Thyme (#24513995)
Level 7 Imperial
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Palefoot Tadhop
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Lightning.
Female Imperial
This dragon is hibernating.
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29.04 m
17.72 m
8717.93 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Jun 13, 2016
(4 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 7 Imperial
EXP: 827 / 11881


Hatchery wrote:


Welcome to the Wheel of Colours Hatchery! It consists of 3 separate users, in 3 separate flights. As a full hatchery tread takes way too much time and effort, we are trying something new. Each of us will have our pairs listed in a dragon bio, and we only keep pinglists for each existing pair and one for when new pairs are added.

Sales tab
Sales tab
Sales tab

Our pairs will almost only be bred upon request!

Send us a PM if you would like to be added/removed from a pinglist.

You may request any eye colour.

Discounts for birthdays and past helpers, but you need to inform us.

We take treasure and gems at a 1g:1000t ratio, and wishlist items at MP or LAH prices if reasonable.

Holds are only accepted for pure currency payments. You will get a PAH, which gives you one full week to accept the dragon.

Payment for studding is one piece of art/doodle of the dragon you are renting.

All unsold hatches will be exalted.

Don't hesitate to ask us about anything, hatchery-related or not! We are all experienced players and happy to help.

Categories wrote:

Clan leaders
Gen 1

Animal themed
Plant themed

Ancient breeds
Ancient age
Colour coordinated

Secret pairs


Welcome to our secret Wheel of Colours Hatchery!

Pairs will be added as the parents get a complete lore. This includes a short, copyable lore in a quote at the bottom of the father's bio. Feel free to copy it to your own hatchling! You may also add certain exclusive buttons to their bio as long as it was hatched by my pairs or in my clan.

The cards show the parents, and their genes should be clearly visible. Their colour range is in the bottom left corner. The rune in the bottom right corner shows what element that pair will typically be bred in if you don't request a specific eye colour. All pairs may still be bred frequently in wind, as that is my element. The basic price for a hatchling from that pair and facts like arcane subspecies, Gen. 1, XXY, old couple, unique colours and so on will also be somewhere close to the rune. Underneath the card you can see where in my clan they reside, and click their names to go to that dragon's specific page in case you want a closer look at their colours, genes, lore and so on. Their ID numbers are also listed, so if you want to scry their children you are free to do so! There is also a pinglist. Debt means how much I've spent on the pair, and is together with their other specifications meant to give you an understanding of why their hatchlings are priced as they are.

I have several wishlists you can visit if you want to use alternative payment methods: don't own, always wanted, currently needed, dragons and non-items.

tumblr_ou6l6ehqpW1v9fmlwo3_100.png Clan Leaders tumblr_ou6l6ehqpW1v9fmlwo4_100.png

In these pairs, at least one in each couple is a very important asset to the Windflower clan. Here you find our dear clan leader, progenitors and guard captains.

tumblr_ou6l6ehqpW1v9fmlwo3_100.png Subspecies tumblr_ou6l6ehqpW1v9fmlwo4_100.png

All have the subspecies lore as well as a little personal lore. The subspecies lore can easily be copied to the offspring, at your convenience. These didn't fit in any of the categories above.

tumblr_ou6l6ehqpW1v9fmlwo3_100.png Gen 1 tumblr_ou6l6ehqpW1v9fmlwo4_100.png

First generation dragons. They are unrelated to all other dragons in the game, and is obtained from unhatched eggs or Roundsey's Raffle. Their offspring are all generation 2 and comes with a special badge.


tumblr_ou6l6ehqpW1v9fmlwo3_100.png Inspired by Animals and Familiars tumblr_ou6l6ehqpW1v9fmlwo4_100.png

I mostly want this to be a section for real life endangered species, to spread awareness of these scarce beauties. However, a few more common animals, and familiars, may have snuck in while I wasn't looking.
1) crowned cranes
2) copperhead snake and other ssssnakes (needs mate w/python, maybe a spiral?)
3) green striped skink
4) chocolate ferret
5) alstroemeria fox unofficial until he has a new mate
6) red seaslug
7) blue dragon seaslug

tumblr_ou6l6ehqpW1v9fmlwo3_100.png Plants, mainly Melons tumblr_ou6l6ehqpW1v9fmlwo4_100.png

When pinstripe arrived, I went kinda nuts for it. The irony is, my first melon project took the longest to complete. The melons will get their own forum game, so stay tuned! I have some other snacks that wanted in on the food category as well, and I couldn't say no.
1) watermelons
2) watermoatls
3) more watermelons
4) honeydew melons
5) cantaloupes (need mate)
6) moon melon
7) berry smoothie


tumblr_ou6l6ehqpW1v9fmlwo3_100.png Gaolers tumblr_ou6l6ehqpW1v9fmlwo4_100.png

Ancient breeds may go under other categories as well, but for now they have their own special little section. Just like how they feel a little apart from the other dragon breeds - for now.
1) shard and lily
2) sheer cold and sofia
3) x and banana
4) the plums
5) meadow (needs mate)

tumblr_ou6l6ehqpW1v9fmlwo3_100.png Banescales tumblr_ou6l6ehqpW1v9fmlwo4_100.png

tumblr_ou6l6ehqpW1v9fmlwo3_100.png Ancient Age tumblr_ou6l6ehqpW1v9fmlwo4_100.png

These couples consist of dragons more than 4 years old. They are still potent!


tumblr_ou6l6ehqpW1v9fmlwo3_100.png Colour Coordinated tumblr_ou6l6ehqpW1v9fmlwo4_100.png

This section is specifically for those seeking close ranges, doubles, triples and colour matching XYZs. This section is what gave name to our hatchery.

tumblr_ou6l6ehqpW1v9fmlwo3_100.png Project Pairs tumblr_ou6l6ehqpW1v9fmlwo4_100.png
I have first pick on all nests from these pairs. You may request a ping for hatchlings or for when I'm done with the parents. Some parents will be for sale, others not. I don't take eye requests on these pairs.

tumblr_ou6l6ehqpW1v9fmlwo3_100.png Secret Pairs tumblr_ou6l6ehqpW1v9fmlwo4_100.png
I breed these dragons for lore reasons and schemes, which is why their hatchlings are not in the hatchery. They are exalted once they are adults. You may still request a hatchling, but I request you please don't change its name.

This lady was bred by Guffey93 on request from Cutiepaws. Cutiepaws decided to keep her firstborne, and gave this lady to me. She could have been born with these exact genes, but I'm not 100% sure she did. Previously, metallic was an option for her. It's cool and pretty. But her mate, Sage, fits metallic far better.

Praise (X)

Windmills, eggs and kite by Georgieanna. Wind puffs by SummerStorm and bushy divider by Squiggles. I found them in wind flight's free graphic hub. It is only accessible to wind members.
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