Level 1 Imperial
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Energy: 50/50
This dragonโ€™s natural inborn element is Plague.
Female Imperial
This dragon is hibernating.
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Personal Style


Infectionist's Emblem




23.11 m
21.22 m
9060.03 kg


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Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Aug 17, 2016
(7 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 1 Imperial
EXP: 0 / 245




Plague Representative | Travelling Dragon
๐•‹๐•ฃ๐•’๐•ง๐•–๐• ๐•ƒ๐• ๐•˜

Sept 19, 2016 - Home Lair

Not particularly my original home, but still the home that nurtured me. The Plaguelands may call me a coward, but I know better. I want to learn about the other lands though. After realizing how easily my life was lost before something, The Shadowbinder maybe, saved me, I want to learn all I can. I set out my journey today.

Sept 19, 2016 - ???

I have to admit that the journey to Ashfall Waste wasn't too easy. Why it's so hot there? I'll probably faint if I won't find even a little shade. Wait, this mountain looks good. Maybe I should rest for a while? Then I will continue my journey. Yeah, that's good idea. I will just close my eyes and... Hey, stop! Who's growling so loud? Who's touching me? I'm trying to rest! Wait, is this a... Tundra?

Sept 19, 2016 (later) - The Mountain

I came to a primitive clan. Its members are mostly Tundras , although I hardly saw few Faes . I communicate through a translator, mysterious Tundra named Nimala . She seems to be nice. Everyone constantly urge me to stay here. The problem is that I do not want to! I want to see the world, that's why I left my clan!

Sept 19, 2016 (even later) - Ykwi'maw

Compromise. I'll stay for a week in this strange clan. Then I will leave and no one will stop me. I'm satisfied. They are satisfied. Ykwi'maw, I'm coming!

Sept 26, 2016 - Ykwi'maw

Very exciting week! I learned the basics of a foreign language and... Eh, I don't have enough time to tell it all! Lucky for me, Ykwi'maw members decided to describe my stay. They will keep one copy in their archives and second one will be sent to my home clan! Saying farewell for them wasn't easy, but it's time to go!

Sept 27, 2016 - ???
In the early morning, after bidding my hosts farewell, I left The Ashfall Waste by steamboat. My next destination was The Southern Icefield. Originally, I had planned to travel the route by wing, but warnings of foul weather made me reconsider. Curled up in the cargo hold, I listen to the sounds of the machinery as I bid this travelling log goodnight.ย 

Sept 28, 2016 - The northern coast of the Southern Icefield
The steamer arrived at the Southern Icefield in the late afternoon. Freezing cold this weather is! The warm, humid winds of Fire have been replaced by a dry, biting cold that worms its way into my bones, leaving the feeling of warmth but a simple memory. I had planned to set out into the tundra at once, but the steamer's captain advised me against travelling at night. The Snowsquall Tundra is a desolate place, she said, bereft of any semblance of civilization. Here, clans, both beast and dragon, feud over the few resources that can be found. The tundra itself has little wildlife or vegetation to offer; most clans make their home in the forest belt surrounding the tundra. I may need to make a ย careful plan for this particular excursion.ย 

Sept 29, 2016 - The Snowsquall Tundra
The morning sky was chilly and clear when I took flight. I had been told several of the Snowsquall clans were amenable to outside contact, so the boreal belt was my destination. However, I was... delayed. The sudden snow storm took me by surprise, forcing me to the ground and to continue on foot. It became appearent to me then that the frigid morning cold had been but a slight chill. In the span of minutes, I couldn't continue onwards and had to seek shelter. I found refuge under a large pinetree, its snow-laden branches making for adequate cover. I try to keep writing this travel log, keeping myself busy, but I'm tired, beyond exhausted and I can feel sleep creep upon me. It's so cold...

Sept 30, 2016 - Coldfloods
I am alive. I'm in a cave, on a cot of pelts, wrapped in so many furs and blankets I've been told I now resemble a very furry sausage. I thought I would done for, out there in the storm. I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I remember was something digging me out. It was a chalk white coatl covered in red paint. Like blood, I remember thinking. This coatl held my throat between its jaws and tried dragging me out, like a dog! I feared it would rip my throat out, but it was remarkably gentle. Then it shrieked and I thought my eardrums might burst. Not long after, a couple of tundras arrived. I fell unconscious, but they must have been the ones to bring me here. So strong for their size... So far, I have only met the healer and a few others. They tell me this is clan Coldfloods and that I need to rest, lest my health worsen.ย 

Oct 1, 2016 - Coldfloods
Today I was deemed healthy enough to be allowed out of my cot. I was permitted to meet with clan representative Alimira. I believe she first assumed I was simply a traveller, as her attitude was, quite frankly, smug. When I informed her of my position, she changed her tune and gave me a brief introduction to Coldfloods. Like so many of The Icewarden's clans, this one is fiercely loyal to him. Don't speak ill of the Warden or his flight and I would be welcome, or so Alimira advised me. According to her, Coldfloods used to be far more isolated and hostile in its early days, but the softening heart of its matriarch has kept Coldfloods' gates open to any visitor.ย 
Its members inhabit a large cave complex, located on the outskirts of the Tundra. This grants them great protection from the harsh weather. They draw geothermal energy from the caves' depths and use it to heat their lairs.ย 
The clan's interpreter Kaleth is to be my guide for my stay here.

Oct 2, 2016 - Coldfloods
I had hoped Alimira would arrange a meeting between me and the matriarch, but I was informed it was not possible. Apparently, this matriarch doesn't like ambassadors and politicians, and refuse to meet with both. It seems I would have had more luck had I been a simple traveller. A shame, but thankfully there are other dragons that wish to see me. The clan's gardener, coatl by name of Havana, invited me to visit her garden. And what a garden it was! Underground, heated by geothermal energy and kept alight by what must have been hundreds of bulbs of bottled light, it was a marvel of engineering. And according to Havana, this garden fed most of Coldfloods' herbivore population.Truly a sight worth seeing!

Oct 3, 2016 - Coldfloods
It frustrates me I lost so much time actually arriving at this clan's doorstep, not to mention recuperating from the snowstorm's blow. Still, I have tried to learn as much as I could. Kaleth urged me to visit the underground pools before departing. A rite of passage she called it. Full of curiosity I descended the narrow tunnels, following the path of the clan's water pipes. Then I saw it, a massive hot spring. So this was where Coldfloods received its heating. As I sat by the spring's edge I came face to face with a spirit of Plague. A dying tundra had entered her domain and the spirit had fused with her to save her life. How the spirit even ended up in this place she wouldn't tell me. She seemed a kind and gentle soul, and left me to my own thoughts after a short while. It's a calming place, I'm glad I saw this.ย 

I believe it's time I leave.ย 

Oct 5, 2016- Ancient Caverns

I've arrived in Earth territory. Can you imagine- an entire clan of dragons, mostly scholars from the Sunbeam Ruins, living underground? I hadn't originally intended to stop here, but I ran into one of their gathering parties and Cassia invited me to the caverns. I went mostly out of curiosity, but here seems like a good place to rest a while. It's certainly warmer here, and it turns out the place is pretty interesting. Cassia and her husband, Marinus, told me that these caves were home to the first dragons who settled in Sornieth. It certainly looks like it in the places the clan hasn't carved out for their own use! Paintings cover the walls, intricate and primitive, and in places you can see remnants of dwellings older than any of us.

They encouraged me to explore, but warned against straying too far from the inhabited areas. According to Marinus, when the clan first moved in here they encountered a number of ancient traps and security measures, and strange, underground creatures lurking in the network of tunnels that they had to drive away. I shall have to keep my wits about me.

Oct 7, 2016- Ancient Caverns

I've been busy! When I'm not wandering the tunnels I'm helping the others gather food, or watching as the guards train hatchlings to serve the Earthshaker.

Oct 10, 2016- Ancient Caverns

A strange thing- I'm not entirely sure what to make of it. These past few nights my sleep has been disturbed by the feeling that something is moving around in the tunnels near to where I've made my own temporary nest. It's not a noise, exactly, but more like a sensation of not being alone.

I shan't mention it to the others. This is their home, and I don't want to worry anyone. No doubt my imagination is starting to run away after spending my time wrapped up in the history of this place. It really is fascinating.

Oct 13, 2016- Ancient Caverns

I've been helping Cassia with her research notes. I had a few things of my own to add, as I've spent quite some time in the outer caves, and I feel proud to have aided this clan in some way as payment for their hospitality.

That said, it's time for me to move on. It saddens me to leave, but I long to feel the wind beneath my wings- tomorrow I bid everyone farewell and take to the skies once more.

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