Ealasaid (#19528828)
Level 10 Tundra
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Swinging Chandelier
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Energy: 48/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Nature.
Female Tundra
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2.93 m
3.52 m
240.38 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
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Dec 24, 2015
(4 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 10 Tundra
EXP: 8097 / 27676



• E A L A S A I D •

  • Name pronunciation: < EL-ah-sahj(i) >
  • Hatchday: Dec 24, 2015
  • Original clan: Nature
  • Parents clans: Father - earth Tundra // Mother - nature Tundra
  • Came to clan: Dec 25, 2015 (FiveSpirals)
  • Familiars: Dryad (awakened) / currently training Ancient Fungus

She opened her own shop... (is closed at the moment due to having a lot going on in RL at the moment. Lot's to do and study for... Sorry and thanks ;3 )

"What does a 'Genealogist' do? - you ask.

"Well, many are curious about their families roots. Some hope that their family tree will lead back to a famous dragon, while others are interested in the cultural backgrounds of their ancestors; like what flight they where from for example. When this curiosity overflows, soon all kind of dragons come to hire my colleagues and I: * To research and re/construct their families history. *

"How do I work?

"I always start with one living client. I ask that dragon questions to find out where it was born, and the names, birthdays, and birthplaces of all the relatives they can remember.
And than comes the exciting and interesting part of my work: The research! I go out, wander the continents and flights, meeting all kind of dragons and hunt down all information about the family-members I can get. Well, I DO spent many hours in libraries, combing through old papers and documents; but the fun part are the conversations!

"What to do with all the bits and pieces of information?

"I sit down, looking through everything I got and start creating the family tree listing the all the relatives of the person who asked for it. The further back you can go, the more secrets and surprices you can find by looking back at so many, many generations. You may also uncover some surprises or may be shocked by the outcome.

"Maybe these results increase your fame but be sure of one thing: never will I falsify a document! I'm only and truly committed to the truth."

Ever since Ealasaid was a little hatchling she had been interested in family history. She was only a few days old as she was brought into the clan and the tundra was always eager to find out about her parents and relatives--her own history.

The young dragon spent most of her days in the library or at the clans gathering point; immersing herself in the stories of her old and new family, as well as the tales travelers brought along. She was hooked upon it and loved to stick her nose in other people's business.

Then Ealasaid started making genealogical table for her friends and family of her clan. Soon she was asked by other dragons passing by to look into their family roots. Step by step, Ealasaid became a real genealogist. But soon she understood, that she needed someone to polish her skills. Looking around the whole world, Ealasaid then found a master right after comming back home to the Windswept Plateau. She studied under SkylineFields (140735)--another wind-clan--to become an approved Genealogist

After making the hobby to her profession Ealasaid returned home. She then spent most of her time researching, both in libraries, archives and gatherings, listening to every tale to get information out of it. Passing by her nest, the ambitious dragon is always seen analyzing and transcribing records, resolving conflicting evidence, writing up conclusions and entering data into family trees.

Her friends know, the hard working dragon isn't easy to pulled away from work and tends to lose herself in it. Gladly, whenever a traveler comes over or a member of the clan returns from its journey, Ealasaid rushes out to greet them and to spent time with everyone at the gathering point. Mostly even then she can not stop thinking about the load of work she wants to do, making it impossible to bring the conversation round to any other object then genealogy.

Until she opened her own shop....



Clients I've had:


Thank you very much for the art, Kaidonovsky!
Avatar made by me (on recolor.me)

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