Atticus (#17120057)
Level 1 Skydancer
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Spirit of Light
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Ice.
Male Skydancer
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3.89 m
3.93 m
569.53 kg


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Sep 25, 2015
(4 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 1 Skydancer
EXP: 0 / 245



Light's Promise
The Wheel of Bright Neon Wings


Royal traveller

His family had always been wealthy, and they sent him to expensive training camps and schools. He was taught to be a diplomat and a stategist, though he never felt it was his call. He was royal, and would not dishonor his family name. But he would not be a hidden away king like his father. No one outside of the Southern Icefield even knew his name!

If he was to be a king, it would not be in his homeland. Once old enough to leave he packed his belongings, food and a good purse of treasure and gems. He was confident he would not be robbed if he kept a good pace and a high head. Upon reaching the Shifting Expanse he was surprised at how easy the trip had been. All that had spoken to him had been polite, and no one had tried so much as to touch his bags.

Much of his travels had been across the world sea, and he could swear he had seen the contours of beings much larger than dragons out there. He silently wondered if these beings were sea serpents, deepwater dragons or just immensely big whale. He also wondered what language they spoke, as many maren were able to learn dragonic. He decided that he would ask the next time he met one.


When he started up his new company in the Lightning domain, he got to know MasterMind. They vowed to help each other when needed and always try and beat the other fairly. Atticus were not one to join in the various activity clubs at MasterMind's castle, but enjoyed their parites and gallery. He keeps his castle moe stylish, but is always welcome to guests, espechially buisness partners.

His only visible hobby is collecting gemstones and special glasswares. Smooth stones are his favourites, but he also values colourful or patterned stones highly. Rarity is of course the central word, but a worthless stone can also be pretty if presented right. His glasswares are mostly elegant shapes with a faint glow or a gemstone in them. No one knows who have made these pieces, but they all seem to have different qualities. Some hum when you touch them while others help locate lost items. One lets him communicate with a dragon far away that has a similar piece. He also has an odd, round glass bottle that is filled with what looks like a storm trapped inside of it.


His fascination of magical glassware led him to learn the work of glassblowing. He did not like being in the warmth of the kilns, so he would cloak himself in ice before going in. His glassware were often useful items like vases and platters. He would send his magic into the hot glass not to cool it, but to affect it. His magic would envelop the plate and make it cool without breaking. It also made the plate stay cold even in hot weather. If food were placed on it inside a confined space it would stay fresh longer. One did not need a cooling room any more, which were expensive and would need the visit of an ice dragon once a week to remain solid.

• Divine Dragon •
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