, and several large books that were probably big enough to use as weapons. They exchanged no words but he knew this was the workplace of some sort of healer.
Suddenly, a skinny, gnarled looking mirror dragon leaped up and let out a sudden snarl.
"And who might this be, Alana?"
Alana jumped, and promptly introduced Seth.

The mirror seemed much more empathetic once Seth has explained his reasons.
"So it's a sort of curse, hey. I know a thing or two about healing, but Speckle, our clan wizard, probably knows more about lifting curses. Why don't you get over to wherever he is and see if he can help you?"
Seth was fustrated by the attitude of this mirror, but still thanked her anyway.

Alana led him to a small jagged cave on the bottom of one of the peaks. As he entered the room, he saw neatly piled stacks of books and interesting trinkets, some pulsating with a strange energy. A red and brown imperial dragon stood hunched in the middle, skimming through one of his books. As he heard the two enter, he turned and smiled.
"Alana, how have you been faring today?"
He stopped talking when he realised Seth was there.
"Aha, I see we have a new visitor."
Seth decided now was the best time to tell Speckle of his troubles.
Speckle was flicking through his large collection of books in no time, attempting to find some sort of cure for the curse inflicted. However. Speckle eventually began to tire, and Seth realised he probably didn't have the cure he was looking for. He signaled to Alana to escort him away and she gladly took his order.

That night, Seth snuck out of the clan. While he appreciated the hospitality, he was determined to get to the lands of the Gladekeeper, and find some sort of cure for his friend.

Entry 4/26

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