She of the nomadic shattered clan
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Treehorn Wolpertinger
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Energy: 0/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Earth.
Female Veilspun
This dragon is an ancient breed.
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Personal Style

Ancient dragons cannot wear apparel.


Accent: Crystalcourt Princess


Scene: Webfiend Cave


1.31 m
0.97 m
2.1 kg


Primary Gene
Laced (Veilspun)
Laced (Veilspun)
Secondary Gene
Edged (Veilspun)
Edged (Veilspun)
Tertiary Gene
Diaphanous (Veilspun)
Diaphanous (Veilspun)


Feb 08, 2016
(7 years)



Eye Type

Special Eye Type
Level 1 Veilspun
EXP: 0 / 245



Suriya, she of the nomadic shattered clan

Snatches of memory haunted her sleep in bitter fashions, every reflection she saw was of a mirror dragon, but when she woke and looked at her claws it was not mirror clawed foot pads that was in her view. She angrily splashed at the pools water because awake what she saw was nothing like she had ever seen. Wandering her way thru the caverns tunnels she one by one checked on each of the 7 others that were part of her and Asmoth's cave home on the shattered plain of the earth flight.
Home... home, this was that, how coming back here made it home she would never know... and yet it was.

Each one found had added yet another number all without a home, wandering wayward dragons, lost to all but her. 9 they had tallied she had lead her small clan of mirrors and Asmoth had lead the nocturnes, Bradoon had guided the guardians. Bradoon had told her they had two amoungst them that needed the naming and she planned accordingly. He had a way of keep order but in so quiet a way. Infact while her and Asmoth had taken extremely ill, it was Bradoon had guided the clan and kept them all safe. Bradoon what a constant calm, and she found she counted on more then she realized.

When he, Asmoth and her self had escaped being exalted it was that day they vowed to never be parted as close family. She had faithfully held tight to that most personal of vows, held tight to all she had known but tried to already be ready for all that was unknown which to her, here in the days passed was almost every thing. She had breathed her first breath in the month of budding flora and quick silver frosts. Her in the very place that was where she had returned. Shortly after that she had found Asmoth and shortly after that Bradoon. they were like a trio of wallflowers. But with those two she felt most content, they were her family even when the exalting was upon them, it was a joint effort between Bradoon and Asmoth to get them to freedom, but they did.

Escaping the earth flight had been easy in comparison to watching others be exalted, Suriya made the other two swear they would never let any children if there was any, get exalted, tho Bradoon calmly pointed out sometimes changes happened that no one ever saw coming. Those words flooded back to here and she paused in her movements and cried. How could his words years ago weigh so heavy in the now but Bradoon had always been a dragon of quiet wisdom, and those words helped her many many times, and she was grateful for those moments given, tho they were few and far between because he was always so quiet a dragon..

They were encountered by The King of the Goblins and brought to the Filou shadow clan that resided in the Wispwillow Grove, during that time she had learned a great many magics, Bradoon had learned to be a great protector and Asmoth had become a scholar. They would spend many an hour in the lair that resided by the pools of viewing King Jareth himself had shown then such a place all those years ago, knowing Suriya and the other's were most content in gentle seclusion. When she finally decided to go he had only requested one thing, that was for her to let others who needed a home find her and to guide, protect and look after them, to give them a family.

Coming back to the quiet cavern pool she curled up round the clutch of eggs, she knew instinctively they were he's and Asmoth, her scent was on them but neither her change nor the laying of the eggs could she remember. Her worry over Asmoth's health did nothing to alleviate her stressed but here was 3 eggs in her family lair, three eggs in a clan no eggs had ever been brought into.
She glanced at her reflection again and shook her great head in tired frustrated thought, both her and Asmoth had been ... so changed... to the point it had drained him deeply. She hoped the hatching of the 3 eggs would bright his spirits back and his health to a better place. the needed a healer... She was not such .... she was a mage and a fighter... but not a healer.

She felt as tho in not being such she had let the clan down, particularly Asmoth, only time and a wish was all she had to give. Wrapped around the 3 rocky eggs her head by the pool a single tear dropped in the water and with it the words in bedded within the very core of the tear "Goblin King... where ever you may be... grant me the answers... I cannot find... inside of me"

(Very very special art done by the marvelous and incredibly kind LostLizard, I hope they can return to FR someday soon.)

Suriya mirror 1st gen
Suriya veilspun basic
Suriya veilspun 1st gen
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